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Chapter 651

It turned out to be Miana again!

Just now, when Alyssa saw a woman next to Karl, she felt a little confused.

And now that she knew that the woman next to Karl is Miana, Alyssa’s throat became a little breathless.

Miana is everywhere!

Karl took part in the event with Miana! It was Miana who came to this meal!

What does he mean? Is he really going to be with Miana?

For an instant, many things flashed through Alyssa’s mind.

In the first three years when Karl lost his memory, Miana was his nominal fiancée.

During those three years, did he and Miana already have something?

After thinking about these things, Alyssa felt confused.

Miana looked at the stunned expression on Alyssa’s face with satisfaction, and slowly walked to her: “It seems that Miss Alyssa is very surprised to see me.”

Alyssa set her eyes on Karl.

Ever since Robert was playing with her here just now, and trying to belittle her, she noticed that Karl hadn’t moved, and didn’t look at her more.

Had it not been for Miana just now, she might have been beaten by Robert.

She called his name again to Karl who was still motionless.

“Karl.” If you listen carefully, you can still hear the trembling in her voice.

Miana followed Alyssa’s gaze and turned to look at Karl.

When she saw that Karl was still holding the previous posture, she smiled in satisfaction.

Although Miana had tried to hide it, her eyes still showed the joy of the winner.

She knew that Karl and Alyssa were not people in the same world at all, and Alyssa was simply not worthy of Karl.

One day, Karl will get tired of Alyssa.

This day is not too late.

Karl did not speak. As his female companion, Miana naturally said to Alyssa, “Karl has a cold temper and doesn’t care about irrelevant people. You should know this, don’t blame him. Yeah.”

Robert heard the conversation between the two clearly.

Judging from the content of the dialogue he heard, Alyssa and Karl should have known each other, but they weren’t that close.

Otherwise, if Alyssa has been standing here for so long, why would Karl ignore her?

Robert, who thought he had figured it out, flashed a shadow in his eyes, but when he spoke to Miana, he was still polite: “Miss Palmer, since it is an irrelevant person, why bother yourself so much? Just leave her to me.”

Miana naturally wanted Alyssa to fall into Robert’s hands. Miana couldn’t know what kind of stuff the group of elder brothers headed by Robert were like.

But Alyssa was after all the woman Karl had loved. Although Miana wanted to show Alyssa a little bit of color, she was still afraid of Karl.

She turned her head and glanced at Karl. Seeing Karl looked indifferent, she thought for a while and said, “Karl, what do you think?”

Karl didn’t say anything immediately, but suddenly stood up and said without expression: “It’s too noisy.”

After speaking, he must go out.

When Miana saw that Karl really didn’t care about Alyssa, her face was happy, and she didn’t say much, so she followed Karl’s footsteps and wanted to go out.

Seeing Karl had gone, Alyssa wanted to follow, but was stopped by Robert.

Robert stopped in front of Alyssa, with a hint of evil in his tone: “This kind of place, do you come and leave if you want?”

“It seems that you really don’t understand human words.”

Alyssa said this sentence expressionlessly. As soon as she stretched out her hand and raised her foot, the people on the side didn’t even know what was happening. When everyone reacted, Robert, who was just in the imposing manner, had already fallen. On the ground.

“You b!tch! I’m so good to you, you really treat yourself as a good dish, right? I will teach you today!”

After Robert finished speaking, holding hands to get up, Alyssa smoothly took a glass of wine on the table next to him and poured it down slowly directly on top of Robert’s head.

“Puff… Puff! You crazy woman, what are you doing!” Robert was soaked in the wine that he couldn’t open his eyes, still cursing.

After Alyssa soaked him, she smashed the wine glass on the ground forcefully, and said disdainfully: “You didn’t live to understand, and you want to teach me to be a new man? You are the one who is crazy.”

So many people in the box were stunned by this scene.

This woman looked thin and weak, except for her extremely beautiful appearance and a very different temperament from the people here, no one thought that she could have such a good skill, so neatly, that she would dare to attack Robert.

