Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 535

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Chapter 535


This stick almost exhausted all Tian Hao’s strength, and his knee broke under this stick in an instant.

Made him puff and he fell to the ground.


Seeing this scene, the exuberant smile on Lin Guangyao’s face completely solidified.

His eyes stared at Tian Hao’s fallen figure, and at his completely broken right leg, a trace of amazement and horror appeared in his eyes.

“Why this? Apologize? How could Tian Hao getting apologize for this waste?”

Lin Guangyao was completely stunned.

Not only him!

Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang, who were panicked before, almost fell out of their eyes after seeing this scene.

How can this be?

The two had planned to fight to protect Shaun.

But they never dreamed that things would be reversed like this.

Not only did Tian Hao attacked Shaun, but instead he personally broke one of his legs to make apologize to Shaun.

This is an impossible thing, but now, it has really happened in front of them.

The shocking scene has just begun.

After seeing Tian Hao breaking his right leg, the faces of the supercar members behind were flushed like pig liver.

Fear and even a hint of madness.

“Mr. Lin, I apologize to you!”


The baseball bat smashed down and the sound of a broken calf sounded again.

“Mr. Lin, sorry!”


There was another noise of leg breaking.

Under the horrified gazes of Lin Guangyao, Ziheng Xu, and Tian Zhang, one after another supercar members raised their baseball bats and smashed them against their calves and knees.

And with each hit, they fell to the ground, ringing densely.

Just in a short moment.

All the supercar members kneeling on one knee.

Scarlets of blood flowing down from their legs, and everyone had broken one of their legs.

At this moment, the atmosphere of this place exudes a trace of blood and depression.

Lin Guangyao, Ziheng Xu, and Tian Zhang only felt that their hearts are going to pop out anytime soon.

The boundless shock swept their nerves.

Let their scalp almost burst.

“Tian…Tian Shao, why? Why did you break your leg?”

Lin Guangyao ran to Tian Hao at this moment and asked with panic and a shocked face.

In Lin Guangyao’s words, just fell!

Tian Hao suddenly grabbed the blood-stained baseball bat in his hand and smashed it against Lin Guangyao’s leg.

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