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Chapter 253

And who is the person who set up the game?

What is the purpose?

Is that from the Adams’ family?

If it is from the Adams’ family, how did he/she use Mr. Adams as an introduction to attract Alyssa into the game?

Why is it on a day like New Year’s Day?

While thinking about these questions, Alyssa walked to Father Adams’s room.

Just the day before yesterday, she had been sitting on the sofa with Elder Adams and watching TV. Elder Adams asked her and Karl to be on good terms.

But only a day later, Mr. Adams was already dying in the operating room.

Alyssa saw it in her heart.

She turned and walked out: “Let’s go.”

Smith still followed her behind.

She returned to the room and stayed outside the door.

When the door was about to close, she turned to Smith and said, “Thank you.”

After all, it was the first day of the new year, and Karl even called out Smith.

“The young lady is polite, and Boss can trust me to let me come out to do things for him at this time.” Smith nodded slightly, still showing a cautious and steady appearance.

Alyssa didn’t say anything any more, holding the corner of her mouth and smiling, then entered the room.


She waited till it got dark and no one came back.

Alyssa took her cell phone and wanted to call Karl to ask about the situation.

Although she thought in her heart that the words Karl had said to her before might not come from him with sincerity, she still didn’t dare to fight.

She didn’t want to hear Karl’s cold voice.

When she had the worst time at Hunt’s house before, she didn’t feel any sadness.

Now that she only heard Karl talking to her coldly, she would feel sad.

She was really accustomed to Karl.


There was a knock on the door suddenly.

Alyssa was overjoyed, thinking that Karl was back, and quickly got up to open the door.

When the door opened, Alyssa could see the visitor clearly, the original joy disappeared completely.

It was not Karl who stood outside the door, but the servant who brought her food.

Alyssa asked the servant: “Sir hasn’t come back yet?”

The servant just shook his head dumbly, put down the tray and turned around.

When she just opened the door, she noticed that she was still being guarded at the door with a few bodyguards.

She opened the door again and asked Smith: “Did Karl call you to say anything?”

“No.” Smith lowered his head, not looking at Alyssa’s disappointed expression.

In the end, she still did not call Karl.

She didn’t want to sleep, so she took a blanket and rested on the sofa.

After sleeping in a daze, she felt someone moving in the room.

Although the walking person had reduced the sound of footsteps as much as possible, Alyssa still heard it keenly, and woke up very alertly.

With eyes open, Karl’s tall and straight figure caught the eye.

At this moment, Karl leaned forward slightly towards her, raising one arm slightly, not knowing what to do.

Alyssa sat upright: “You are back.”

Karl stood up straight and looked at her blankly, “Had dinner?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded obediently, and asked him: “Where is Grandpa? He…”

She silenced her voice at this point.

Karl’s face was cold: “The operation has been completed, but he has not been out of the dangerous period. He may wake up within 48 hours, or may not wake up again.”

Alyssa raised her head fiercely to look at Karl, just to meet his cold eyes.

She explained in a panic: “I didn’t push Grandpa.”

The room became quiet.

Karl looked at her and did not speak, as if he was thinking about the truthfulness of her words.

She always felt that she was a very strong person.

However, in front of Karl, she had already removed her armor.

His brief silence was enough to stab her.

However, his next words made Alyssa even more colder, like an ice cellar.

“The police will investigate this matter.”

Even if he was cold without any emotions, Karl’s voice was still nice.

Alyssa clenched her hands and said dumbly, “Karl, I don’t believe what you are saying. I will only give you a chance to tell the truth once.”

She didn’t believe this was Karl’s true words.

She looked up at Karl, and decided to believe in her own heart and Karl as well.

However, Karl ignored her so-called trust.

He curled his lips and sneered: “Alyssa, I’m telling the truth, do you really think you are a kind and good person? If you are really a kind and good person, you wouldn’t let the reporter go. Hunt’s factory was photographed secretly, almost bankrupted Hunt’s.”

After he finished speaking, he fixedly looked at Alyssa, as if watching her reaction.

