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Chapter 69

When eating in the evening, Alyssa felt that “Luther”‘s complexion was not right.

In fact, he usually puts on a cold face most of the time. When he doesn’t speak or puts on his face, he is full of vigor and aggressiveness.

However, Alyssa could not tell from his usual expression that he was in a bad mood.

Alyssa picked up a piece of fish and put it in his bowl: “You taste this, I put Sansho pepper today, I wonder if you can get used to it.”

“Luther” didn’t move, so he picked it out and threw it on the dining table.

Alyssa: “…” It looks as if she provoked him.

However, she clearly didn’t remember where she provokes him. Could it be that he was angry when she came back and threw a bag at him?

Not that, although this man is stingy, he usually doesn’t count on such a small matter.

Feeling Alyssa looking at himself, Karl raised his head suddenly: “Where did you go last Friday?”

“Huh?” Alyssa, who was busy avoiding staring at him, didn’t hear what he said.

Karl put down his chopsticks, his eyes were like ink, and he locked her heavily, speaking slowly and clearly, “Last Friday, where did you go and who did you see.”

Alyssa was stunned and looked up at him: “What do you mean?”

“Luther” the voice of the deputy interrogation made Alyssa feel very uncomfortable.

He smiled and his eyes were cold: “You are starting to have a guilty conscience? Did you really find a wild man outside with my cousin behind?”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Although this is not the first time he has said this, this time the tone sounds particularly excessive.

Alyssa put her chopsticks on the dining table forcefully and stood up with a “brush”: “Even if I was sold to your house for 300 million, it doesn’t mean that anyone with the surname Adams can do it. Intervene in my business, point fingers at me!”

After she finished speaking, she walked out angrily.

When she reached the door, she accidentally bumped into the door frame, showing she was very angry.

Karl also lost his appetite, put down his chopsticks, and the phone rang.

The call came: “Sir, I have already sent the surveillance video and information transferred that day to your mailbox.”

“Well, hard work.” After Karl finished speaking, he hung up, got up, and went to the study.

What was sent to Karl right away was the surveillance video from the drugstore last Friday.

In the video, Alyssa had contact with the other two men besides the doctor who gave her the medicine.

Karl recognized one of them, who was heavily armed with a mask and a peaked cap, and he was Gerald.

The location of this pharmacy is already close to the suburbs, and Alyssa will not go there if nothing happens, and Alyssa has recently promoted daily necessities. She does not need to go to the suburbs for work.

In the video, Alyssa grabbed Gerald by the arm, obviously calling for help.

Later she was taken away by him.

The video intercepted later showed that Alyssa got off the car when she reached the downtown area. Except when she got off the car, the two said a few words and did not overstep the rules.

The video was frozen. When Alyssa walked a few steps and turned around, Karl wanted to see what she said clearly, but the video had been enlarged and was not very clear. He could only vaguely feel what she said. What was said, there is no way to tell.

Karl turned off the computer and rubbed his eyebrows.

He found himself abnormal lately.

Gerald didn’t need to ask a few more questions about Alyssa, but he went all out to check these things…


When Alyssa slept until midnight, she woke up hungry.

She regretted it, and she couldn’t get rid of her own stomach because of her anger!

In the end, she couldn’t stand it. She turned over and got out of bed, wrapped herself tightly in a thick long down jacket, and was about to go downstairs to the kitchen to find something to eat.

The villa was quiet at night, but because the villa was built halfway up the mountain, occasionally she heard a little wind coming in from outside.

She quickly touched the kitchen, found some greens and tomatoes, and planned to cook some noodles for herself.

When she was cutting the tomatoes, she felt a bit cold on her back and felt something was wrong, as if someone was behind?

The feeling became more and more obvious. She closed her eyes and gathered the courage to look back. She heard a temperature less voice behind her: “What are you doing?”

Alyssa shook her hand in fright, and the kitchen knife in her hand fell on her foot.

Fortunately, she was wearing thick cotton shoes, otherwise, she would be miserable.

