Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1187

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Chapter 1187

These words, like a thunder sensation!

In the ears of everyone exploded!

Everyone’s eyes widened as if they had seen a ghost, and their faces were filled with thick disbelief!


It’s crazy!

A little girl, turned out to be the head of the Nalan family?

Are they dreaming?

Prior to!

They did hear that the Patriarch of the Nalan family was assassinated and died. For a while, they had no leader. Fortunately, they found the long-lost orphan of the Nalan family and will become the Patriarch today!

They didn’t expect that the Patriarch of the Nalan family, who had eyes wide open to the sky, turned out to be a child!

Yanzishan burst his scalp, and at this moment he was completely scared!

The girl he regarded as a poor ghost turned out to be the new head of the Nalan family?

How can this be?

This scene also shocked Shaun. He didn’t know that Xun’er had such a mysterious identity.


Then, the Nalan family, headed by the great elder, quickly walked towards Xun’er, and bowed deeply to her respectfully:


Xun’er glanced at the elder lightly, and said coldly:

“Elder, you are convicted.”


This sentence, as if there is a force of gravity, directly caused the great elder’s legs to soften, and instantly knelt on the ground.

With deep anxiety on his face, he said in horror:

“Patriarch, I don’t know what my crime is?”

Xun’er snorted and said coldly:

“You wrongly believed in the traitor, and caused my Nalan family to offend the genius doctor Lin, and therefore suffered a huge loss, and you say you are not guilty?”

Wrongly believe in a traitor?

The great elder suddenly trembled all over, and then cast an extremely cold look at Yanzishan.

“On the same day, Yanzishan snatched my healing medicine Rejuvenation Pill from the hospital, and insulted me as a cheap girl, and planned to get me out of the hospital!”

Xun’er spoke lightly: “Later I heard that the rejuvenating pill was made by the great doctor Lin. It was precise because he took the rejuvenating pill and angered the great doctor Lin, the great doctor Lin felt sick to our Nalan family and he canceled the cooperation with us.”

“This matter has nothing to do with Shaun and Elvira from the beginning!”


Take away the Patriarch’s healing medicine!

Also insulted her as a bastard!

Even more, planned to drive her out of the hospital!

This moment!

The entire Nalan family was completely furious!

The Nalan family pays the most attention to bloodline and family glory. The pride is to the extreme, and others are not allowed to insult Nalan family.

But now, if Yanzishan insulted Nalan’s family, he insulted the head of the Nalan family. This is damned!

“Yanzishan, you are so courageous! You dare to insult the Patriarch of the Nalan family!”

The great elder was completely furious, his eyes filled with murderous intent, and he stared at Yanzishan.

It looks like he can’t wait to break him into pieces!


Yanzishan knelt on the spot, and was about to urinate in fright, with a deep look of horror on his face, and wailed:

“Elder, I didn’t know that she was the Patriarch! This is all a misunderstanding!”

Endless fear lingers in the heart at this time.

He never dreamed that it would happen so by coincidence that this trash girl turned out to be the head of their Nalan family.

Especially, when he remembered the scene of beating and insulting Xun’er when he was in the hospital, and even trying to drive her out of the hospital, he felt his liver and gallbladder split, when even a puddle of urine was running down his pants.

More than him!

Lin Guangyao on the side was paralyzed by fright at this time.

Seeing the little girl who appeared suddenly, the great elder with killing intent, he only felt a horror, which rushed straight from the bottom of his feet to the heavenly spirit cover, making him crazy!

“Needless to say!”

The great elder interrupted directly and roughly, then roared:

“Yanzishan, as a vassal of the Nalan family, but insulted and humiliated the Patriarch, so you are kicked out of the Nalan’s family!”

“And, we are going to break your legs!”

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