Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 749 – 750

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Chapter 749

Alvin and Clifford didn’t look at anyone, and stood up with their coats.

Alyssa immediately went out.

When paying the bill, Alyssa met Miana.

This is Alyssa’s first time seeing Miana since Miana left the crew.

In the March season, Miana wore a light gray long-sleeved dress with stiletto heels on her feet. She looked plain and elegant, but she was exquisite, making him different from others.

And Alyssa wore a haze blue pullover sweater that was slightly loose, and the white half skirt was as long as the calf. The two simple colors combined together were fresh and light.

The two stood side by side in front of the cashier counter, their temperament and appearance were outstanding, and their heights were about the same. The cashier who paid for the two of them gave them a glance.

Alyssa didn’t speak, and waited for the cashier to pay the bill, then walked out after receiving the card.

She didn’t look at Miana from the beginning to the end, she looked calm and indifferent, as if she only regarded Miana as a stranger.

In fact, only she herself knew that she saw Miana just before she was near, and she just pretended not to see her.

Alyssa walked a bit slowly, and there was a rhythmic sound of high heels stepping on the ground behind.

The high-heeled shoes speeded up, and finally stopped beside her.

Enter the elevator, exit the elevator.

Alyssa caught a glimpse of Miana approaching her, keeping pace with her.

Miana followed for a few steps, only to realize that Alyssa did not intend to take the initiative to speak, and then deliberately said in a casual manner: “Alyssa, I haven’t seen you for more than a month, there are many flower care envoys around you. That’s a lot.”

Alyssa twitched the corners of her lips, with slight sarcasm in her tone: “It seems that your life is not going well. A woman who is about to get married, on the contrary, cares about my life state so much. Could it be that you do not love Karl? Is it me?”

Miana was choked by Alyssa.

Alyssa can speak well, and Miana is not her opponent.

Miana took a deep breath and said, “You should know that people with sharp teeth are hard to like.”

“Oh, don’t know what you are talking about. What I know is that the kind of woman who always thinks that someone is going to rob her of a man, and a woman who is always on guard will not be happy in the end.”

Alyssa’s understatement completely angered Miana: “Alyssa, you…”

“Oh, I remember, your situation should be considered a kind of delusion, right?” Alyssa interrupted Miana halfway, and stopped her from here, blocking her way, serious. Said: “This is a mental illness, it can be cured!”

Alyssa’s tone is very sincere, as if she cares about Miana.

Without giving Miana a chance to speak, she reached out and pulled Clifford, who was following, to Miana: “I’ll introduce you to a psychiatrist. He is well-known internationally and he is a doctor of psychology.”

Clifford raised his eyelids, took out a business card with kindness, and humbly handed it to Miana: “Hello, I am a psychologist, my name is Clifford. If you want to do psychological consultation, you can contact me.”

Miana’s face has turned into a pig liver color. She took the business card in Clifford’s hand and threw it on the ground, glaring at Alyssa fiercely: “You are ruthless!”

Although she hated Alyssa very much in her heart, she could only suppress her anger even if she hated them very much, and said these three words in a low voice.

Watching Miana leave angrily, Alyssa’s complexion didn’t look much better.

Alvin walked to her side, bumped Alyssa’s arm with his shoulder, and asked, “You drove away from an unpleasant woman, why are you unhappy with this expression?”

“There is nothing to be happy about, I care about her, what is the difference with her.” Alyssa glanced at her and saw Clifford bending over and picking up the business card that Miana had just thrown on the ground.

Clifford also noticed Alyssa’s gaze, but still calmly looked at the business card carefully and made sure that there was no damage before putting it back in his bag.

Then, he faintly explained to Alyssa: “If others don’t cherish your own things, you can only cherish it yourself.”

Alvin on the side “chuckled”.

Alyssa looked at Clifford more calmly.

Clifford has always been against Karl. When she and Karl were together before, he thought about how to separate her and Karl.

Now that she and Karl are separated, is Clifford going to separate Karl and Miana?

She just let Clifford notice Miana on purpose.

With Clifford’s cleverness, he might have noticed Miana a long time ago.

Alyssa did not want Clifford to do anything to destroy the relationship between Karl and Miana, she just wanted to confirm whether Clifford would do anything.

Although she is no longer with Karl, these things may not have much to do with her…

However, she knew very well that this matter was not over yet, she would still care about these matters now, and it was not because of Karl.

But because she wanted a truth.

What kind of truth was it that made Clifford take advantage of a three-year-old child and trick her into using her…

Alvin raised his hand on Alyssa’s shoulder, and tilted his head and said, “I don’t pay attention to him! Since childhood, he has been like this, so unpredictable and self-righteous. People who don’t know think he is a philosopher!”

Alyssa walked outwards in a clockwise direction without expression, and put away the arm of Alvin on her shoulder.

In this way, she was facing the gate.

Outside the gate, Karl’s Bentley was parked there, and he was opening the door to let Miana sit in.

After Miana sat in, when he closed the door and went around to the other side, as soon as he looked up, he saw Alyssa and her party inside the door.

Alyssa walked in front, Alvin and Clifford both followed her a step away, and they looked a bit like two flower protectors.

“Old love-when people meet, it is said that they are either blushing or shy.” Alvin’s voice came from behind: “Alyssa, what is your situation now?”

There are no emotional ups and downs in Alyssa’s tone: “It doesn’t matter what I am in. What matters is that if the evidence is insufficient and you lose the lawsuit, you will be autistic, and you will have to find Clifford for psychological counseling.”

Alvin burst into a rough sentence, gritted his teeth and said: “I found you an annoying woman, you can really make people angry to death!”

