Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 865

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Chapter 865

Leng Aotian fully supports The New Bai Group!

Lanshan Group lists The New Bai Group as the first partner!

After hearing the words of the two great masters.


In the entire hall, everyone went in an uproar.

Gao Zhilong, Gao Shengyuan, and the suppliers, all felt their scalp tingling.

However, Leng Bufan, He Jiaojiao, Lin Guangyao, and others were confused.

They can’t believe what happened before their eyes.

Oh my god, what happened?

Everyone looked at Elvira, who was full of shock. They simply couldn’t imagine how this woman could reach the sky to make the Shengshi Group surrender and the two great masters bend down.

Especially thinking of.

In the future, the New Bai Group will not only have the Shengshi Group as its back, but also will have the full support of the Lanshan Group, Tianlong Group, and the Fei Group.

Everyone seems to have seen a Jiangnan upstart who is about to soar into the sky.

Everyone believes that, according to a given time, The New Bai Group will become another giant in Jiangnan.


Suppliers headed by Gao Zhilong could no longer withstand such a blow at this moment, and they fell one by one on the ground.

“How could this happen! My Tiansheng Group ditched The New Bai Groups!”

Gao Zhilong was completely confused.

And those suppliers behind, one by one, can’t wait to take Gao Zhilong and his son alive, if it were not for the instigation of the father and son, then they would still be the partners of the New Bai Group, and it would be just around the corner.

However, now, leaving the New Bai Group is tantamount to offending this Jiangnan upstart in the future, so the end is conceivable.

More than them.

Among the crowd, Harper and Shen Jie had mixed feelings.

They are relatives of Elvira and Shaun.

But before, they repeatedly targeted Shaun and his wife, wishing that the New Bai Group would go bankrupt.

And now…

“Bai Group, it’s over!” Harper’s mouth is bitter.

And Shen Jie, with a gray face:

“I don’t know how my Shen family will react when they know this news?”

The two glanced at each other, and a deep regret emerged in their hearts.

But this is more than that.

Shaun’s playful voice at this moment resounded again:

“Is that the end?”


Hearing this, everyone in the surrounding hall paused again and looked at Shaun in disbelief.

The two great masters have knelt.

Is this not enough?

At the moment, everyone in the hall looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a madman.

After all, in everyone’s eyes, the two great masters apologized to Elvira.

Your surname is Lin, you are a fake tiger, what are you?

At this moment, everyone thought that after Shaun spoke out, the two great masters would be angry.

Just after that, a scene that shocked everyone appeared.



The faces of Leng Aotian and Helenshan were both frightened and white, dense cold sweat, as if opening a faucet, rushed down their foreheads.

“Lin…Mr. Lin, what else do you want?”

“Yes…Yes! Mr. Lin, just say it!”


The deep fear on the faces of the two great masters fell in the eyes of everyone around, making everyone unable to believe their eyes.

What, what’s going on?

Why does it seem to them that the two great masters seem to fear Shaun more intensely than they face Elvira?

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