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Chapter 35

After Alyssa’s interview was over, she was entangled by “Luther”, and she had not been able to watch her interview.

She turned on the computer and checked the Internet, and found that many media outlets had issued press releases, and there were also many Twitter big V reprints.

Most people are scolding her, and some relatively sane netizens are deeply analyzing the words she answered.

“I’ve guessed that she was hyping, and those people who said she was poor before have their faces hurt?”

“It’s a big name, and she wears a mask when interviewing.”

“Only I think this female reporter’s words are cool?”

“I found out that she never admitted that she had robbed her sister’s fiance…”

Seeing this last comment, Alyssa couldn’t help but smile.

She deliberately avoided seriousness and didn’t answer that question. Once she admitted that she had robbed Isabel’s fiance, who would know if Isabel would be bitten by Isabel’s fiancé and trouble her again?

Alyssa continued to scroll down the comments with rare interest.

“Is this year’s drama a series? I don’t have enough melons to eat. I will go buy some more… I look forward to the next episode.


When Alyssa saw the Adams’ family’s face clearly, she didn’t intend to obey them as before, so this matter was endless.

Before long, all the online comments about Alyssa’s interview suddenly turned into scolding her.

Alyssa knew that this was Isabel looking for revenge.

She didn’t care about Isabel’s little gesture.

Isabel herself was not clean. They lived under the same roof, and it was too easy to catch Isabel’s black material.

Let Hunt’s family be proud of one day, and she will release all these black materials tomorrow.

She wants to make Isabel, no matter how-it is not white!

After reviewing the comments for a while, Alyssa logged into the mailbox and found that there was an unread email in it.

When she opened it, she was stunned.

It turned out to be an interview invitation from AdamPic Media!

Did she submit a resume to AdamPic Media?

She went to the mailbox and checked it several times, confirming that she had not submitted a resume to AdamPic Media, and she was puzzled.

Suddenly, she remembered that “Luther” took her to have dinner with Peter Grant…

She glanced at the time the email was sent, it was nine o’clock in the morning, and she was being interviewed.

After thinking about it, she decided to ask “Luther”.


In the hall, Karl sat on the sofa and played games.

Smith stood behind him to answer the phone and turned on the speakerphone.

Peter Grant’s frantic voice came on the phone: “I just went out to have a meal with you. When I went back to the company, the directors were going to shake the sky. Tell him, if he doesn’t come, I will really go to the rooftop. Jumped off the building.”

Smith glanced at Karl who was playing a game, and said calmly, “Master, he is very busy.”

Peter Grant certainly didn’t believe it: “He’s a sh!t! What is he doing? You open the video and let me see him!”

At this moment, Karl said aloud: “Go on.”

Smith’s mouth twitched, Master Grant was deliberately mad!

He had to open the video, and turned on the rear camera.

When Peter Grant saw Karl playing games, he jumped up and choked his neck and said, “I’m going to be killed by those old guys in the company, so you can sit at home and play games leisurely!”

“Yeah,” Karl replied, and with a casual glance, he found that Alyssa had come downstairs.

He immediately gave Smith a look, and he turned off the hands-free with a comprehension: “Mr. Grant, I’ll hang up first.”

Peter Grant also saw Alyssa come down in the video just now. He is now too curious about Alyssa and Karl, and immediately threatened Smith: “If you dare to hang me up, I will die!”

Smith knew that even if he hung up, Peter Grant wouldn’t really die, but he still didn’t hang up the phone for the first time, and the video was still open.

Alyssa saw “Luther” in the hall on the corridor on the second floor, so she came down to look for him, and only saw Smith there when she approached.

However, Smith had been typing with his mobile phone, with a very focused look. Without looking here, she walked towards “Luther” with confidence.

She sat down opposite “Luther”, “I want to ask you something.”

Karl just raised his eyes, then lowered his head to continue playing the game: “What’s the matter?”

She deliberately said, “Are you familiar with Mr. Grant from AdamPic Media?”

Karl’s hand movement paused, because of the two-second pause, the character under his control in the game was killed by the enemy.

