Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1040

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Chapter 1040

The child was quickly pushed into the intensive care unit. Not long after the blood test results came out, the doctor responded to Jacob and Irene about the child’s condition, “The platelet is low, the index is not ideal, and he is preparing for blood transfusion. The child’s parents come in to test the blood type.

Irene said: “Ayue was admitted to the hospital not long ago. His blood type is O. The hospital has a record and there is no need to check it again.”

When the chief executive spoke, the doctor could only give up.

In the ward, Qiulian was immediately silly when she heard that her blood type was to be tested.

She was very resistant to the blood draw, and the nurse had no choice but to come out to seek help from Jacob.

“Ms. Qiulian refused to draw blood. She said she was dizzy…” the nurse said.

Irene furiously said: “The child’s life is at stake, but she is afraid of fainting? For mother Zegang, blindfold her and give me a draw.”

Jacob looked at Irene, had seen her iron-blooded wrists in the mall, had also seen her soft and cute with convulsions in private, and had seen her quick-thinking and methodical giving orders in treating patients.

Today, she said “being strong for a mother”, but he was most moved.

The child’s blood type came out soon, type B blood.

But Qiulian was still struggling desperately, and several nurses couldn’t hold her back.

The child’s condition is extremely critical.

Irene remembered that her blood type was also type B blood, so she walked to the blood collection station silently.

Jacob had already gone to the nurse’s station to ask about his blood type. The nurse found out his case and told him, “You have blood type A and don’t match your child’s blood type.”

A touch of loss appeared on Jacob’s face.

When he returned to the waiting area, he found that Irene was missing.

Qiulian stumbled out, crying aggrievedly, “Husband, this is a black heart hospital, why do you want to force others to draw blood?”

Jacob looked at her coldly, but said nothing, turned his head and waited quietly.

Qiulian’s affection for her son seemed so selfish and superficial, which made Jacob look down on her from the bottom of his heart.

Qiulian took his hand, “My husband, I’m afraid.”

Jacob pulled out his hand silently.

Qiulian was stunned, and Jacob’s dislike for her was so obvious.

At this time, Jacob saw a nurse carefully supporting Irene to the waiting area, Jacob hurriedly greeted him, “What’s the matter?”

The nurse replied: “There is not enough type B blood in the blood bank, and the president has donated blood.”

Irene’s face was pale, weak and strong, pretending to be strong. “Go buy me rice, I want to eat liver, chicken liver, duck liver and pig liver will do.”

Jacob nodded, turned and left.

After Irene sat in the waiting area, she saw Qiulian with tears in her eyes, and joked, “Why are you crying? Your son is in a critical condition, but you are dizzy and afraid to draw blood. Without your blood, save your son.” , I don’t think he will live long.”

Qiulian glared at Irene and said angrily: “Why do you talk like that? Are you cursing my son to die?”

The nurse reprimanded Qiulian, “Why don’t you know what is good or bad? This is the president of our hospital. My president donate blood to your son just now. Don’t thank her, don’t you, are you rude to my president?”

Qiulian knew that she had offended a big man. Immediately bowed her face and apologized, “I’m sorry, President. I was wrong.”

Irene waved to her. “It’s okay.”

Before long, Jacob came back with a box lunch.

Probably because of running too fast, tired and kicked a little.

Irene blamed him distressedly, “I’m not a critical patient, I’m just hungry, what are you doing with your sweating running?”

Jacob remembered that Irene did not eat lunch at noon today. This would be hungry.

Open the box lunch to her and pass it to her hand.

The disposable chopsticks were broken and passed to her hand.

Then put the dishes on the chair in front of her.

Irene looked at the chicken liver, duck liver and pork liver-dumbfounded.

The nurse couldn’t help laughing.

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