For a while, no one spoke out in the huge box.

Alyssa didn’t even bother to pay attention to the irrelevant people. When she turned to look at the door of the box, she found that Karl and Miana had already left.

She couldn’t take care of that much, so she just chased up.

After going out, there was a low voice in the box.

“Why is this woman so crazy?”

“It seems familiar…”

“I saw her somewhere, but I don’t remember a bit, wait for me to think about it…”

They all talked about Alyssa, but they forgot Robert who was still lying on the ground.

Robert’s face was distorted with anger: “Don’t you know how to come and help me? A bunch of useless idiots!”

After the voice fell, several young models came to help him.

The tender model asked with a worried look: “Mr. Scott, are you okay?”

Robert is not a fool, these women’s false intentions are just for his little money.

He glared at the young model with sullen eyes, and yelled at the tender model: “Does your mother look okay? Look at my face! It’s all caused by that b!tch!”

This girl was so frightened by Robert that she couldn’t say a word, she lowered her head and let Robert scold her out.

After a while, Mr. Scott was almost cleaned up by someone, and he gritted his teeth and made up his mind that he would not let the woman go!

When Alyssa chased them out, Karl and Miana had not gone far.

She ran over and stopped in front of Karl.

Karl raised his eyes slightly, his eyes falling on Alyssa without a trace of temperature.

Just now in the box, Miana was very satisfied with Karl’s nonchalant attitude towards Alyssa.

However, she was still worried that Alyssa would rekindle her old relationship with Karl when she walked around in front of Karl from time to time.

She rushed in front of Alyssa and said loudly: “Alyssa, what else do you want to do? You are okay now!”

Alyssa didn’t even give Miana an extra look, staring straight at Karl’s eyes: “I have something to ask you.”

Hearing this, Karl twisted his eyebrows slightly, raised his hand to look at the watch on his wrist, and said impatiently, “Alyssa, why haven’t I noticed that you are so annoying?”

Chapter 652

Alyssa’s complexion suddenly changed.

What did Karl just say?

She even suspected that she had heard it wrong.

However, the cold expression on Karl’s face told her that he did say that just now.

Alyssa originally had to find Karl’s determination to ask clearly, but it fell apart at this moment, all words swallowed in her throat, unable to speak.

Seeing that she was no longer speaking, Karl reached out and pushed her away, and left straight away.

Miana stayed at the end, smiling brightly and said, “Do you know who the Robert you just offended is? In this Rostenvel, no one except the Adams’ family dares to provoke the Scott family casually. You are now in danger, there is no such thing as Karl’s umbrella, so do it for yourself.”

The gloating in the tone is self-evident.

Alyssa could be stabbed by Karl’s words, but in front of Miana, she would not give up.

She quickly sorted out her facial expressions, and slightly curled her lips: “Even if Karl is not my umbrella now, he will not necessarily become your umbrella. I look forward to you and sit firmly on the throne of Mrs. Adams one day.”

Of course, it is impossible for Miana to know that Adams’ real boss now is Alyssa, so she naturally couldn’t hear the deep meaning of Alyssa’s words.

She and Alyssa are not too familiar, and seeing Alyssa’s confident look still makes her feel a little suspicious.

However, she would not express the doubts in her heart.

“Then you just wait.” Miana sneered and walked away.

Alyssa looked at the backs of the two leaving one after another, turned around and raised her foot to kick against the wall.

How could she not be angry?

Is she really thinking too much?

But Karl also said before, let her stay away from Dave…

For no reason, why did he keep her away from Dave?

Alyssa fell into self-doubt again.

On the other side, Karl and Miana walked directly to the parking lot after leaving the golden tripod.

Karl pulled the car door and sat in on his own.

Although Miana was a bit dissatisfied that Karl hadn’t opened the door for her, she was even more afraid that Karl would just leave her behind.

She also thought about asking Karl to send her back, so that she could spend more time with him.

As soon as she got into the car, and as soon as she sat firmly, without even having time to fasten the seat belt, Karl started the car.

