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Chapter 935

It was five o’clock in the afternoon when they got home.

Alyssa looked at the house outside through the car window, giving her the illusion of a world away.

She moved back to Karl’s villa not long before the accident.

The furnishings in the villa are the same as before.

But Alyssa was still keenly aware that there were more servants at home.

Was it because she was discharged from the hospital and Karl specifically ordered it?

Alyssa was still carried in by Karl, and he directly carried her back to the bedroom.

Karl took off his coat, looked at her and said in a serious tone: “Everything in the villa is the same as before. If there is something unaccustomed to or dislike, just tell me.”

Alyssa turned her head and looked aside, ignoring Karl.

She could feel that Karl had been looking at her, probably waiting for her response.

Alyssa took a deep breath and turned to ask him, “Where is my phone?”

Karl’s eyes flashed slightly: “It broke.”

“Broken?” Alyssa repeated.

Karl: “Yeah.”

Not Karl’s style.

If Alyssa’s mobile phone really broke, he would have prepared a new one for her in Karl’s style.

Even if it is too late to buy it now, he should still say “to you tomorrow”.

Instead of dismissing her with a random “um”.

Alyssa looked straight and looked at Karl and said, “I need to use my mobile phone now.”

She stared at Karl closely, not missing any expression on his face.

Karl squinted his eyes slightly, and gave Alyssa a slightly sharp look, and suddenly smiled, “Now you need to rest.”

Alyssa stretched out her hand and hit him: “What a joke, I need to use my mobile phone now!”

Karl held her hand and k!ssed her l!ps, with a soft voice: “Recover first.”

He was too gentle, so Alyssa seemed unreasonable.

She snorted, and when she turned her head, she retracted into the quilt, and pulled the quilt over her head to wrap herself tightly.

The voice coming out of the quilt was annoying: “I want to rest, don’t disturb me here.”

“I won’t disturb you, I can stay with you.” Karl’s voice moved closer, as if he was about to lift the quilt in the next second.

Alyssa refused: “No need.”

Karl reached out to pull the quilt.

Alyssa pulled tightly: “I told you not to disturb my rest.”

The tone sounds certain.

“I won’t disturb you, you pull the quilt away and don’t cover yourself.” Karl retracted his hand and said very patiently.

Alyssa let go, and Karl lifted the quilt a little, so that Alyssa’s head was exposed.

Alyssa looked at him: “You can go now.”

Karl raised his eyebrows.

Alyssa stared at him.

Suddenly, he leaned over and k!ssed Alyssa: “I’m leaving.”

Alyssa motioned him to leave quickly with her eyes.

She watched Karl get up and go out, and when the door closed, she slowly opened all the quilts.

Looking down at his legs.

When she was discharged from the hospital, Karl helped her change into comfortable clothes.

Alyssa glanced at the door again, confirmed that the door was tightly closed, and sat up with her upper body supported.

She tried to move her legs, but found that she couldn’t use her strength at all.

Alyssa pressed the corners of her lips tightly, and tried to move her legs again, but she still couldn’t move.

But the upper part of her body can still be controlled by the soul.

Alyssa turned over, and fell to the ground without notice.

Chapter 936

There was a carpet in the room, so it didn’t hurt much when she fell to the floor.

But it still made a muffled sound.

The next moment, the door was pushed open.

In Karl’s room, there was no one who could open the door of the master bedroom at will, besides Karl.

Alyssa did not look back, still lying on the ground.

The dull footsteps are getting closer.

Alyssa suddenly said, “Go out.”

The footsteps paused for a moment, but soon they rang again, and they got closer and closer.

The anxiety and worries accumulated in Alyssa’s heart broke out at this moment.

“Did you not hear I let you out? Don’t come here again!”

Karl walked to her and squatted down, reaching out to hug her without saying a word.

“Let go!” Alyssa opened her hand coldly.

Karl’s face remained as usual, still reaching out to hug her.

Alyssa’s reaction became more intense.

She pushed Karl away forcefully: “I said let you out, don’t touch me! I let you out!”

Because of her emotions, her voice sounded a bit sharp.

Alyssa was startled by her own voice.

She sat on the ground, pointing in the direction of the door, her voice calmer: “Get out!”

Of course Karl could not go out.

He stretched out his hand to hug Alyssa into his arms, and his arm around her was a little heavy.

Alyssa couldn’t escape.

In addition, her body itself is very weak, and she is already a bit tired after such a toss.

She was held in his arms, motionless.

“From now on…” Alyssa paused slightly, her voice as soft as a mosquito, “Is it impossible to stand up?”

Karl denied it almost immediately: “No.”

Alyssa shook her head: “You lie to me, I don’t believe you.”

Karl is a bit paranoid, but unlike Karl, she feels that she can remain calm for the time being.

“If I said no, it’s not.” Karl’s voice was calm, as determined and confident as before.

He gently patted her back, soothing her emotions: “You believe me.”

Alyssa still shook her head: “You have been lying to me.”

“Alyssa.” Karl called her name, solemnly and solemnly: “Aren’t you afraid of me being angry when you talk like this?”

Alyssa lowered her head and bit his shoulder fiercely.

She did not let go until she tasted the salty smell in her mouth.

Karl did not stop her either, just tightened his arms.


Grace’s voice suddenly sounded outside.

Alyssa woke up, like from a dream, and finally let go, and murmured: “Grace.”

“Mom!” Karl came in in a hurry just now, and the door was not closed tightly, Grace pushed the door directly and ran in.

Alyssa and Karl were still hugging and sitting on the ground. Grace asked suspiciously, “Why are you sitting on the ground.”

The floor was covered with blankets, it was not cold.

Grace simply sat down opposite them.

The two short legs were crossed together, with elbows resting on legs, and their heads tilted to look at Karl and Alyssa.

When Grace and Alyssa lived together before, Alyssa would sometimes sit on the carpet and play puzzles.

Grace also thought that Karl and Alyssa were sitting on the ground and playing.

But after she watched it for a while, she felt that the atmosphere was not right.

Although Grace didn’t know what was going on, the expression on her face was slightly restrained, looking at them with some helplessness.

Karl pressed Alyssa in his arms, turned his head and said to Grace: “Go out first. Mom is tired and wants to rest.”

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