When Karl saw the kitchen knife falling, his heart was raised, and he squatted down to see if she had hurt herself and confirmed that the kitchen knife did not hit her tightly wrapped feet. Then he stood up with a sigh of relief, his voice low: “Alyssa, I have never seen a stupid woman like you!”

Alyssa had already recovered. She picked up the kitchen knife, glared at “Luther”, turned around and turned on the faucet while washing the kitchen knife, and said: “It’s really hard for you, Mr. Adams, to call me as a stupid woman every day. Food, otherwise I won’t cook from tomorrow, and I can still move out of the villa before Karl comes back, so you can’t see it. Can you think that’s okay?”

Alyssa put the cleaned kitchen knife back, turned around, and looked at “Luther” seriously.

She was really fed up with the man “Luther”.

He helped her, and she was grateful to him, but one yard went to one yard, and she couldn’t indulge him to do something because he helped her.

“No.” Karl lowered his face and said coldly: “You want my cousin to think I’ve driven you away so that we cousins ​​can have a rift?”

“Whatever you think.” Alyssa lowered her head, not wanting to argue with him anymore.

The position where Karl stood was backlit, and Alyssa stood facing the light, so the subtle expressions on her face could not escape his eyes.

Because she got up from the bed in the middle of the night, her hair was a bit messy, her thick long down jacket was zippered up to her neck, and her face was white and glowing under the light of the light. Those cat eyes that are always buoyant on weekdays, this look was mostly covered by the drooping eyelids, and the whole person looked very depressed.

Alyssa felt that it had been a century-long before she heard the moodless voice of the opposite man: “Before, I was wrong.”

“What? You say it again?” Alyssa looked up at “Luther” in astonishment.

Is he apologizing to her again?

But “Luther” is willing to say it again. He glanced at the half-cut tomatoes placed on the flow table, with a natural expression: “I want to eat too.”

Alyssa’s anger has disappeared for more than half, but she still habitually goes back: “I put poison in it, do you want to have it?”

Karl glanced at her with a heavy gaze: “If you eat, I will eat.”

“…” Neuropath.

Chapter 70

Alyssa sliced ​​tomatoes and beef to make tomato beef noodles.

When she was cutting the beef, Karl stood by her side and did not leave. For a long while, he said in a weird tone: “You cut it slowly.”

A straight man who has never cooked.

Alyssa cut faster, and after putting the beef cubes on the plate, she turned her head to look at him: “Get out, don’t stand in here.”

Maybe it’s easy to feel lonely late at night. Karl doesn’t want to go to the restaurant to wait for dinner by himself but wants to watch Alyssa cook here.

He looked calmly and found an excuse for himself: “I’m just here watching, what if you really poison me? I don’t want to die yet.”

“I’m not that stupid. If you are poisoned to death, I will definitely not be able to live! I am very expensive, but I am worth three hundred million!” Alyssa was actually just teasing herself.

But talking unintentionally, listening intentionally.

Karl rarely wanted to defend himself: “This matter was brought about by the elders on both sides, and his cousin didn’t want to be like this.”

“I didn’t blame you, you were nervous.” Alyssa looked at “Luther” weirdly: “I remember when I came over on the first day, you still said in front of me that Karl was a waste. Now you are helping Karl speak again, is your relationship with him good or bad?”

“Luther” asked back: “What do you think?”

Hehe, I think you are a shameless neuropath!

But Alyssa just dared to say this in her heart.

Soon, she put two bowls of noodles on the table.

It may be because of the silence in the middle of the night, both of them put down some guards and chatted while eating.

But most of the time it was Alyssa talking, and she asked mostly about Karl.

“Luther”‘s answers are mostly “um”, “no”, “don’t know”, “maybe” and so on.

This made Alyssa suspect that the relationship between the cousins ​​might be made of plastic.


The next day.

Alyssa overslept.

After washing and changing clothes quickly, she ran out of the door.

At the top of the stairs, she met an energetic “Luther”.

The same person who woke up last night and had supper, why did she feel sluggish after sleeping, and this man looked so energetic!

She once again suspected that the man’s body was made of iron.

Karl frowned slightly when she saw that she was not in good spirits, “Did you sleep well?”