He casually threw the phone aside and looked at Alyssa with a smile: “Why, do you like him?”

Alyssa frowned: “Can you speak well?”

Karl stretched out his arms and put them on the back of the sofa. He leaned back, looking a little scornful: “Sit next to me first.”

“Forget it.” Alyssa got up and left.

Within two steps, she heard Karl’s low voice: “You are looking for a job recently. It’s because of the invitation letter.”

Alyssa stopped abruptly and looked back at him with a look of surprise: “How do you know?”

“Peter mentioned to me that the company needs fresh blood to join, so some college graduates have selected some people to join the company.”

After Karl finished speaking, a pair of black eyes fell on her, looked her up and down, and then frowned, “Have you also received an interview invitation from their company?”

Although his expression hasn’t changed much, Alyssa clearly read “contempt” from his expression.

She pursed her lips, and said without a smile: “I’m not happy to go yet.”

After speaking, she left without looking back.

Karl squinted slightly and watched her back disappear to the top of the stairs, and remained in the same position for a while.

Where does this ugly woman have the confidence to challenge him?

When she got acquainted with Karl, it was obvious that the atmosphere was stagnant, and the young master seemed to be angry.

His scalp tightened and he lowered his head to hang up, only to find that Peter didn’t know when he had already hanged up first.

The next moment, a cell phone ringing rang in the hall.

Karl took a look at his mobile phone and found that Peter had called.

Karl answered the phone and said coldly, “If you want to jump off the building, just go directly without notifying me.”

Who knows, Peter on the other end burst out a very magical laugh like a pervert: “Hahahahaha… let you exploit me so often, you open a back door with your wife, and people are not willing to enter. Are you particularly angry now, hahaha…”

“I feel so happy when I think of you being so angry now, I can’t stop laughing…”

Karl curled his lips and said gloomily: “I won’t go to the company until my wife joins AdamPic Media.”

Peter suddenly froze: “I was wrong…”

His response was the busy tone that the phone was hung up.

Chapter 36

Adams’ family Villa.

Isabel leaned on the sofa and flipped through her phone. She spent money to scramble Alyssa’s interview to the top of the topic list, and bought a large number of PR men to scold Alyssa below, even those web pages that had different opinions. Also began to rebel.

She always felt that she would be photographed by paparazzi before, and she must have nothing to do with Alyssa.

Seeing Alyssa being scolded now, she couldn’t be more happy.

Even if they were secretly photographed by paparazzi, the content of their conversations in the video was nothing more than verbal statements, but Alyssa admitted in front of the media that she was hyping.

With that ugly woman, I want to fight her too!

After Isabel went to the Internet for a while, she went to bed contentedly.

However, when she slept until midnight, something changed.

A friend who usually has a good relationship with her called her: “Isabel, someone just broke some of your videos and photos, and they have been fired to the top spot. What is going on? Are you offending someone? ?”

When Isabel heard “videos and photos”, she had an unclear feeling in her heart.

She grabbed her hair irritably and turned on the phone to surf the Internet.

Everyone on the Internet is discussing her.

Indecent photos and videos about her have gone viral on the Internet.

Although the Hunt family didn’t look enough in front of the Adams’ family, it was still a small well-known company. There are many women from good backgrounds in Isabel’s circle who are playing crazy.

On the surface, it looks like a lady, but in fact, she plays with men behind the back, knocks drugs, and does everything.

Isabel shook her hands and muttered, “How could this be…”

Many netizens sent her private messages to scold her.

“b!tch! Shameless!”

“There is still the face to let your sister go out to clarify the top pot!”

She was trembling with anger and scolded them all.

Suddenly, she thought of Norris.

It is midnight, and Norris must not have time to watch these videos and photos.

If Norris saw them, they would be finished.

She put on her clothes and knocked on Colin’s door: “Dad, you help me remove the hot search…”

On the other side, Alyssa was lying on the bed holding the computer and chatting with Tina on video.

Tina was a school bully when she went to school, and now she is a celebrity who is cautious in her words and deeds.

She read the comments of those netizens excitedly.

“I’ve long felt that Isabel is not a good show. There are still so many people helping her wash the floor!”

