Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 867

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Chapter 867

The opening ceremony of the New Bai Group attracted many people.

And among these people, they were here to see New Bai Group’s failure.

After all, Shaun abolished Leng Bufan and interrupted He Jiaojiao’s leg. Everyone knew it. Almost everyone expected that the great master Leng Aotian and Helenshan would kill this waste.

This is more than that.

Another rumor was spread in Jiangshi.

The young master Gao Shengyuan of the Tiansheng Group, as well as the legs of 30 of his men, were broken, which was also related to Shaun.


As soon as this news came out, the various forces in Jiang City were in an uproar.

Tiansheng Group is the largest partner of The New Bai Group.

And Gao Shengyuan was beaten by Shaun, the hatred was forged, and the New Bai Group lost his biggest partner, almost dead.

Bai family!

Mr. Bai, uncle Haibai, and Bai Yan, and others gathered together to discuss and laughed together.

“Hahaha… Grandpa, I didn’t expect that Shaun is such an idiot! He not only offended the two great masters but now also offended the biggest partner of the New Bai Group. I think today’s opening ceremony will be very Wonderful!” Bai Yan’s face almost bloomed with joy.

And the rest of the people are all gloating.

Uncle Haibai said with a smile:

“I just got the information, Gao Zhilong has united all the material suppliers and went to the Blue Ocean Building to terminate the contract with The New Bai Group!”

All suppliers?

Hearing this, the smiles on the faces of the surrounding Bai family’s seniors grew stronger.

“It’s over! Elvira is unlucky enough to have Shaun as a rubbish husband! It’s good now, people will drag her New Bai Group to death!”

“Hahaha…that’s right! Shaun is simply a violent madman, breaking people’s legs every other day! Let’s see how he died!”

One after another, there were discussions.

Almost in the voices of all the Bai family members, the failure of the New Bai Group has become a certainty.

And at this moment!

Da da da!

A rapid footstep resounded from outside the door.

But it was a Bai family core member who walked in hastily.


The face of the core of the Bai family member was full of excitement. As soon as he entered the door, he said to the people in the room:

“Grandmaster Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain have been angered by Shaun and left the hospital! The destination is the Blue Ocean Building!”


The two great masters are the way to the Blue Ocean Building.

After hearing this, every Bai family member jumped up happily.

“It’s over! This time Shaun is facing a catastrophe, and the two great masters will tear him up alive!”

“Hahaha…that’s right! That kid should have died a long time ago, let’s see how he lives this time!”

The faces of every one were extremely excited.

And the words just fell.

Another Bai family core rushed in a hurry.

“New news!”

“Leng Kang, President of Shengshi Group, leading all the senior Executives of Shengshi to the Blue Ocean Building!”


As soon as the words fell, even Mr. Bai got startled.

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