Alyssa felt that he was showing off.

She looked down at the time, dropped the sentence “I’m almost late, I won’t make breakfast today”, and ran downstairs in a hurry.

Karl took three steps and took two steps before he stepped forward and grabbed her collar: “I will send you.”

Alyssa didn’t really want him to send her off, but now she was going to join the crowd on the bus, she might be really late.

In the end, “Luther” also failed to send Alyssa to work because he was called away by a phone call. Before he left, he ordered the bodyguard to drive Alyssa to work.


Karl went to a very private tea house.

Powell waited for him at the door. When he saw him coming, he nodded slightly and said respectfully: “Sir, Sir is waiting for you inside.”

With that, he turned and walked in front.

In the box, Trevor sat in front of the tea tray, his face sinking like water.

“Came to me in a hurry, what’s the matter?” Karl sat down on the sofa furthest from Trevor in the room, his tone indifferent not as if he was talking to his biological father.

Trevor was also accustomed to Karl’s attitude towards him. He just raised his head and said to Powell, “Show him!”

Powell took the tablet and handed it to Karl.

On the screen of the tablet computer, a piece of headline news from the morning is displayed.

The above headline is very eye-catching: Young Adams is suspected of having a close relationship with his cousin’s wife?

This title is eye-catching, seemingly obscure, but very intriguing.

Therefore, the number of clicks on this news is extremely high.

He scrolled down, and the content of the article was mainly directed to the rumored “Karl’s cousin” who had an improper relationship with his cousin Karl’s wife.

There are also two pictures below. In the photos, he and Alyssa are indeed behaving intimately, and the background is outside the restaurant where he and the Hunt family ate yesterday.

Trevor said at this moment: “Explain.”

Karl nodded, with a serious tone: “The angle of the photo is not very good, the face is invisible, and there is a little blur.”

“Karl!” Trevor was so angry with his perfunctory attitude that he directly smashed the cup in front of him to the ground.

“You have been angry with me for so many years because of your mother! Because you are young, I have kept one eye closed as if I didn’t see it! But you have become more vigorous against me! You are taking revenge on that year Didn’t you save your mother back?”

As Trevor is currently in charge of the Adams’ family, when he speaks, that powerful and forceful aura is naturally radiated.

Powell on the side stepped back involuntarily.

But Karl didn’t have the slightest fear. He looked at Trevor with a deep face, mocking in his tone: “What are you talking about? My mother died in the hands of the kidnappers. What does it have to do with you? Don’t worry about it. Take responsibility.”

Until he finds out the truth, no one needs to bear the responsibility. After he finds out the truth, no one who is related should want to live easily.

Hearing the words, Trevor raised his head and looked at his son carefully.

Because of Karl’s mother, the two of them hadn’t sat together and talked for many years.

Every time they meet, it is this kind of tense atmosphere.

“Karl, I’m getting older, and you will need to take over this huge Adams’ family from now on. You always have to reconcile with me. I have met Alyssa. She is a good girl with a kind heart. If you really don’t want to After spending time with her, after you take over the family business, you can divorce her and marry another…”

The Adams’ family is a big family, and many of the side relatives coveted the position of the Adams’ family in power, and this time Karl will suddenly get married because the family is saying that Karl cannot be humane and cannot take over the Adams’ family.

Since Karl’s mother died that year, not only did he not show up outside, but even some of the next relatives of the Adams’ family had never seen Karl again.

Trevor even gave Karl a woman, who was beautiful, gentle, and intellectual, but the woman who was sent in would be miserable when she was sent out.

Karl did not touch them.

Trevor really had no choice but to force him to get married first, blocking the mouths of the rest of the Adams’ family.

He knew that Karl’s body was fine. After a few years, Karl would understand his painstaking efforts, and he would naturally be willing to inherit the family.

“How are Alyssa and I? This is all our business. I advise you not to stretch your hands too long, so as not to fold your arms back, and flash your waist!”

Karl suddenly thought that Alyssa probably didn’t know the news before she went out.

He really underestimated Isabel’s courage to find death, and even dared to take such pictures and send them to the media.

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