Alyssa just pressed her lips tightly and looked at Karl in front of her with cold eyes.

Karl seemed to be irritated by her calm reaction. He leaned closer to her, with a colder tone: “You people in Hunt’s family, you did not use any means to deal with them, let alone my grandfather, an old man with a foreign surname.”

“I’m not a woman like Isabel, how could I do that to grandpa because of Mattie’s affairs…”

Before Alyssa could finish her words, she was interrupted by Karl: “Okay, don’t call him grandpa, you are not qualified.”

“Karl!” Alyssa “brushed” and stood up from the sofa, and said loudly, “Is your brain eaten by a dog? This is obviously someone who wants to frame me. Rather than going to find the real murderer, but you are slandering me here?”

Karl squinted his eyes slightly, and reached out to pinch Alyssa’s chin. There was a bitter chill in his black eyes. He warned, “Alyssa, pay attention to your words, all of us have the surname Adams. How could our Adams’ family do such a thing?”

Alyssa’s chin was pinched by him, but she didn’t make a dent, staring at Karl coldly, and gritted her teeth and said: “How can’t it be! I think you have nothing good at Adams’ family, especially you!”

Karl’s face was frighteningly cold.

Alyssa was a little scared at first.

But at this time, she can’t show weakness.

“Why? Want to beat me? Come on, it’s best to kill your seed too. If you have to blame me and send me to jail, you don’t have to wait for me to give birth to the child. As long as the verdict comes, I can go directly to prison, which makes you more satisfied.”

Alyssa looked at Karl’s constantly changing expression, feeling very happy.

Karl smiled back and said, “Alyssa, do you know what you are talking about?”

“Of course I know.” Alyssa sneered: “Your attitude now is very clear, you just believe that I pushed Grandpa down. If you want to sue me, what else can I do besides restraining my hands?”

If even Karl didn’t believe her, Adams had to sue her and send her to jail, she really couldn’t match this family.

Chapter 254

After Alyssa finished speaking, she fixedly looked at Karl.

Karl’s expression was gloomy and terrifying, like an angry lion, he might rush up to bite her at any time.

When she said these words, there was anger and a trace of temptation.

She couldn’t convince herself that Karl would suddenly become so unreasonable.

After a long while, the expression on his face eased a bit, and he slowly said, “Since you also know that you can’t beat the Adams’ family, then be safe and obedient.”

His tone was extremely cold, his words were clear, but he was chilly.

Alyssa’s pupils shrank slightly, before she could speak, Karl spoke again.

“As for the child? You’d better not make any crooked ideas.” Karl tugged at the corner of his mouth, showing a sullen smile, and turned away.

Alyssa sat on the sofa and watched Karl out.

She stared at the closed door for half a second before leaning back in a discouraged manner and leaning on the sofa.

This day was really exciting.

Leaning down on the sofa was uncomfortable, Alyssa simply lay flat on the sofa, struggling with what happened today.

In the morning when she was half asleep and half awake, a servant came to call her, saying that Grandpa asked her to visit him.

Then she went to find Mr. Adams, but Mr. Adams was not in the room. She heard the movement and went to the top of the stairs. Mr. Adams fell off the stairs.

Immediately after he was sent to the hospital, Mr. Adams was in the operating room and Trevor accountable to the servant.

The servant pointed out that it was only after hearing her voice that he went out and found that Elder Adams fell. Karl questioned Trevor at this time, and Anya jumped out and said why Alyssa was harmful to Grandpa…

The reason Anya said was so funny, how could she kill Grandpa because of Mattie.

A normal person knows that this reason is not justified.

However, Karl believed Anya’s words, and since he came back at night, every sentence contained questions about her.

Before anyone else said anything, Karl directly asked the police to investigate the matter, even suspecting her both inside and out.

This is obviously a bit suspicious.

Karl seemed to deliberately take this matter to her.

Why did Karl do this?

At this time, with Karl’s character, his normal reaction is not to lead this incident to her, but to investigate the truth?


Unless Karl knew the truth and knew who did it!

