Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 988

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Chapter 988

When he heard this, Shaun nodded lightly.


Chang Yuan only felt his scalp numb:

“Asshole! Who told you to act on Yang Mingpeng, do you know that he is the second young master of the Yang family, the first-class chaebol in Jiangnan!”

“It’s over! This time, it’s over!”

“I just found a prince, help me to come forward and let you negotiate with the Yang family to ease the relationship, and now you have beaten the second young master Yang, wouldn’t it add fuel to the fire, you people are finished!”


Hear Chang Yuan’s words.

Especially, after knowing that Chang Yuan had found a prince, who could come forward to settle the matter.

Jian and his son beside the hospital bed, as well as Baishan and others, brushed their faces and turned pale.

“Shaun, look at the good things you have done! You have brought a disaster for us!”

Jian’s heart was so pissed.

He didn’t expect that Chang Yuan would make things turn around, but Shaun would make things worse.

It’s not just Jian.

Shen Jie and even Baishan and Paula got panicked.

“Shaun, you are so violent! You beat Young Master Yang, how can we negotiate with the Yang family and let them settle this issue!”

“Yeah, Shaun, you are really too impulsive this time! Beating people won’t solve the problem at all!”


The voices of blame continued to resound.

It seemed that at this moment, in the eyes of everyone, Shaun almost became the main culprit in hindering negotiations with the Yang family.

The target of everyone’s attack.

Especially Chang Yuan.

He purely regarded Shaun as the cause of troubles, and said with a sneer on his face:

“Shaun, you must be responsible for this! Once we can’t negotiate with the Yang family, you must pay the price!”

Hearing Chang Yuan’s accusation, a sneer appeared at the corner of Shaun’s mouth:

“No need to talk!”


Hearing this, everyone was stunned for a while and looked at Shaun in doubt.

What does this guy mean?

Does he mean that we don’t need to negotiate with the Yang family?

If they didn’t discuss this matter then it will be impossible to take Shen’s family and Elvira back!

“Shaun, do you know what you are talking about!”

Chang Yuan looked at Shaun with disgust, as if he was watching an idiot:

“It was hard for me to find the prince of the Tian family. After paying a great price, the other party was willing to come forward to coordinate!”

“You don’t talk a word, then what about Taigong Shen? What about Elvira? Are you going to kill them?”

Chang Yuan’s words are extremely sharp.

Shaun was almost full of questions.

It’s just that Chang Yuan and everyone are shocked.

Shaun didn’t have the slightest panic expression on his face, instead, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth:

“I said no need to talk about it because as long as the Yang family are not idiots, they can’t here to take my wife and Taigong Shen… They had apologized!”

What the hell?

Hearing Shaun’s words, everyone around got dumbfounded.

They looked at Shaun in amazement, as if they were looking at an idiot.

The Yang family had apologized?

What a joke!

Yang Mingyu just ordered his brother to take Elvira away. Now that Yang Mingpeng has been beaten so miserably, the Yang family will only retaliate even more frantically. How could they come to apologize?

This is simply a fantasy.


Just when the Shen family, Chang Yuan, and others wanted to scold Shaun angrily.

Yang Mingpeng, the second young man on the ground, finally woke up from the sluggishness.

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