Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1573 – 1574

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Chapter 1573

“Hey… they’re all gone.” Before letting go of the hand on her waist supporting her, Stephanie was a little stuttered.

She has never been so close to a man.

Even those of the older brothers and younger brothers in the family will not be so close in daily contact.

“Can you stand firm?” Tom’s tone became serious and anxious, and his tone did not sound as cold as before.

But she felt that his words sounded like making fun of her.

Stephanie’s face blushed instantly, and she didn’t lift the bar anymore, and she stumbled out a word: “Yes.”

Only then did Tom slowly let go, as if he was sure she could stand firmly. The movement of letting go was a bit slow, giving her a gentle illusion.

As soon as he left his hand, she immediately jumped away.

“Thank you, for just now…” She tidied up her clothes and hair in a panic, out of order.

It’s okay for Stephanie not to tidy up. The more tidy up, the messier it gets.

“You don’t move.” Tom couldn’t stand it anymore, and stopped speaking.

Stephanie subconsciously stopped her movements and looked up at him motionlessly: “Huh?”

Tom walked to her, took her hand away, and reached out to tie her hair, lowered his head, and caught a glimpse of the shoe prints on her trouser legs, his complexion became difficult to look at.

Stephanie couldn’t figure out what Tom was thinking, so she didn’t dare to move when she froze. The main reason was that Tom was really angry. She was afraid that she would not listen to him and he would be even angrier.

She didn’t know why but was afraid that Tom would be angry.

Tom did not speak, and she did not dare to speak.

Then, as she watched, Tom leaned over to help her gently pat the shoe prints on her trouser legs.

Stephanie’s whole body froze into a stone, and she stopped moving, even holding her breath.

When she couldn’t hold back anymore, she dared to breathe softly.

Tom patiently and meticulously patted the shoe prints on her trouser legs, but his brows were frowning tightly. In fact, he disliked her…

But why does he want to help her again?

She can do such a small thing…

Stephanie’s heart was up and down, nervous for a while, flustered for a while, and then jumping like a race with 800 legs in it.

She has never been so difficult in her life.

Even when she was in elementary school, she scored three points on the math test, and she kept thinking about how she would be repaired by her parents on the way home. It was not so difficult.

Because she knew it would definitely be repaired.

At this time, Tom’s series of behaviors seemed to her to be really confusing.

She completely reads and does not understand him.

Tom seemed to feel Stephanie’s stiffness, he raised his head and looked at her face.

She stiffened and opened her eyes wide, her eyes were extremely uncomfortable, but she dared not blink.

She and Tom looked at each other for ten seconds, and when she felt that she was about to blink her eyes, Tom suddenly smiled.

“Stephanie, do you know what you look like now?”

“like what?”

“Like a good girl who has been m0lested and played by a bully but dare not resist.”


Stephanie couldn’t keep up with Tom’s rhythm.

It took a few seconds to react.

“No…no, how could it be…” she laughed dryly.

Tom stopped smiling, and she felt a little embarrassed again.

Seeing that he was going to continue with what was just now, she was so scared that she jumped away and said with a very exaggerated smile: “Hey, those reporters are so annoying, they are finally gone, Mr. Allison, you helped me a lot today. , I have to treat you to dinner.”

Chapter 1574

Tom glanced at Stephanie: “Yes.”

She also knew what he meant by looking at her, she could see through him.

“Let’s go too, I’m going to find Ms. Tina.” Stephanie just wanted to leave this place quickly.

She felt that everything was not right, she was wrong, Tom was not right, and the two of them were even more wrong together at this time.

She was eager to leave this place quickly.

“She left you and ran away. Are you still looking for her?” Tom’s tone was calm, as if to say casually.

“This is my job. I originally wanted to protect Ms. Tina. She gave me processing capital.” Stephanie thought that she would be able to support herself in the future without relying on her family or Peter. Happy, smiling unconsciously on her face.

“Do you really like this job?” Tom asked.

He knew of Stephanie’s salary, but he had done a little bit before, and it came out immediately.

Her salary is nothing at all. If it takes care of her usual consumption level, it is just a few pieces of clothing.

Tom also started his own business. He respected every profession and everyone who relied on their own hands for food.

Before today, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with Stephanie’s job as an agent.

But once surrounded by these reporters, he felt that the job was not very good.

This is a job that will hurt.

“Like, be recognized, accepted, and needed, I think it makes a lot of sense.” As Stephanie spoke, she went to grab her mobile phone and computer, ready to pack her things and leave.

Tom didn’t speak anymore.

She thought he was just asking casually, and she didn’t think too much: “I will leave after picking up things.”

“Yeah.” Tom was actually thinking about something else.

After getting married, he will definitely not let Stephanie do this job again.

She, this little girl, can neither escape his palm nor fight him, he can always have a way to make her resign.

The future is long.


After Tina left through the back door, she directly called the security guard.

While squatting outside waiting for Stephanie, she called Peter back.

“What’s wrong, you haven’t answered the phone.” Peter’s tone sounded very anxious.

She said with a guilty conscience, her voice was a few degrees lower than usual: “It’s something that happened just now.”

It is impossible to say that she was looking after Stephanie and Tom dating, so she didn’t answer his phone.

“Heh.” Peter just sneered.

He knew her better than Tina herself, and her tone was a guilty conscience, which was a lie to him.

Tina pretended not to hear that the source has been seen through, and asked: “You keep calling me, what’s the matter?”

“A reporter touched your studio. I want to call to remind you that if you could answer the phone. It should have been fine. I’m on my way here now.”

“Ah… this thing.” She is indeed fine now, but Stephanie and Tom are in trouble.

Peter frowned, thinking her tone was weird: “I will be there soon, you wait for me for five minutes.”

Tina added in time: “I’m at the back door…”

There was a pause on the other end of the phone: “I see.”

Tina didn’t hang up, waiting for him to hang up.

But he also seemed to be waiting for her to hang up.

Tina didn’t hang up the phone, and the phone was connected until Peter drove the car to the back door of the studio.

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