Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 986

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Chapter 986

One after another screams in the ward.

Everyone found out in shock.

These gangsters were not only pumped back, but even some of their cheeks were collapsed and their cheeks shattered.

Some salty pork knuckles were broken and completely deformed.

Others, as if hit by a train, their chest ribs collapsed completely.



Looking at the bad guys who were seriously injured on the ground, no matter it was Yang Mingpeng, Elvira, Jian, and others, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Especially when they turned their eyes, they saw that a thin figure has appeared in front of Elvira.

He is Shaun!


Elvira was completely stunned. She didn’t expect that at her most critical moment, Shaun appeared in front of her again to help.

The thick warm current surged Elvira’s heart and even made her have the urge to hug Shaun and cry.

“Wife, it’s okay!”

Shaun rubbed Elvira’s head and smiled slightly.

When he turned his head, that warm smile suddenly turned into a cruel smile, staring at Yang Mingpeng, as if looking at a dead person:

“You want to kidnap my wife?”


His look and his word!

Fell in Yang Mingpeng’s eyes, his body immediately shuddered.

This feeling, as if being stared at by a devil, caused him to stand upside down involuntarily.

“Yes…I want to take Elvira away, so what can you do?”

Although Yang Mingpeng was extremely guilty, he replied viciously:

“You are Shaun? Elvira’s husband?”

“Boy, I have long heard that you can’t do anything, but if you dare to ruin my elder brother Yang Mingyu’s affairs, then you will die without a place to be buried!”

Yang Mingpeng’s words were extremely vicious.

Just hearing this!

Shaun laughed so sarcastically and playfully:

“Your elder brother is dead!”


When Shaun said this, not only Yang Mingpeng was stunned, but even the Baishan family, as well as Jian and his son, and even Taigong Shen on the hospital bed, could not believe their ears.

Yang Mingyu!

That Young Master Yang, who is ten times more vicious and ten times more ferocious than Yang Mingpeng, is dead?

What a joke.


After Yang Mingpeng reacted, he looked at Shaun even more as if he was looking at a fool. He said:

“Boy, you are so good at telling jokes! You are really made me laugh!”

“My elder brother is dead? In Jiangnan City, who can dare to kill my elder brother, are you dreaming?”

“To tell you the truth, the reason why I am here is that my elder brother has given me an order!”

Yang Mingpeng’s words are full of confidence and arrogance.

And hearing his words.

The Baishan family and Taigong Shen’s family also did not believe that Yang Mingyu was really dead.

After all!

Yang Mingyu had just given the order to young master Yang Mingpeng.

It was about less than half an hour.

A fierce young man, could die so easily? It’s an international joke.

Just when Yang Mingpeng smiled laughed.


A slap in the face, resounding crisply in the room.

But it was Yang Mingpeng who was slapped by Shaun.

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