Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 15 – 16

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Chapter 15

Adams… Karl’s father?

Trevor, the rich and powerful son who had attracted countless women in Rostenvel when he was young?

Alyssa was stunned for a few seconds before reacting, and said awkwardly, “Hello.”

She couldn’t call him “dad” anyway.

“If you have time, let’s have a meal together tonight.” Trevor’s voice was calm and deep, revealing a kind of peace that has been baptized by the years. Although it is with a commanding tone, it is not repulsive.

Alyssa understood that although Trevor’s words sounded like asking her, she couldn’t refuse.

She humbled: “I have time.”

“I’ll let the driver pick you up and see you tonight.”

He finished speaking in a hurry and hung up the phone.

From the beginning to the end, Trevor’s tone was very calm, but he had an unquestionable breath.

Alyssa threw away her mobile phone and hurried out to take the car to Karl’s villa.

Trevor said that if the driver was to pick her up, the driver would definitely go directly to Karl’s villa.


Alyssa stood at the gate, looking up at Karl’s villa.

The villa is built on the mountainside, with sparsely populated surroundings. The white villa stands quietly among the trees, which looks a bit strange.

Alyssa was taken over last time, and she didn’t pay much attention to this villa. Now, the more she looks at it, the more it feels a bit evil.

A chill rose from the soles of her feet.

Alyssa turned pale in the winter cold.

She abruptly retracted her outstretched foot, trying to reduce the frost, just waiting at the gate.

Before long, a black car stopped at the entrance of the villa.

Alyssa turned her head curiously and saw a middle-aged man with a gentle face coming out of the car.

When he saw Alyssa’s face clearly, there was obviously a flash of surprise in his eyes, but he didn’t show it at all.

He stood still in front of Alyssa, nodding slightly, with a respectful expression: “Madam, I am Powell, Mr. Adams sent me to pick you up for dinner.”

It was the driver Trevor sent to pick her up for dinner.

“Excuse me.” Alyssa smiled at him, her mouth split wide, looking a little dull.

The expression on Powell’s face was slightly startled, but in a moment he returned to normal.

He turned and opened the door: “Young lady, please get in the car.”

Afterwards, he walked around and drove away.

When the car left, only a slit curtain was opened on the second floor of the villa, and it was pulled open with a “brush” sound.

Smith glanced in the direction where the car was leaving, and asked the unpredictable Karl who stood beside him: “Boss, do you really want your wife to see Mr. Adams like this?”

“Otherwise?” his eyes were deep, and he put his hands into the pockets of the suit pants, and said with a deep voice: “She is just an ugly and stupid woman, what can Trevor do?”

“But Madam is acting stupid!”

“It’s also an ability to pretend to make everyone believe.”

After Karl said this quietly, he turned and left.


Alyssa was brought to a high-end restaurant.

Powell led her to the door of the box, stretched out his hand, and made a gesture of please: “Mr. Adams is waiting for you inside.”

“Yeah.” After Alyssa finished speaking, she added slowly, “Thank you, Uncle Powell.”

Powell watched her enter, and after closing the door, he didn’t know what he thought of and shook his head slightly.

At the table, a middle-aged man with an elegant temperament is looking through the menu.

Hearing the movement, he put down the menu and raised his head.

Alyssa thought that the makeup of her own soil bun would at least make him frown or dissatisfied, but he just said kindly, “Are you, Alyssa?”

Chapter 16

Alyssa didn’t expect that the person in charge of such a wealthy and powerful family would be such a pleasant person.

She was stunned for a moment before she said, “I, I am Alyssa.”

This stay was not a pretense, it did surprise her.

“Don’t be restrained, you married into the Adams family, you are a member of the Adams family and my half daughter.”

While talking, Trevor picked up the kettle next to her and poured her a glass of water.

When at Hunt’s house, Colin basically didn’t look at her straight, and Rachel’s attention was also on her other two siblings.

She had never been treated so gently by any elder, and she was a little flattered for a while.

Alyssa took the cup: “Thank you.”

“You can call me daddy like Karl,” Trevor said while looking at her calmly.

His looks are a little invisible, and his reaction is a little slow. Although restrained but polite, he is a simple and kind-hearted child.

“…Dad.” Alyssa cried out hesitantly.

Trevor smiled and said apologetically: “You and Karl are married, and you are wronged for not having the wedding. You should have gone back to the old house for dinner with Karl today, but Karl, because of his mother. There is a bump in his heart, and he has been reluctant to return to his old house. You will enlighten him more in the future.”

The Adams family is a large family that has been passed down for hundreds of years, following the tradition of three generations under one roof.

It is said that the old house of the Adams family is priceless. Someone once tentatively bid hundreds of billions to buy the house of the Adams family. In the end, that person became a joke in the upper class.

Alyssa also knows a little bit about Karl’s mother mentioned in Trevor’s words.

In the kidnapping more than ten years ago, the kidnappers not only kidnapped Karl but also Karl’s mother.

But in the end, only Karl was rescued.

As for Karl’s mother, there are many sayings.

Some say she is dead, some say she is not dead, and some say she was defiled by the kidnapper…

Alyssa looked up at Trevor, hesitated, and said, “But…I haven’t…see him yet.”

In the next half-sentence, she said quietly.

She noticed that after Trevor listened to her again, his expression changed slightly.

Before, Trevor didn’t ask Karl any more but asked some questions about Alyssa’s life with concern.

Alyssa answered honestly one by one, speaking slowly, looking dull but sincere.

When leaving, Trevor still asked Powell to send her back to Karl’s villa.


Powell sent her to the gate of the villa, and he left after watching Alyssa enter.

At this time, Alyssa just recalled, Trevor seemed to be testing her before?

After another thought, she felt wrong again.

He was more like testing Karl.

Although she hadn’t met Karl, she could feel that the relationship between father and son was not good, and there were many contradictions.

Trevor said that Karl had a knot in his heart because of his mother, but his mother was no longer there when he was kidnapped more than ten years ago. Is it because of the kidnapping that he had a rift with Trevor?

“Young lady.”

Alyssa was drawn back to her mind by the bodyguard’s voice, and she looked up at the talking bodyguard.

This bodyguard was familiar and went to pick her up at Hunt’s house that day.

The bodyguard nodded slightly and said in a flat tone: “Master wants to see you.”

Alyssa suspected that she had heard it wrong. She was stunned for three seconds before she said, “Master? Karl?”

“Yes, Master is waiting for you in the study.”

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