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Chapter 757

Taking 10,000 steps back, if people are really jealous, those people won’t wait until Tina has developed to this point before starting to attack her.

And there are no secrets in the entertainment industry. Artists who need to grab resources from Tina will not have much background. They will be found out in the end, and there will be no good endings.

In this way, it can be ruled out that Tina has offended others and that someone has to deal with her assumption.

Not afraid that AdamPic Media is looking for trouble, and bought the organizer’s staff to start with Tina…

Such a person, Alyssa has one by her side.

That is, Miana.

Alyssa and Tina are good friends, and Miana knows this.

She couldn’t get any benefit from Alyssa, and she would really attack Tina if she wasn’t sure.

Alyssa suspected that it was Miana, but was not sure.

She held the phone, squeezed it and then released it. After hesitating for a while, she directly called Miana.

The phone is connected, but no one answers.

For some reason, Alyssa had a very inexplicable intuition. She felt that Miana did not answer her phone on purpose.

After a while, Alyssa continued to dial, but Miana still did not pick up.

Alyssa decided to send a text message to scam Miana.

“Do you know where Karl slept last night?” Alyssa quickly typed this line of words on the screen with her finger, and sent it out without hesitation.

Sure enough, as soon as the text message was sent, Miana called.

Miana asked her in a bad tone: “Alyssa, what do you mean by that text messages?”

“Want to know? Meet and talk.” After Alyssa said, she hung up the phone.

Miana quickly called, Alyssa did not answer the phone, and sent a coffee shop address.

Afterward, she drove towards the cafe.

When Alyssa arrived at the cafe, Miana was already there waiting for her.

Alyssa warmed her lips and smiled, Miana’s weakness is really obvious.

As long as it was something related to Karl, she cared too much.

In other words, as long as Alyssa mentioned Karl, Miana was very alert.

She treats Alyssa as an imaginary enemy and is very afraid of her.

Alyssa had no choice but to use this to draw Miana out.

Miana’s expression sank when she saw Alyssa.

Alyssa had just sat down opposite her, she stared at Alyssa and asked coldly: “What do you mean by the text message you sent me, make it clear!”

“What message?” Alyssa deliberately pretended to be stupid, trying to make Miana anxious.

“Are you kidding me?” Miana’s expression became more gloomy: “You went to Karl again last night? Are you not shameless?”

“Isn’t Karl your boyfriend? You don’t know where he was last night?” Alyssa spoke deliberately to stimulate Miana.

Miana was indeed irritated by Alyssa. She clenched her hands, her expression fierce as if she was about to tear Alyssa in the next moment.

But the next moment, the expression on her face suddenly eased, and she smiled and said softly: “Don’t be too proud, you probably don’t know what happened to your good friend, right?”

Alyssa’s gaze flickered, she couldn’t help but straighten up, but she pretended to know nothing on her face, and asked, “Who?”

Miana has calmed down at this time, and her tone is tepid: “That actor, she seems to be Weber or something, who has played a lot of supporting roles. She has a good relationship with you. She seems to be a high school classmate.”

Alyssa’s eyes gradually became sharp, and she sneered, “It really is you.”

Miana was a little confused before reacting, Alyssa already knew about Tina’s injury.

The text message that Alyssa sent to her also deliberately deceived her and asked her to tell her what she did to Tina.

“Oh, what about me? What can you do with me?” Miana raised her chin slightly and looked at Alyssa domineeringly.

Even if Alyssa knew that she had bought the staff and caused Tina to be injured, so what?

She did this because she wanted Alyssa to know.

Alyssa was very angry, but she could only pretend to be calm: “Are you capable of this? Dare not come to me when something happens, but dare to count others.”

After Miana understood Alyssa’s intentions, she became more calm and smiled and said, “I’ll just give you a lesson, don’t be too proud of yourself.”

“Really? Then do I have to give Miss Palmer a gift in return?”

Alyssa looked at Miana with clear eyes, making Miana feel a little flustered.

The next moment, Alyssa stood up suddenly, raised her hand and slapped Miana’s face fiercely.

