Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 987

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Chapter 987

“Asshole… asshole! How you dared to hit me.”

The second young master Yang Mingpeng got stunned.

It’s just that his words were just uttered!


It was another slap in the face, suddenly breaking his face, and blood started to flow down.

“You Yang family, are you awesome?”


“Your whole family were kneeling in front of me!”


“Your brother is dead, your father was kneeling!”


At this moment, a scene that made everyone stunned appeared.

There was a cold sheen in Shaun’s eyes.

He slapped the second young master Yang Mingpeng’s face constantly.

Yang Mingpeng fell from one corner of the ward to another, like a ball.

Scarlet blood continuously flowed from Yang Mingpeng’s face.

His entire face changed, from a bruise to redness, from redness and swelling to fleshy skin.

Almost in the blink of an eye.

The face of the Second Young Master Yang Mingpeng was bloody and tragic to the extreme.


When it was another slap in the face, Yang Mingpeng’s cheekbones suddenly cracked.

Yang Mingpeng like a dead dog fell to the ground.


This scene is too shocking.

Before Yang Mingpeng was arrogant and domineering, and now Yang Mingpeng was beaten by Shaun.

No one could imagine how brutal Shaun was.

In a few minutes, more than a dozen gangsters were abolished, and Yang Mingpeng was beaten like a dead dog.



blood beads dripped down to the ground along Yang Mingpeng’s cheeks.

He was completely stunned.

He seemed to be sluggish, sitting on the ground, his face full of confusion.

Seeing this scene.

Elvira only felt her scalp numb for a while, she trembled and said to Shaun:

“Shaun, you have beaten him so badly, will there be no problem?”

A trace of worry appeared in Elvira’s eyes.

More than her!

After hearing this, thinking of Yang Mingpeng’s forces, Taigong Shen, Jian, and his son, Baishan and Paula felt a tingling scalp.

Yang Mingpeng has been beaten like a dog, but Yang Mingyu and the entire Yang family are behind him.

This also means that instead of solving the problem, Shaun has made things worse.

Thinking of this!

The complexions of Jian and others were even paler.

Da da da!

And just when Jian and others wanted to blame Shaun, there was a sound of footsteps and a voice of ecstasy:

“Hahaha… Elvira! Great, I finally found someone who can help you!”

“Shao Tian has said, he will consider helping you settle this…huh?”

With the voice of ecstasy, Chang Yuan appeared at the door.

However, when he saw the ward, the screamers on the ground, and the bloody faces, the second young master Yang Mingpeng who was still confused and sluggish.


Chang Yuan was completely dumbfounded.

“Who has beaten Young Master?”

Chang Yuan swallowed fiercely, especially after seeing Yang Mingpeng’s miserable appearance, he only felt a horror.

“Shaun, have you done this?”

Chang Yuan turned his head and looked at Shaun, who was as if he had seen a ghost, full of panic and fear.

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