Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 851 – 852

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Chapter 851

Alyssa closed the door and returned to the room.

Thinking of something, she walked to the window and looked out.

But the floor she lives on is a bit high, and it’s still night, even if she looks out, she can’t see anything.

She closed the window and returned to her room.

Lying on the bed, she could not sleep over and over.

When she closed her eyes, Karl was in his head.

The next day.

At breakfast, Grace bit the bread and stared at Alyssa and said, “Mom, your eyes are like giant pandas.”

Alyssa said kindly: “Cute, right?”

Grace pursed the corner of her lips: “It’s still a cute panda.”

“…” Alyssa felt that when Grace grew up, she might be as poisonous as Karl.

Alyssa’s plan today is not to go to the company and take Grace out to play.

Because it was still summer, they went out early.

After playing outside for a day, they came back after dinner.

After arriving home, Alyssa took Grace to take a bath first.

After playing for a day, Grace was also very tired, and fell asleep after taking a shower and lying on the bed.

Alyssa turned off the lights for Grace before returning to her room to take a shower.

Coming out of the shower, she went to the desk and looked through the papers.

Although Karl said that she could do the job of Adams’ as she wanted to, but since she took over, she still had to do what she should do.

When Karl took over Adams’s House, it took a lot of effort to increase company’s performance.

After all, Adams’s House still had part of Karl’s hard work.

As Karl said, Alyssa still had him in her heart.

But sometimes people who love each other don’t care about being together as long as they love each other.

Karl cast such a big net, Alyssa was kept in the dark, this incident could not be easily passed.

But now is not the time to solve these things.

She didn’t even know exactly what arrangements Karl had made or how to confront Clifford.

If Karl didn’t tell her, she would think it was nothing.

Alyssa took a deep breath, took an instinct file and opened it.

When she saw the last page, she found that it was signed below.

The handwriting is exactly the same as hers.

However, she clearly remembered that she had not read this document.

Did she sign it when she was dreaming?

This is ridiculous.

Alyssa put the signed document aside and opened another document, only to find that it was also signed.

She has read through the stack of documents and signed them all, and they are exactly the same as hers.

At this time, she found an open notebook lying aside.

She took it over and found that it was recorded in the notebook, the brief content of these files, and some of the current situation of Adams’s…

Who can imitate her handwriting and is so familiar with Adams’ situation, who else besides Karl?

Karl sneaked in to help her with the documents when she was not at home?

Alyssa didn’t know what expression to make.

Does Karl think of her as a snail girl?

Alyssa sat quietly for a while, put the documents one by one, and put them back in place.

The next day, she went to the company.

After Smith knew that Alyssa had processed all the documents, the expression of the whole person was extremely shocked.

“Mrs. Adams, did you handle the documents at home yesterday?” If it weren’t for the words on it that looked exactly like Alyssa, he would suspect that Alyssa had asked someone to do it.

Alyssa did not answer his question directly, but just said, “Take it out.”

Chapter 852

Smith gave her a look, didn’t say much, and went out holding the stack of documents.

Alyssa sat at the desk and took out Karl’s pen.

She got a lot of these pens when she was young.

But never thought that one of them would eventually become indissoluble.

What made her unexpected was that the boy was really Karl.

At that time, the little boy looked so embarrassed, he didn’t look like a rich kid at all.

When Alyssa was thinking about it, her phone vibrated.

It is a reminder of new WeChat messages.

Alyssa picked it up and looked at it and found a red “8” on the WeChat icon.

There are eight unread messages.

Who sent her so many messages in the morning.

Alyssa was about to click, but found that the number above was still increasing.

Alyssa frowned slightly, sending her WeChat in such a hurry, it must be something urgent.

She took a look and found that Tina had sent her a message.

“Alyssa, have you watched the news?”

“Are you busy?”


“Look at it, suddenly there was a lot of news about Karl’s black material!”

“These news items, one by one, have noses and eyes, I don’t think they are true, right?”

“I think Karl should not be this kind of person.”

“…Are you there?”

“Are you in a meeting?”

“I think someone deliberately wanted to punish Karl.”


Alyssa replied to Tina with typing: “I just arrived at the company, let me take a look.”

After Alyssa took over Adams’, the outside world has never stopped questioning her various speculations.

There are always three streams of media writing news using her as a gimmick.

She was too lazy to bother, so she directly blocked the news feed.

No matter how they report or slander her, it will not affect her life.

Alyssa turned on the computer to search for news about Karl.

She moved her mouse to the search bar and clicked. Among the top news headlines that automatically popped up below, eight out of ten had Karl’s name.

“Karl Adams’ hidden rules.”

“Karl Adams is suspected of economic crime.”

“Karl Adams imprisoned abusive assistants.”


Alyssa just saw the title and couldn’t stand it anymore.

Before that, she had never thought that Karl would have such a day in his life.

Who is Karl?

He is arrogant and self-confident, smart and powerful enough to be almost omnipotent.

Therefore, Alyssa never thought that there would be a day when Karl was nailed to the pole of shame, slandered and trampled at will.

Alyssa didn’t even click to watch the news, and directly dialed the inside line to Smith.

“Mrs. Adams.”

“Mr. Smith, let the public relations department hold an emergency meeting.”

Smith didn’t know about Karl’s news. After two seconds of silence, he said, “OK.”

As a subordinate, of course you have to follow orders.

After informing the Public Relations Department of an emergency meeting Smith learned about the Internet.

He also just checked the news headlines online.

He is very busy and has a lot of things to do, so he has no time to watch.

He put the phone away and go to the CEO’s office to tell Alyssa that the people in the public relations department have arrived.

When he knocked on the door to enter, he saw Alyssa standing in front of the French windows.

The figure is thin, but it gives people a very determined feeling.

Before he could speak, Alyssa looked back and asked him: “Is everyone in the public relations department here?”

“It’s all here.” Smith nodded.

“Then let’s go.” Alyssa raised her foot and walked outside the door.

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