Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 649 – 650

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Chapter 649

“Separate?” Tina repeated, and asked: “What separates? What does it mean to break up?”

The expression on Alyssa’s face was slightly restrained, and she nodded, “Yes.”

Tina took the water in front of her and drank it all in one sip, then said, “Who mentioned it?”

“I mentioned, he agreed, and kicked me out of the villa.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she went to see her cool expression.

Sure enough, she saw shock and disbelief on Tina’s face.

Tina didn’t believe that Karl would do this.

“Are you kidding me? Do you think I will believe it?” Tina gave her an angry look.

Peter on the side suddenly interrupted weakly: “I can testify, it’s true.”

“How do you know?” Tina turned her head and looked at Peter, frowning more severely.

Peter caught Tina a chopstick dish, and looked at Alyssa again. Seeing that Alyssa didn’t intend to stop him, he said, “At Best Day that time, Alyssa was drunk, I called Karl, he came over, but he didn’t care about Alyssa. I let Alyssa come to the room to rest.”

Although he asked people to take Alyssa to rest, it was because he received a call from Karl. However, even if Karl didn’t call him, he would do the same.

But what surprised him was that Karl could actually leave the intoxicated Alyssa alone.

This was nothing like Karl’s temperament.

If it was him, if he was so cold and drunk that he was like that ghost, he would definitely not fake his hands to others.

Not only Alyssa, but he also has a little doubt now that Karl may really have no interest in Alyssa…

It’s just that he wouldn’t say such things.

After listening to Peter’s words, Tina’s focus suddenly became crooked.

She stared at Alyssa, and said with a dissatisfaction: “You ran to Best Day to drink without me?”

Alyssa: “…”

“What kind of wine do you want to drink, I’ll let someone in.” Peter began to show his hospitality to Tina again with a smile.

Tina glared at him: “Who wants to drink with you!”

Alyssa pursed her lips and said, “I have something to check with Karl. You eat first, and I may not come back here again.”

She was thinking about Karl’s affairs, even if she was sitting here to eat, she would still be uneasy. It’s better to go to Karl to speak clearly now.

Tina didn’t stop her again: “Call if something happens.”

“Okay.” Alyssa picked up her bag and went out.

After only Tina and Peter were left in the box, Peter thought secretly that his chance to be alone with Tina finally came.

But Tina did not give him this opportunity.

Tina called her assistant: “Come in and eat something.”

Peter knew that he could only think about being alone.

Alyssa left the box and walked to the elevator.

Within two steps, she stopped again suddenly. Then turned around and walked towards the bathroom.

She patched up her makeup in the bathroom, and when she was putting the lipstick in her bag, the conversation between the two women who walked in from outside caught her attention.

“Who is the man who came in the box just now, so handsome! That outfit is very valuable at first glance.”

“You don’t even know him? He is the famous Karl Adams!”

“Karl Adams? Is that Adams’ CEO? After taking over the Adams’ three years ago, he became a very young CEO in the business world?”

“Isn’t that right, so young and handsome!”

“Then does he have a girlfriend?”

“I heard that there is. It seems that she is named Miana Palmer, but he was married before and then divorced. His business is a bit complicated, and I can’t tell…”

“What is a divorce? Even if he has a wife, OK to be his lover-a person.”

“You don’t know how many women want to climb on his bed and be his lover! Let me say, even if it does benefit me, I want to sle3p with him…”

“Why are you like this.”

“How about it, don’t you want to?”

“Oh, what did you say…”

The two women went into the bathroom while talking.

And Alyssa stood in front of the mirror with a cold face.

She clenched her hands, then slowly released it, and strode out with her bag.

After going out, she picked up her mobile phone and prepared to call Karl.

However, thinking of Karl’s previous attitude, her hand holding the phone dropped again.

She called Karl, would he answer it?

Perhaps, not only would he not answer the phone, he would also be wary of her looking for him.

Thinking about it this way, she might as well go directly to Karl, and he couldn’t help but see her.

Alyssa made up her mind and plugged the phone back.

Thinking of the conversation between the two women in the bathroom just now, her expression became colder again.

However, she only knew which box Karl was in when she followed the two women.

Alyssa stood outside and waited for a while, and saw the two women come out again.

The two women stopped discussing Karl, and started discussing bags and clothes.

Alyssa took out her mobile phone and pretended to open her Moments to play with her mobile phone, following them unobtrusively.

They should be in the same box with Karl, just follow them.

Alyssa followed them for a while, and they finally stopped at the door of a box, said something more, adjusted their clothes, and smiled and pushed open the box and walked in.

The lights in the box are bright together and dark together. But in the gap between them opening and closing, Alyssa still saw Karl at a glance.

She vaguely saw a woman sitting next to Karl, but that woman was sitting in the shadows, and Alyssa could not see who it was.

Just a cursory look, she found that there were still many people inside.

She was hesitating whether to enter.

If she doesn’t go in, will she wait here for Karl to come out?

If she goes in…

Alyssa shook her head, not wanting so much, so let’s go in first.

After making the decision, Alyssa took a deep breath, walked to the door, and opened the box door.

When she was standing at the door, she realized that there were more people inside than she had seen.

The girls pouring at the wine table, the flirting, drinking, and chatting, did their own things, and no one noticed her at all.

There is a strong sense of luxury everywhere in the red wine and the things used.

No wonder some people say that Best Day is actually a gold-selling cave for drunken gold fans.

She used to come to Best Day. Most of the time, she either ate with Karl and the others, or made an appointment here with Tina.

Karl did not like to participate in dinners, nor did he play with those rich boys.

Naturally, Alyssa had never seen what these rich men really looked like playing crazy.

Chapter 650

The box is very large and can accommodate twenty or thirty people.

