Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1228

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Chapter 1228

When the car led by Irene drove into the Wutong compound, firecrackers suddenly sounded, smoke filled, and children’s singing and laughter sounded in the courtyard.

“Welcome Miss Yan home.”

Tan Xiaoyu slowly walked on the red carpet with Janice’s support. At this time, the old lady was holding the microphone and her voice rang loudly.

“Dear friends, relatives, media units, thank you for coming to Humble House. Our Yan family is going to announce two happy events today. The first happy event is that our family Irene and Tan Xiaoyu divorced——”

Speaking of this, the guests were suddenly silent.

What kind of happy event is this? Is Mrs Yan confused?

The old lady laughed from ear to ear, “Everyone listened to me. Although Tan Xiaoyu will no longer be my Yan family’s daughter-in-law, she will be the eldest daughter of our Yan family from today. From now on, there will be no loneliness and helplessness in the world. Tan Xiaoyu, only Irene whose parents are alive and her younger brother and sister are alive.”

The old lady also told Tan Xiaoyu’s feat of giving up and saving others, which won unanimous applause from everyone.

Tan Xiaoyu was already moved to tears by the thunderous applause of everyone.

She kept saying to Irene: “Sister Irene, I am so happy. Thank you for making me feel that I am so important.”

The old lady announced this second happy event, “There is also, this second happy event, that is the love long-distance race of our childhood sweethearts, Irene and Janice, finally ended. Our Yan family borrowed the light of the eldest daughter Zhengyu, Let’s hire Janice, the eldest sister of the Zhan Family. I wonder if Janice would you like to marry our Yan family?”

Irene pouted, and Fan grieved: “Grandpa, it’s obviously Zhou Yu who hit Huang Gai, one willing to fight and one willing to suffer. How come to your mouth, it becomes married? Is she very wronged by marrying me?”

Janice pushed Irene, “Why don’t you feel wronged? I have been chasing you for so many years, so I should chase me hard for you. I will promise you when you taste my suffering. Grandpa said that I will marry you. That is to marry you.”

Irene’s male doctrine, “You are not a relative of the emperor, and a young talent like me who can marry an older leftover girl is because your ancestral grave will smoke and bless you. You don’t have to make an inch of it.”

Jacob walked out gracefully and elegantly like a green hill with a tall back. His faint eyes turned towards Irene, “Although my family Janice is not a relative of the emperor, but my sister Jacob grew up in accordance with the princess’s etiquette Irene, if you want to marry her, you have to let go of your dignity, your pride, and your decency. You have to be willing to do everything for her, including spinning around in the kitchen and fighting outside, you have to support her It’s sunny.”

Irene cast her gaze on Irene in the wheelchair, and smiled evilly, “Don’t be so high-sounding. I will ask you, are you willing to lay down the pride of your prince for my sister. Is your dignity and your decency?”

Jacob walked in front of Irene, and suddenly knelt in front of Irene, and said sincerely and solemnly: “Irene. Thank you for never giving up on me. In fact, I can also be your ribs, your pendant, and you. Attachments, as long as they don’t separate from you.”

Irene was flattered, although Jacob would often squat or kneel to talk to her in a wheelchair at home. But this is a banquet full of friends. He did this-don’t you feel ashamed?

She can only do her best to save his face like a ruin. “Brother Jie, it is my honor to be with you.”

Irene was stunned.

Jacob knelt down in public, this move seemed crazy to him.

Irene wants to escape…

Janice looked at Irene, her dissatisfaction overflowed little by little.

Jason looked at his aunt and shook his head reluctantly.

Jason picked up the small stone on the ground and hit Irene’s knee, Irene suddenly knelt in front of Janice…

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