Miana screamed: “Ah!”

With this slap, Alyssa used the utmost strength to slap her palms with a layer of ice in her voice: “Don’t be too smug, this is what you told me, Miss Palmer.”

Miana covered her face and was a little dumbfounded by Alyssa’s sudden slap.

Suddenly, her gaze fell behind Alyssa, tears filled her eyes, and she said softly, “Karl, why are you here?”

Alyssa’s face became stiff when she heard this, Karl came?

She slowly turned her head and saw Karl walking straight towards this side less than two meters away behind her.

Miana glanced at Alyssa, a coldness flashed in her eyes. When she raised her head to look at Karl, the tears filled her eyes suddenly and fell out.

Karl had already walked up to them. He frowned, not looking at Alyssa, only Miana was in his eyes, and a clear anger was mixed in his low voice: “What’s the matter?”

Miana hurriedly wiped away her tears and showed a smile, with a generous expression that was wronged but did not say: “It’s okay, Miss Alyssa may have some misunderstandings with me.”

Only then did Karl turn his head to look at Alyssa, his eyes were dark and she couldn’t see what he was thinking.

“Ms. Alyssa and my fiancée have any misunderstandings, you might as well tell me.” His words sounded very polite on the surface, but Alyssa heard the threats implicitly in his tone.

She was sure that she was right.

Alyssa twitched the corners of her lips, but she couldn’t care about her smile unnaturally: “This is my business and Miss Palmer’s, it has nothing to do with you.”

Karl narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a low voice: “Her business is mine.”

When Karl said this, Miana was naturally very happy.

She pulled Karl’s arm, and said softly, “Karl, forget it, you don’t have to be familiar with Miss Alyssa.”

Karl’s gaze fell on the side of Miana’s face that had been beaten. Alyssa really used all her strength. Miana was well maintained, and her white and tender face was already swollen.

He lowered his eyes, his voice was very soft: “Does it hurt?”

Miana just shook her head, looking generous and forgiving.

Alyssa’s hands were clenched and then loosened, loosened and clenched.

Chapter 758

Until she couldn’t stand it anymore, she stared at Miana fiercely and said, “This matter won’t be the same!”

After speaking, she got up and left.

As soon as she stood up, she was grabbed by Karl’s arm: “What matter? You might as well say it all at once.”

“Let go!” Alyssa stared at the ground, not wanting to look at Karl’s expression.

Karl and Miana have been together for so long, this is the first time that Karl has given Miana his support.

Thinking about it, she still feels a little ridiculous.

At this time, a familiar male voice rang.

“Karl, what are you doing? You are a big man, are you trying to bully Alyssa, a weak woman?”

Alyssa raised her head when she heard the sound, and saw Peter approaching with a casual expression on his face, but his eyes were staring straight at Karl.

“Peter, you…” Alyssa was a little surprised. How could Peter be here?

After separating before, she clearly watched Peter leave from the other side.

Peter only explained one sentence: “I followed you.”

Alyssa’s heart was clear. When watching the scene of Tina’s injury, Peter probably noticed that her expression was wrong. On the surface, he said she wanted to go back to look for videos and photos, but actually followed her quietly.

She and Miana were sitting by the window. If Peter had followed all the way, he would have watched outside for a while, and naturally saw her slap Miana…

Alyssa was still selfish. She didn’t want to deal with this matter in front of Karl. She originally planned to “repay the gift” to Miana later.

But now Peter knew that it was Miana who was making trouble. He took Tina so important, and he would not give up so easily.

Peter stretched out his hand to hold Karl’s wrist with a smile on his face: “Karl, you and Alyssa have been divorced a long time ago. Now in front of your fiancee, Alyssa is not afraid of your fiancée. Are you jealous?”

Peter shook Karl’s hand secretly, and turned his head to look at Miana: “Miss Palmer, am I right?”

Miana knew that Peter was the CEO of AdamPic Media, but she did not know that the founder of AdamPic Media was Karl, let alone the relationship between Peter and Tina.

