Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 532

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Chapter 532

As if the phone had been cut off by life, the other side fell into a dead silence.

Thirty seconds!

One minute!

Two minutes!

Tian Hao got tensed when he didn’t hear any voice from another side of the phone for a while.

It seems that something terrible is about to happen.

“Tian Hao!”

And just when Tian Hao was thinking about it, his father’s voice came again.

It’s just that the anger in this voice disappeared, even it was filled with boundless coldness.

“Dad, I’m here! Tell me, how are we going to retaliate against this damn little son-in-law, and how to bring down the little Bai family!”

Tian Hao immediately thought that the coldness in his father’s tone was more resentment towards Shaun and the Bai family.


No answer!

Instead, Tian Hao’s father changed the subject and asked:

“That little son-in-law named Shaun, what does he wants to do with you?”


Tian Hao didn’t think, why didn’t father say how to retaliate, but instead said what Shaun wants to do with him and others?

However, he didn’t think much about it, and continued to add gusto and said:

“This arrogant little son-in-law said that he wants to break my legs, as well as the legs of our supercar members!”

Tian Hao thought!

After adding more fuel while describing Shaun’s madness, his father would become even angrier, and his revenge against Shaun and the Bai family would become more brutal.

However, the voice on the phone is still so calm.


Tian Hao’s father, Tian Changfa, sighed deeply. His tone was full of weakness and complexity:

“Just let him do what he says!”


When this sentence fell, no matter it was Tian Hao, Lin Guangyao, and all the second generation supercars, they all looked startled.

Do they wonder if they have heard it wrong?

“Dad, what do you mean? I… I don’t understand?”

Tian Hao rubbed his ears at this moment, and then continued to ask in disbelief:

“You mean, let us do what this little son-in-law wants? Break our legs?”

“Or, let’s break this little son-in-law’s leg?”

The first reaction for Tian Hao and everyone around him was that Tian Hao’s father has mistakenly said that.

He definitely wants us to break Shaun’s legs!


The following sound of a terrifying roar made everyone struck by lightning.

“Are you mentally retarded, I have given birth to a trash!”

“I want you to follow Mr. Lin’s words! Break your legs!”

“Not only you, all of your supercar members, but all also have to break their legs and apologize to Mr. Lin! Otherwise, he will destroy all of us!”

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