Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 531

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Chapter 531

These roars were filled with boundless anger.

But it was the roar of Li Yitian, the youngest father and other family members.

Hearing that his uncles were all beside him, Tian Hao’s gaze at Shaun couldn’t help being filled with a bit of drama and abuse, and even made a provocative action of wiping his neck at Shaun.

“Boy, you are finished! Li Yitian, Xia Shan, and their fathers and all elders are all in Jiangshi. They already know that you broke their son’s leg! You are dead!”

Tian Hao clutched the phone and smiled darkly at Shaun.

Hearing this!


Lin Guangyao and all the supercar members next to him got excited.


Since the elders of the Li family, Xia family, and other big-family members knew the situation here, it was their bloody and cruel revenge that greeted Shaun and the Bai family.

At this moment, Lin Guangyao and everyone else, looked at Shaun as if looking at a dead person, full of playfulness and brutality.

When the anger on the other side of the phone gradually subsided.

Tian Hao only heard his father’s depressive and gloomy voice, which came over again:

“Son! Tell me, what happened? Who is the other party? How can someone dare to beat my son!”

Tian Hao’s father, Tian Changfa, is still not unbelievable.

After all, they are well-known families in Jiangnan City, and there is no one in the small Jiang City who can dare to provoke their family.

This is simply unimaginable.

Hearing the sorrowful meaning in his father’s voice, Tian Hao hurriedly said:

“Dad! The other party is a little crap person. Not only did he broke Li Tian’s legs, he even threatened to broke my legs as well!”


This sentence made Tian Chang’s anger on the phone hard to contain.

“Let’s talk! Who is he? To be so bold, I want to see what kind of characters are hidden in Jiangshi!”

Tian Changfa’s voice is getting colder.

And these words fell in Tian Hao’s ears, making the smile on his mouth thicker:

“Dad! His name is Shaun! He is the son-in-law of the Bai family!”


As soon as he said this, Tian Hao suddenly heard a frantic sound on the other end of the phone.

The noisy sound resounded throughout.

Not only that!

What made Tian Hao more puzzled was that after he said Shaun’s name, the other end of the phone fell into a boundless silence after a brief noise.


Tian Hao frowned and asked in confusion:

“Dad! What’s wrong with you? Who fell?”

Tian Hao’s voice expresses concern.

However, there was no reply!

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