In her opinion, AdamPic Media is inferior to Adams’s, and naturally she is not afraid of Peter at all.

She glanced at Peter, then set her gaze on Karl, and said with a smile: “Karl has a sense of measure. He is also angry at Miss Alyssa because she has done too much to me.”

Miana said softly and pleasantly, and people who didn’t know though she was really a knowledgeable person.

“Excessive?” Peter sneered, and said gloomily: “If a slap is excessive, what is it that you caused someone to break their leg and lie in the hospital?”

Alyssa sighed slightly, and Peter saw it all.

Miana didn’t arrive at what Peter meant, her complexion changed slightly, but quickly returned to normal: “I don’t understand what Mr. Grant said.”

After she finished speaking, she stretched out her hand again for Karl: “Karl, I’m a little hungry, let’s find a place to eat.”

Karl didn’t know what he was thinking. He looked back at Miana, and he could hear a gentle hint in his voice: “No hurry, since they are all here, I have to make things clear.”

“Karl…” Miana was still a little guilty of doing something like that. She didn’t know what the relationship between Tina and Peter was, but she knew that Karl and Peter had a close friendship. If Karl had listened to Peter’s words…

Karl retracted the hand that was holding Alyssa’s arm, supported Miana’s shoulder and pressed her back on the sofa chair very thoughtfully: “No hurry, sit down and speak slowly.”

Seeing this, Peter turned his head and glanced at Alyssa.

Alyssa shook her head invisibly and sat down.

Standing next to Alyssa, Peter pointed at Miana and said to Karl, “Do you know what she did? She bought the organizer’s staff and caused Tina to fall and get smashed during the rehearsal of the event. She broke her leg and she is lying in the hospital!”

Peter almost finished speaking with his teeth. He stared at Miana, his eyes fierce as if he could go up and beat her at any time.

Like Karl, he has no habit of not hitting women.

Alyssa was slightly disturbed when she saw the hand that was hanging down beside him move.

Karl paused, then turned to look at Miana, his tone so flat that she couldn’t hear any emotions: “Is what he said is true?”

Miana shuddered, but still bite the bullet and shook her head to deny: “No! I don’t even know the person he named, so how could I harm her?”

At first, she spoke very quietly with a guilty conscience, but when she said the second half of the sentence, she became confident and even the volume increased.

Karl asked as if confirming, “Really not?”

Miana carefully looked at Karl’s expression. Although she didn’t know what Karl thought, her face was calm and she couldn’t see a trace of anger, indicating that he was not angry…

Thinking about it this way, Miana relieved her heart and became more confident: “I don’t have any, I have no reason to do that.”

After hearing Miana’s words, Peter twitched the corners of his mouth, suppressing the urge to hit someone, and asked Karl patiently, “Do you believe her or me?”

Karl didn’t even blink his eyes, and said, “She said no. Naturally, there is no. There must be a misunderstanding.”

Peter raised the volume abruptly, and shouted: “I’ll ask you again. You believe her or believe me?”

The waiters and guests in the cafe looked over here.

Peter and Karl looked at each other, not giving way to each other. Seeing Peter almost couldn’t help but start, Alyssa yelled, “Peter.”

Peter snorted coldly, and reached out to grab Karl’s collar: “It’s your business how you want to protect this woman. She caused Tina to lie in the hospital now, and I have to break her leg. Leave her alone.”

Karl was a little taller than Peter. He took Peter’s hand away without a face, and said in a deep voice, “I can’t leave her alone.”

Peter was also angry at this time, and blurted out: “You don’t care about us or brothers!”

Karl stood still on the spot, Peter was extremely angry, and directly fisted, Karl quickly avoided his punch, and Peter swiped it from the other side.

Grant’s family has always been black and white. Now although the industry has been washed out, Peter’s skills are excellent. Clayton has never beaten him, and Karl has to deal with it seriously.

The two were almost tied, and they fisted and beat with one hand.

Alyssa stood aside and dared not approach, she could only say anxiously, “Peter, stop!”

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