Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 534

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Chapter 534

They are not idiots!

From Tian Hao’s father’s words, they naturally understood everything.

Shaun is Master Lin, and he is the reason that their family elders are coming to Jianshi, and that to please him.

Even for this person!

In an instant, their faces got panic and complexity, and they nodded.

“Okay! Now that you understand everything, then do what he has said!”


As Tian Hao’s words fell, he went straight to his supercar and then took out a baseball bat from the car.

Not only him!

The supercar members, either unwilling or frightened, went to their sports car and took out baseball bats.

In the blink of an eye they have baseball bats in their hands, and the scene was extremely spectacular.

Seeing this scene!

Lin Guangyao’s spirit got lifted. He immediately thought that Tian Hao was going to take on Shaun this time by himself.


When Lin Guangyao saw that Tian Hao was holding a baseball bat and leading the supercar members, and they surrounded Shaun, he almost jumped up with excitement.

“Tian Shao mighty! Kill this little bastard, come on!” Lin Guangyao cheered excitedly.

After all, dozens of people are facing Shaun alone.

Moreover, Tian Hao and others were holding baseball bats.

Thinking of this!

Lin Guangyao couldn’t close his excited mouth.

And on the other side.

Seeing dozen of youngsters approaching menacingly with sticks in their hands, Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang only felt a tingling scalp:

“Mr. Lin, run away! They want to beat you now, you can’t beat them all alone!”

“Yeah, Mr. Lin, heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses! Let’s run away, we two will try to stop them! They can’t do anything to us!”

Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang said as their faces are pale as paper, urging Shaun eagerly.


What surprised them was that Shaun stood motionless, but instead embraced his arms as if watching a play.

Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang got completely confused to see him relaxed.

They didn’t understand what Shaun wants to do.

However, seeing the next scene, Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang almost fell out of their eyes.

“Mr. Lin! I apologize to you!”

Tian Hao’s unwilling and shocking voice sounded.

Then, in the exclamation of Ziheng Xu and others, he raised the baseball bat in his hand, gritted his teeth, and then slammed it against his right knee!

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