Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1395 – 1396

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Chapter 1395

Tina has been so busy recently that she almost forgot about Maria.

The words Tina said to Maria at that time were completely from sincerity, but she did not expect Cathy to be pregnant.

However, the matter between her and Cathy has been on trending search recently, but there is no mention of Cathy’s pregnancy.

In the entertainment industry, children are basically not announced after three months. This is a matter of convention.

So Maria should not know.

“How did you know?” Tina asked.

“It’s all on trending search, I don’t have eyes, how can I not know!” Maria said more and more angry: “You wait, I will come to the set to find you now!”

She has been hiding her thoughts for so many years. At that time, she thought that Tina was sincere in saying those things, but she did not expect that Tina was deliberately watching her jokes.

She finally made up her mind. She must find Tina to settle this account.

“You don’t need to look for me. I will go back to Rostenvel today, and I can meet in the evening.” Tina refused to give Maria a chance to speak, so she hung up after speaking.


Tina got a good night’s sleep when she got home, and it was already night when she woke up.

She and Maria had an appointment to meet in the evening. It was almost the appointed time. She was too lazy to put on makeup, changed her clothes, and went out wearing a hat and mask.

The meeting place was chosen by Maria. After Tina arrived at the place, she realized that it was a bar.

Hey, this pretentious lady has broken her standards, and she even came to the bar.

The music in the bar is deafening, but fortunately, Maria has the box of choice.

Before coming, Tina had already seen it on Twitter.

The pregnancy of Cathy has indeed been on the trending search. Some media photographed Peter accompanying her to the obstetrics and gynecology examination. They were all highly talkative people. As soon as the photos came out, the marketing account rhythm was naturally posted soon. Making it a trending search.

Someone also mentioned the previous conflict between Cathy and Tina, and Peter’s suspension of work.

Although Cathy was the one who took the initiative, she became a little weaker when she became pregnant.

The inexplicable thing is that some people are clearly doing something wrong, but just because she is weaker, it seems that people can easily get forgiveness.

Some people even scolded Tina in the comments, saying that she must have known that Cathy was pregnant, so when she was doing Stephanie’s head, she deliberately beat her so hard that Cathy fell directly.

There are not many such criticisms of the heart.

Tina glanced at her and passed by, too lazy to respond.

No matter whether you do it well or not, there will always be people who are dissatisfied with you, because everyone has their own position, and personal opinions are always subjective. No one can unify everyone’s opinions, and there is no need to force oneself to let everyone satisfy.

When Tina pushed the door into the box, there was already a strong smell of wine in there.

Maria had already opened a bottle of wine, and was turning the head to hold a bottle of wine to pour for himself. There was only half of the bottle left. It seemed that it had been opened before Tina came.

The drinker was a little slow, and Tina walked to sit down opposite her. After Maria had a few drinks, she realized that Tina had arrived.

After she saw Tina clearly, her drunk eyes suddenly became sober, and she looked at her coldly: “Here.”

“Ms. George will also use wine to relieve her sorrow.” Tina said with her legs folded together, with a smile.

Chapter 1396

Maria became angry when she saw Tina’s clear appearance.

“Why are you smiling?”

After yelling at Tina, she laughed at herself again: “It’s me who is stupid, so I really believe you are sincere!”

Although Tina doesn’t like Maria, she still has to admit that Maria is a very good woman.

She has been studying well from childhood to adulthood, and the celebrity has a strong accent. Although there is a little vanity and minor problems, it is not a matter of principle.

Putting aside these shortcomings, Maria also has many advantages, beautiful, knowledgeable, diligent, and motivated…

If it hadn’t been for Peter for so many years, Maria would probably not be single at this age. Based on her conditions, it is easy to find a man who matches her, and there are not a few men who chase her.

It’s nothing more than loving a man who doesn’t love you.

In the past, Tina always hated Maria because of Peter.

After the situation has passed, she re-examined the past and Maria, she found that she no longer hated her, but a little appreciated her.

Tina sorted out her emotions, and said in a serious tone: “I really am sincere.”

Maria just sneered, not believing Tina’s words at all.

“You should have been busy recently, so you didn’t watch the entertainment news much. I also found out that Cathy was pregnant after you left.”

Things that can be explained clearly, there is no need to cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

Seeing Tina’s expression very serious, Maria couldn’t help but waver: “Really?”

“Cathy came to trouble me, slapped my agent, and I gave her a slap, and then she posted the video of me hitting her on the Internet. It took a long time to resolve the matter, and I didn’t know until then that she was pregnant.”

These years, Maria has been abroad, but Tina knows that she occasionally heard from some people at parties. Maria seems to be an expert. She should be very busy returning to the country for development, and she usually doesn’t pay attention to the entertainment industry thing.

As Tina thought, Maria is usually busy doing academic research and does not pay much attention to the entertainment industry.

Maria will know about Cathy’s pregnancy, and she will see that someone is discussing it in a small group before going online.

Maria put down the wine glass in her hand and took out her mobile phone to search the Internet for these things Tina said.

Tina didn’t urge her, and gave her time to check, poured a glass of wine on her own, and slowly leaned on the sofa.

When Tina’s glass of wine was about to bottom out, Maria finally put down her phone and looked at Tina with a serious face.

Tina noticed Maria’s gaze, raised her head, frowning: “Maria, what is in your eyes?”

If she was right, Maria’s eyes were sympathetic.

She looked at Tina seriously, and sighed in relief: “I thought I was miserable, but seeing Peter stopping you from work because of that woman, I feel like you are much worse than me.”

“…” Tina moved her lips, not knowing how to refute for a while.

“Peter has loved you the most since he was a child. No matter what activities he goes out, or when he is not at a dinner party, he will bring you some interesting gadgets and delicious things. Always told us to not touch it.”

Maria recalled the past, with emotion: “I was still thinking that even if I was really with Peter, I probably couldn’t shake your position in his heart. He was so kind to you, so good. I feel that in his heart, you are irreplaceable.”

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