Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 533

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Chapter 533


As soon as he said this, no matter it was Tian Hao or everyone around him, they felt a tingling scalp.


Is he really want to break their legs?

How this is possible!

What makes it even more difficult for everyone to accept is that Tian Hao’s father actually said that he was making compensation for Shaun.

This is even more incredible!


Tian Hao only felt that his world was completely overturned.

The father who loved him the most, now let him break his legs to apologize to a son-in-law of a small family. This is like a fantasy, which makes him unbelievable.

“Dad, why? He… he is just a little son-in-law, so why should we break our own leg and ask him for an apology!”

Tian Hao’s words were full of unwillingness.

Not only him!

Even every supercar member around him is as pale as paper, unbelievable.

Hearing this!

Tian Changfa continued:

“We are visiting Jiangshi because of him! Now, do you understand?”


Tian Hao and all his friends got froze to hear this.

Still full of consternation and disbelief.

My parents, the reason why they are coming to Jiangshi this time is to meet the mysterious and terrifying Master Lin?

And now, Shaun and Lin Zongshi…

When Tian Hao waited for all to get it, after linking the names of Shaun and Lin Zongshi, everyone shuddered as if they had seen a ghost.

Their eyes looked at Shaun incredulously, with a deep look of shock.

“Could it be that Shaun is Master Lin?

“He is the horror being that his elders are coming to curry favor!”


Tian Hao got dumbfounded, and all the other supercar members are also shocked.

They looked at Shaun one by one with amazement in their eyes.

Among them, Lin Guangyao was at a loss. He didn’t understand, what exactly did Tian Hao’s father say?


This purpose has something to do with Shaun?

Lin Guangyao thought of this, and then a strong eagerness appeared on his face, he wanted to reach Tian Hao’s ear and continue to persuade Tian Hao.

However, his voice has not yet come out!

He got stunned to see that Tian Hao’s whole body was shivering as if all his energy had been removed.

He tremblingly said to his father on the phone:

“Dad, I know what to do!”

That’s it!

Tian Hao hung up his phone, then turned his head, looked at the supercar members one after another, a deep bitterness appeared on his face:

“Does everyone understand now?”

Hearing this!

Not only Tian Hao, but all the other supercar members had extremely complicated expressions on their faces.

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