Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1219 – 1220

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Chapter 1219

The operating room was still preparing, and the attending doctor was discussing the operation plan. Clifford had finished his examination and was lying on the mobile operating table, still barely awake.

When Alyssa walked to him, he raised his eyes slightly to look at her.

Before she could speak, she saw Clifford move his lips. He was already very weak at this time, even if he said nothing, he could only make a breath.

“I know.”

The room was very quiet, so Alyssa could easily hear what he said.

Alyssa couldn’t tell how she felt at the moment, but looked at him with a complicated expression, “The doctor told you?”

Clifford just shook his head and barely pulled the corners of his lips, as if he wanted to smile at her, but he was too weak at this time, and this simple action was very difficult to do, and he showed her a difficult but smiling face.

“Families can just wait outside.”

The operating room was ready, and the doctor and nurse walked in.

Clifford was pushed into the operating room, and Alyssa waited outside.

And Daisy has been sent to the ward.

Seeing that the operating door was closed, Alyssa suddenly remembered the smile Clifford had shown to her before entering the operating room.

She reacted violently, did Clifford know that his legs were not working?

The doctor said it was because the treatment time was delayed, so he could only do the amputation.

Although Clifford is a psychiatrist, he is a person cultivated by Wilfred, almost omnipotent. He must be clear about his injuries, but he insists on staying outside of Daisy’s operating room.

Clifford is a calculating man. He sees Daisy’s mind very clearly. He knows that he can make the most of Daisy’s feelings for him to let her do things for him. Maybe because of a common destiny, he treats her that way. There will be mercy, but it will not be enough to disregard his body for Daisy.

Therefore, Clifford deliberately stayed outside the operating room and delayed the treatment of his legs.

As for the reason…

Alyssa sighed slowly.

Clifford’s unscrupulous measures were not just for others, but also for himself, as long as he could achieve his goal in the end.

He gave up his legs, not to atone for his sins, but to survive.

Alyssa owed him a life, he gave up his legs, she must be softhearted, even if she knew that he wanted to use this to write off all the things he was going to do, but she couldn’t care less about him again. It wouldn’t let Karl embarrass him.

When Clifford was a child, he was taken out of the country by Wilfred. He has also been tortured by calculations by Wilfred. He doesn’t want to go back to live abroad again. He wants to stay in Rostenvel.

If Karl were to embarrass him, he would not be able to stay in Rostenvel.

This is Clifford, even when he reaches this field, he can still figure out a way out for himself.

Alyssa thought for a long time, until the phone rang.

The call came from Karl: “I won’t come home for dinner at noon.”

It seems that ordinary couples who don’t go home to eat will also report to her.

Alyssa let out an “um”, indicating that she knew it.

Karl seemed to have clairvoyance: “Are you not at home?”

“Outside.” Alyssa glanced at the door of the operating room, and decided not to tell him for the time being: “There is something wrong, I will tell you when I go home.”

Karl also miraculously did not ask her: “You don’t forget to have lunch, I will go home early.”

Chapter 1220

Alyssa originally wanted to ask how Clayton’s affairs were handled, but Karl said again: “Hang up.”

It felt like he was very busy.

Alyssa dismissed the idea of ​​further questioning, and responded, “Okay.”

After speaking, she hung up the phone.

It was almost time for lunch, and Clifford’s operation could not be over for a while, so she decided to go out for lunch first, otherwise, when Clifford’s operation was over, she might not have time to have lunch.


Alyssa went out for dinner and came back, but Clifford’s operation was not over yet.

She went to consult the nursing staff.

Since she took care of Clifford’s affairs, she had to take care of it to the end, but she could not take care of Clifford in the hospital herself, so she could only find him a nurse.

After Alyssa finished the nursing work, Clifford’s operation was just over.

Clifford had a major operation, and he was sent to the ICU when he came out of the operation room. Alyssa took a look outside and went to the doctor to ask about the situation.

After asking about the situation, he went to see Daisy.

“If they have something to do, please contact me.” Alyssa left her number when she left.

Alyssa came out of the hospital and did not go home directly, but drove to Grace’s kindergarten.

The kindergarten school is very early, and Grace will be leaving school soon, so she simply goes to wait for Grace to go home after school.

When Alyssa arrived at the kindergarten, she sent a WeChat message to Karl: “I’m here to pick up Grace, and you will go home directly.”

Karl did not reply immediately, he should be busy.

Alyssa threw the phone aside, and it didn’t take long for Grace to leave school.

She was very happy to see Alyssa coming to pick her up.


Alyssa opened the rear door of the car and let Grace sit in.

Before Grace sat down, she looked around. Without seeing Karl, she couldn’t help but ask aloud, “Dad isn’t here?”

“He has something to do.” Alyssa fastened her seat belt: “Sit down.”

Closed the door, she went to the front to drive.


Alyssa and Grace arrived home with their front feet, and Karl drove back with his back feet.

As soon as he entered the door, he took off his jacket, there was a faint tired color between his brows, and he looked a little tired.

Alyssa greeted him and took the coat from him: “What’s the matter? Was it hard?”

Karl shook his head, leaned forward and k!ssed Alyssa, and asked her, “You just came back?”

“Well, I was about to call you to ask if you would come home for dinner at night.” When she called Karl at noon, he looked so busy that she thought he wouldn’t be back for dinner.

“I will call and tell you if I don’t come home for dinner.” Karl’s voice was not hurried, “You don’t need to ask about this little thing.”

She didn’t know if it was Alyssa’s illusion, she felt that Karl had something to say.

She raised her head to look at him. Karl went to hold her shoulders and walked in: “Clayton’s matter is not difficult to deal with. After dealing with it, I went to Adams’s. Adams’ problems are a lot of problems. The thread needs to be dealt with carefully, and the rectification needs to be rectified.

He suddenly changed the subject and talked about Adams’ matter again, and Alyssa felt like she was thinking too much.

“Then you can’t be anxious about this kind of thing, take it slow.” After being restocked for a while, the talents in the company have multiplied. Although it can maintain normal operations, it is normal for problems to remain.

Karl glanced at her: “Peter also mentioned one thing today. He said that he would let you adapt “Lost City” yourself.”

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