In this way, did he use this to lead Alyssa for other purposes?

Alyssa felt that she had figured it out, but she went backwards and felt that it didn’t seem to be the case.

She thought about it and fell asleep.

When she woke up the next day, she found herself in bed.

Alyssa sat up from the bed, felt the position beside her blankly, and found that there was no Karl.

She remembered that she fell asleep on the sofa last night.

Karl came back?

Alyssa put on her clothes and got out of bed and opened the door, still guarded by the bodyguards at the door.

When the Smith was gone, the bodyguard is familiar, she has seen them in Karl’s villa before.

She calmed down a little and asked them, “Karl came back last night?”

The bodyguard answered truthfully: “Boss came back once in the middle of the night and left before dawn.”

“Did he say anything?” Alyssa frowned and asked anxiously.

The bodyguard shook his head.

Alyssa squeezed, and then asked, “Then do you know what happened to Mr. Adams?”

The bodyguard still shook his head.

Alyssa closed the door and returned to the room.

After much deliberation, she decided to call Karl with his mobile phone.

As a result, she did not find her mobile phone.

Karl came back last night and took her phone? “

Alyssa had to go to the door to find a bodyguard again: “Have you brought your phone? Let me use the phone.”

The bodyguard did not directly give Alyssa the phone, but asked, “Does the young lady want to call Boss?”

Alyssa was puzzled, but she nodded and said, “Yes.”

The bodyguard dialed Karl’s phone and handed the phone to Alyssa: “Madam.”

The phone rang for a while before connecting.

Karl’s voice was a little hoarse.

“what’s up?”

Karl’s tone was very cold, and Alyssa’s voice was also very cold: “Have you been back last night?”

Karl’s tone seemed to be a little impatient: “Just talk about it.”

“How’s Grandpa?”

“Not awake yet.”

“Where is my phone?”

“do not know.”

Alyssa was suffocating from yesterday to today. At this time, she couldn’t help but swear, “You-mom [email protected], did you come back last night and took my phone?”

Without waiting for Karl to speak, Alyssa continued: “Are you afraid of what I see on my phone? Or are you worried about whom I call?”

“That’s it.”

After Karl finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Alyssa endured the urge to drop the phone and returned the phone to the bodyguard: “Thank you.”

Then she turned around and entered the room.

She entered the room and kicked the door twice.

Karl, you [email protected]!

Before long, there was another knock on the door outside.

“Madam, it’s meal.”

The voice sounds familiar.

“I don’t want to eat!” She was full of anger and was in no mood to eat.

“If you don’t eat it yourself, you have to think about the child in your stomach.”

Alyssa frowned, which servant of the Adams’ family would speak like this.

After a few seconds, Alyssa’s eyes lit up, and she ran over and opened the door: “Tina!”

The person who came was Tina.

When Tina saw her, she said angrily: “I don’t want to eat yet, it depends on what you can do!”

“Come in first.”

It was Peter who was standing behind Tina.

Alyssa also knew that the door was not a place to talk. She closed the door after she opened the door to let them in.

Alyssa asked while eating, “Why are you here?”

Tina looked straight, took out a newspaper and handed it to Alyssa, fiddled with the phone for a while, and then handed the phone to Alyssa.

Alyssa opened the newspaper first.

The one that occupies more than half of the page is the matter of Mr. Adams.

The reporter wrote a large piece of speculation and specious words, and the last sentence pointed the suspect to Alyssa.

Tina asked her worriedly, “Alyssa, haven’t you seen the news?”

Alyssa threw the newspaper aside and picked up the cold cell phone: “The phone is gone.”

The matter of Mr. Adams rolling down the stairs did not cause such a sensation.

The reason for such a sensation is that the person who pushed Mr. Adams down maybe his granddaughter-in-law.

Most people are curious about this kind of grudge.

The enthusiasm of this matter is very high and it has made several headlines.

After being suspected by Karl, after seeing these things, Alyssa didn’t feel much anymore. She just raised her head and asked Tina, “Do you believe it’s Mr. Adams that I pushed?”

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