Among those men, there are some familiar faces, and a few female stars are also familiar faces.

Because there are too many people in the room, people who come in and out occasionally, the box door is opened and closed, basically no one pays special attention.

Therefore, when Alyssa stood at the door of the box, no one in the box paid attention to her.

It may also be that the light at the door is a little dark, making her less conspicuous.

Alyssa’s box door was not closed, and she walked straight to where Karl was inside.

The others hugged left and right. There was only one woman beside Karl, and the two were not so int!mate.

The man next to him sat a little far away, but bowed slightly to talk to him, looking very pleased.

With a glass of wine in his hand, Karl didn’t know if he was listening carefully to the person next to him.

When Alyssa quickly walked to Karl, no one in the box noticed her.

One of the people in grey clothes said, “Hey, you woman, where are you going! don’t know how to close the door when you come in, shut the door.”

Alyssa glanced at him and ignored it.

Only then did the man seeing Alyssa’s face clearly, his eyes straightened.

Rachel lived on his face all his life, leaning on Colin like a dodder flower.

Alyssa inherited Rachel’s beauty, even among a circle of young female celebrities, she is extremely outstanding.

At the age of twenty-six and seven, even if she had had a child, Alyssa’s complexion was excellent. In addition, after living with Karl for so long, she was naturally tainted with some of Karl’s unique extravagance, making her even more outstanding.

Even though the man in the gray clothes just glanced that way, his eyes were already lit.

His eyes stared at Alyssa unblinkingly, and then a certain smile flashed in his eyes.

He arranged his clothes and stood up.

The tender model on the side stretched out her hand and yelled, “Mr. Scott?”

The man in the gray shirt shook his away and gave her a warning look, and the tender model immediately did not dare to speak again.

He walked to Alyssa in twos and twos and stopped her from going: “Oh, this young lady look at her face? Who is she looking for? I am Robert Scott, what is the name?”

It was so smoky inside, Alyssa was in a bad mood. The man named Robert Scott even ran to block her way, her complexion worsened.

Alyssa still didn’t speak, raised her eyes and passed him, and looked at the sofa behind him.

Because of Robert’s disturbance, many people in the box already looked at her, but Karl stared at the phone, not knowing what he was doing on the phone.

Alyssa didn’t believe that Karl didn’t know that she had come in.

An inexplicable anger rose from her chest and rushed to the top of her head. Alyssa yelled, “Karl.”

The sound of her Karl scream was not small, almost immediately, the box became quiet, and everyone turned their heads to look at her.

You know, no one in this box dared to call Karl’s name directly.

Either it is called “Mr. Adams” or “Mr. Karl”.

Suddenly a woman rushed in, calling Karl’s name directly, and it naturally attracted their attention.

After Robert heard his name was Karl, his expression changed slightly: “It turned out to be Mr. Karl Adams.”

He curled his lips, turned his head to look at Karl, and said to Karl with a smile on his face: “Mr. Adams, this lady is looking for you.”

Only then did Karl slowly raised his head, his eyes condensed like ink, as deep as a pool, and he could not see any emotion.

His gaze stayed on Alyssa’s face for only half a second, then he lowered his head to look at the phone again, as if she were a stranger.

Although Alyssa had expected that Karl might have this reaction, her heart was still panicked and she was extremely uncomfortable.

She gritted her teeth, clenched her hand, and said again: “Karl, I have something to tell you, and I want to ask you something.”

Karl still said nothing, and didn’t mean to pay attention to her.

Alyssa’s heart suddenly became cold, and the chill quickly rushed into the limbs.

She had never felt such a clear and piercing indifference on Karl.

Robert naturally fell in love with Alyssa, he was still afraid of Karl’s relationship with this woman, but now that Karl ignored Alyssa at all, he was a little bolder.

His gaze settled on Alyssa’s body, with undisguised desire-hope in his eyes, his gaze seemed to be str!pping her [email protected], and his tone was gentle: “It seems that Mr. Adams knows you not.”

As he said, he stretched out his hand to touch Alyssa’s waist: “Our CEO Adams is a dedicated person. There are already people around him. If you want to ask him for something, you might as well think about me. I’m a pity. People…”

Alyssa felt his flickering hand, and immediately took a step back, and Robert’s hand fell empty.

He looked at his frustrated hand and his expression suddenly became very gloomy.

He snorted coldly: “Which woman in this room is not asking for help? Since you have come in, don’t pretend to be innocent, so as not to lose money.”

Alyssa hadn’t been bullied like this for a long time, she couldn’t help but laughed, the corners of her lips were slightly lifted, her voice was cold, and there was no temperature: “Please roll aside.”

“You say it again?” Robert looked incredulous. He didn’t expect this woman to dare to talk to him like this.

In this box, except for Karl, he has the highest status. Don’t talk about the women, even the sons who play here dare not talk to him like this.

“Are you deaf? Then I don’t mind saying it again: please, you, get off, to, one, side, go!” Alyssa hates people like Robert the most, thinking that he has some money, he is shwoing off.

“You…” Robert was so irritated that he raised his hand and wanted to hit Alyssa.

At this time, a woman’s voice rang: “Mr. Scott, you just said that you are a person who loves and cherishes…, what are you going to do?”

Robert’s hand abruptly stopped in the air.

Alyssa looked over and found that the woman who was talking was sitting next to Karl.

The woman finished speaking and stood up slowly, her familiar face exposed under the light.

Alyssa murmured in surprise: “Miana!”

“Miss Alyssa, we meet again.” Miana was dressed in a burgundy dress, with curvy lines and snow-like skin. She was so beautiful and generous.

In contrast, Alyssa’s situation at this time was much more embarrassing.

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