“Acceptance.” Alyssa looked back at him with a serious tone: “Actually, I am a little curious, what is the situation of you and your old love-people meeting.”

Alvin: “f*ck!”

Chapter 750

Alyssa glanced at Alvin with a smile, then lifted her foot and walked out.

Alvin was about to follow, and Clifford followed, with a very serious tone: “If one day, you really need to do psychological counseling, call me in advance and I will give you time to come out.”

Alvin naturally knew that Clifford had deliberately said this to annoy him. He was so angry that the corners of his eyes twitched and gritted his teeth and said: “Get out!”

Clifford was not angry either, just raised his eyebrows and walked past him.

Alyssa was already far away at this time. As she passed by Karl’s car, Karl just started the car.

Alyssa walked over without squinting and got into her car.

When Alvin and Clifford came out, she had already started the car and was leaving.

“Alyssa, are you leaving now?” Alvin knocked on Alyssa’s car window.

Alyssa nodded at him and drove away.

Alvin had to turn around and drive his car. Who knows, he got into the driver’s seat, and Clifford got into the co-pilot from the other side.

Alvin looked at Clifford cheerfully, his tone was not polite at all: “Clifford, did I let you sit in?”

“By the way, let me take a ride, thank you.” Clifford said as if he hadn’t heard Alvin’s words.

Alvin didn’t start the car either, only spit out two words coldly: “Get off.”

If Clifford hadn’t heard of it, he would ignore Alvin at all.

Compared in endurance, Alvin has never been better than Clifford, so he could only rush to the main road angrily, like an out-of-control ox, running rampant, startled with a whistling sound.

Clifford’s expression was still calm and he fastened his seat belt, and his tone was not the slightest abnormal: “I’m not afraid of death, you just do it.”

Better than endurance, Alvin is no better than Clifford no matter what.

Although unwilling, he slowed down and drove well.

When the car stabilized, Clifford said again: “Karl is a cruel person. He is different from me. If you dare to mess with him, he won’t show mercy to you.”

This is similar to advice, Alvin heard from Clifford’s mouth.

He sneered and said disapprovingly: “You mean, you have been showing mercy to my subordinates? Then am I still grateful to you?”

Alvin originally said such things as choking, but he did not expect Clifford to reply very seriously: “No, your father is kind to me.”

Alvin was so annoyed that he parked the car aside, and said in a heavy tone: “Clifford, let me say it again. My dad is dead. You don’t need to care about me, let alone show mercy to me. You have nothing to do! Do you understand?”

“I can say it all, I don’t want to listen to you, Karl is not a simple character.” Clifford turned a deaf ear to what he said, and opened the door and got out of the car.

Alvin honked his horn heavily, then poked his head out of the window, and said angrily: “Clifford, are you a pr0stitute-girl in my car? You can get on and get off if you want!”

Clifford took off his coat and crossed the road slowly with the crowd, without looking back at Alvin.


Not long after Alyssa drove the car out, she faintly felt that a taxi was following her all the time.

She deliberately slowed down, and from time to time she looked at the people in the taxi behind her in the mirror.

There is only a driver in the front seat of the taxi, and the passenger is sitting in the back. She can’t see his face, but she can see a little purple corner.

After she slowed down, the car behind her also slowed down.

Seeing this, Alyssa speeded up again and took a few remote roads.

Although don’t know who is following her, it can be inferred from the color of the clothes that it must be a woman.

Alyssa drove around in the alley, and finally turned into a narrow road that could not be turned and stopped, got out of the car and waited for the taxi to follow.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the taxi to follow in.

When the car didn’t come far, the driver began to back up.

But there were also cars coming at the intersection outside, and they couldn’t get out at all. In the dilemma, they could only stop abruptly.

Alyssa walked straight over and directly opened the door of the back seat of the taxi.

“Next…” Alyssa said, she was stunned before she said the word “come”.

She looked at Rachel in the car and frowned slightly: “What are you doing with me?”

“I…” Rachel glanced at the driver in front of her, as if she was hesitant to speak.

Alyssa glanced at the driver and said to Rachel: “Come here, hurry up.”

She turned and returned to her car, Rachel quickly paid the fare and ran over to get into Alyssa’s car.

Alyssa drove the car without squinting and didn’t say anything, just asked, “What business do you have with me?”

Rachel retorted in a low voice, “I am not following you, I am following the man named Clifford…”

When Alyssa heard her say this, she turned her head to look at her, and then quickly turned her head back.

If it hadn’t been for Rachel, Alyssa would have forgotten that she had told Rachel to find Clifford before.

To her surprise, Rachel was really looking for Clifford.

“Since you followed Clifford, why did you follow me again?” Alyssa recalled. When she was in the car with Clifford before, she really didn’t notice a car following her behind.

If Rachel’s taxi hadn’t followed too clearly, she might not have noticed.

Rachel’s tone suddenly became agitated. She straightened up and turned her head to look at Alyssa, her voice a bit sharp: “You know Clifford! You and he are friends!”

Facing Rachel’s question, Alyssa just asked lightly: “So?”

“You… even if what happened to Clifford and Isabel, it must be because of you!” Rachel was a little hesitating at first, but the smoother she said later.

A mocking smile appeared at the corners of Alyssa’s mouth: “You are still my biological mother. If I push you out of the car now, will others think that it was just accidental?”

Rachel believed it was true, her eyes widened suddenly, and she shouted in a flustered tone: “Dare you!”

“There is nothing to dare, but it’s not like Isabel’s madness.” Looking at Rachel’s scared face, Alyssa was cold in her heart, without a trace of extra feeling.

Alyssa’s complexion faded, and her tone was alienated and cold: “I do know Clifford, but what he does has nothing to do with me. Please don’t follow me again.”

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