Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 868

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Chapter 868

Shengshi Group, a giant in the Jiangnan business community.

No one thought that the opening ceremony of the New Bai Group would be shocked by such a behemoth.

Bai Yan was excited, her face flushed, and said to the old man Bai:

“Grandpa! President Leng Kang is Leng Bufan’s father, this time, he must be there for revenge!”

“That’s right! The New Bai Group not only has to withstand the termination of all suppliers but also going to face the giant of Shengshi, I am afraid it will be completely over!” Haibai also shook his head again.

And listening to them.

Grandpa Bai shook his head, and sighed:

“Oh! Elvira, that girl is very capable! It’s a pity that she was eventually burdened by her useless husband!”

Grandpa Bai said to everyone:

“Everyone, wait patiently! Presumably, Harper will soon bring news of the failure of the New Bai Group!”

Hearing this, everyone nodded and began to wait patiently.

There are even many senior Bai family members who are already calculating how to divide the assets left over after the destruction of the New Bai Group.

Time passed slowly.

And when an hour has just passed.

A voice of ecstasy was suddenly heard outside:

“Master Harper is back!”

Hearing this, the Bai family was completely alarmed, headed by Mr. Bai, and all the Bai family greeted him with excitement.

When a group of people just walked out, they saw Harper had entered the house.


No one noticed, Harper seemed to have lost his soul, his eyes flashed with despair and disbelief.

“Harper! How is it? I heard that Leng Aotian, Helen Mountain, and even the senior leaders of Shengshi Group were there!” Mr. Bai looked at his grandson with a smile on his face:

“Is The New Bai Group over?”

Hearing Mr. Bai’s question, everyone around him held their breath, and their eyes all fell on Harper.

The corners of Harper’s mouth twitched slightly, revealing a bitter arc:

“It’s over!”

“It’s all over!”


Hearing Harper’s words, the surrounding uncle Haibai, Ye Bai Chuan and others, completely boiled.

“Hahaha… succeeded! Our traitor from the Bai Group is finally over!”

“That Shaun didn’t know if he got beaten or not, it’s really exciting!”

“New Bai Group will go bankrupt, then we can go to acquire the Blue Ocean Building and all the industries that Elvira has in her hands!”


Almost everyone in the Bai family was happy to bloom.

They seem to have seen that they have annexed all the industries in Elvira’s hands, and the Bai Family Group is soaring into the sky.

Even Grandpa Bai smiled with a smile on his beard, his face full of relief.

It’s just when everyone is extremely excited.

Harper’s next sentence completely solidified the expressions on their faces.

“I mean……”

“Our Bai Group is over!”


After these words fell, the cheers in the courtyard stopped abruptly.

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