Due to inertia, Miana leaned forward fiercely, her expression a little unpleasant: “Karl! I haven’t worn my seat belt yet!”

Karl looked straight ahead, speaking without emotion and temperature, and looked a little cold: “Then tie it.”

Miana was a little frustrated. While buckling her seat belt heavily, she said dissatisfied: “Is it the same for you and Alyssa? Can she stand your temper?”

Her words seemed to have suddenly reached Karl’s forbidden area, and the temperature in the carriage suddenly dropped.

There was a harsh creak, and the car braked urgently.

Miana shook, and was pulled back by the seat belt, looking a little embarrassed.

She turned her head angrily to look at Karl, and said loudly, “Karl, what’s the matter with you! How do you drive!”

“From now on, don’t mention that name in front of me.” Karl’s low voice sounded in the carriage, inexplicably gloomy.

Miana was a little surprised. Does Karl hate Alyssa so much? Can’t even say in front of him?

Miana thought for a while and tentatively said, “When I saw you and Alyssa together, you’re very affectionate. Now you turn your face and don’t recognize anyone, and I can’t even mention her? You are so cruel.”

“Don’t bother with irrelevant people.” Karl restarted the car, and the temperature in the compartment also eased, indicating that his mood has gradually stabilized.

However, during the next journey, he did not say one more word.

No matter what Miana said, he always looked ahead, as if driving seriously, refused to say a word, and didn’t mean to pay attention to her.

Miana was unwilling to feel Karl’s indifference, but after thinking about it, she felt that Karl’s nature was like this, which made her feel better.

During the three years that Karl lost his memory, Karl was so indifferent to her.

Finally, the car stopped in front of Palmer’s house.

Karl stopped steadily and said, “Get out of the car.”

“Do you want to go in and sit? My parents have always wanted to see you.” Miana softened her voice and said softly.

“Today I am too late already.”

Karl refused so straightforwardly, Miana felt dull, opened the car door angrily and went down.

Miana got out of the car and felt puzzled again, and wanted to bend down and say a few words to Karl. But Karl did not give her this opportunity.

After she got out of the car, she closed the car door, and he left.

The black car whizzed away, leaving only a shadow.

Miana stamped her feet on the spot with anger, gritted her teeth and said, “Karl! One day, I will let you fall in love with me with all my heart!”

Karl accelerated all the way and drove to Best Day.

When he got out of the car, he strode into the Best Day.

He saw Peter and Tina who were pulling and pushing in the lobby.

Peter also saw him and called out, “Karl!”

When Karl heard this, he strode over: “You have seen Alys…”

As soon as he spoke, he suddenly stopped, his voice changed, and said: “Have you seen Robert?”

Peter thought for a while and asked, “Just the sc*mbag of the Scott family who gathered a crowd at home to have a party last time?”

Karl had a sullen face and nodded, “Yes.”

“I didn’t see him, he came to Best Day?” Peter pressed his tongue-head to his chin, and changed the slimy look in front of Tina, his expression looked a bit cynical: “Our Best Day is a legal business place, let me see Is that kid messing around here.”

The Scott family’s money is strong, but the son they raised has no way of being on the stage, and has been exposed to scandals many times.

People in the upper class are generally reluctant to contact the Scott family’s prodigal sons, but the Scott family is powerful and influential, and many people can only meet the Scott family’s prodigal sons superficially.

But Peter is also a gangster, he is not afraid of Robert.

After Peter finished speaking, he turned to find Tina and found that she was on the phone.

He quietly leaned over and listened. He didn’t know who was calling, so he asked in a low voice: “Tina, who are you calling?”

Tina turned her head and glanced at him, pushed him disgustingly, and said to the phone: “Come back sooner if you have nothing to do. We will sit tomorrow if you have time. Bye.”

Peter thought for a while and asked, “Are you calling Alyssa?”

“It’s your problem!” Tina hung up the phone and glanced at Karl, snorted angrily, turned and left.

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