“She looks pretty lady, I didn’t expect her to be so sl*tty!”

“I have a conspiracy theory. I think the reason why her sister will marry into Adams’ family is because the Adams’ family knows that Isabel is messing around outside. I heard that her sister is not good-looking, but she is clean and looks good with a bus. Like a car, who dares to ask for it?”

Tina also felt that this comment made sense: “Alyssa, I think this netizen has made a lot of sense. Do you think the Adams’ family really knew about Isabel’s troublesome things?”

Alyssa frowned slightly, she had never thought of this reason before.

She smiled and said, “Anyway, this situation is now in Isabel’s arms. She can be with Norris without any pressure.”

Tina and Norris have a bit of a tail to the relatives. She sneered and said, “Although Norris is mentally retarded, he probably doesn’t have a hobby of marrying a bus.”


Because she was dragged by Tina to chat in the middle of the night, Alyssa got up a little later than usual the next morning.

She turned on the computer and found that the hot search for Isabel’s indecent photos and videos had been taken down.

The previous hashtags have all turned black.

No need to guess, she knew that this must be Colin’s handwriting.

Since childhood, Colin spoke to her only a handful of times, but he really loved Isabel.

What if the hot search is removed? Many netizens who are not too busy have taken screenshots. One pass ten, ten pass a hundred, this matter simply cannot be suppressed.

As soon as she finished washing and changing clothes, she received a call from Tina.

Tina said in a voice that was about to explode: “The hot bus search on the internet has been taken down, I am going to buy the hot search and send it up again!”

The name Tina gave to Isabel was changed to bus.

Alyssa calmed her: “Don’t be impulsive, Isabel is now dark. You have a new movie released recently, and the attention will definitely increase by then. If it is dug out by someone, that you bought a hot search, it will not affect you.”

Tina reluctantly said “Oh”, and then said: “Come out for a meal, I will be back to the crew tomorrow, I will pick you up.”

“it is good.”


When Alyssa passed by Karl’s study, she involuntarily stopped.

She didn’t see Karl yesterday, and she didn’t know if “Luther” said that he was angry.

Suddenly, the study door was opened from inside.

Alyssa reflexively took a short step back, and as soon as she looked up, she faced the expressionless face of “Luther”.

She was taken aback, and asked, “Your cousin… is he there?”

“What’s wrong with him?” Karl closed the door, leaning against the door frame to look at her.

His complexion was a bit white, and he looked boring, but his dark eyes were still deep.

Alyssa shook her head: “Nothing.”

When she finished speaking, she turned and went downstairs.

Suddenly, there was a muffled sound of heavy objects hitting the ground behind.

Alyssa turned her head and saw “Luther” who had been standing steadily before, had fallen to the ground.

Alyssa ran back, trying to help him up: “Luther, what’s wrong with you?”

Although she hates him very much, it is impossible to just watch him and ignore him.

Looking closer, she realized that his face was scary white, his eyes lightly gazing, and his long eyelashes lined up like a fan to cast a shadow under his eyes, and the whole person looked much more obedient.

She reached out to touch his forehead, it was very hot.

“Luther” was a tall man of nearly 1.9 meters. She couldn’t help at all. She ran to the top of the stairs and shouted, “Is anyone there? Come up. Luther fainted.”

A bodyguard came up immediately and took Karl to the room.

A doctor came to see him soon.

Alyssa stood by and watched them rushing around. She didn’t see Karl coming. She thought there was nothing wrong with her, so she wanted to leave.

Smith hurried in from outside and saw Alyssa going away, and immediately stopped her: “Young lady, can you stay and take care of the young master?”

This “Young Master” sounded strange to Alyssa, but she didn’t think much about it.

“But, I have something else.” Alyssa took a look at the time, predicting that Tina is coming soon.

“Mom, no, please…”

Karl on the bed suddenly started talking silly.

Alyssa turned her head, and saw the frightened and lost expression on his face, his jaw was tight, and he looked a little fragile.

She finally nodded softly.

There is no maid in the villa, and these bodyguards are careless and can’t take care of him.

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