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Chapter 37

The doctor gave Karl a fever-reducing injection, and his condition has stabilized.

When Alyssa asked for a towel to help “Luther” wipe the sweat, the other people in the room had already gone.

She felt a little strange in her heart. In the restaurant that day, she fell into the arms of “Luther” and was seen by Smith, but Smith didn’t say anything, so he asked her to take care of “Luther”. .


“Luther” began to talk silly again, Alyssa helped him wipe his sweat and was about to pump his hands, but he grabbed her hands unexpectedly.

Alyssa tried hard to break away from his hand, but found that his hand was holding her tightly like iron tongs, making her unable to withdraw at all.

She stared at him angrily: “I’m not your mother, let go!”

But the man who was awkwardly asleep couldn’t hear her at all, he just grabbed her hand tightly, his eyebrows gradually loosened and his breathing became steady.

The cold phone called at this moment.

“Tina, are you here?”

“I’m at the door of the villa, how about you?”

Alyssa lowered her head and glanced at “Luther” who was sleeping peacefully on the bed, and tried to withdraw her hand, but she was dragged tightly. She had no choice but to ask Smith to bring Tina in.

As soon as Tina entered the door, her eyes widened in shock: “Didn’t you say that Karl is ugly? Is this ugly?”

Smith, who was standing behind her, tightened his scalp and explained: “This is Master, Luther.”

“Master?” Tina glanced: “Then why is he pulling Alyssa’s hand? Cousin, don’t you know how to avoid it?”

Smith was choked by her question.

When Alyssa heard this, she couldn’t help but look up at Smith, which was exactly what she wanted to ask.

After holding back for a long time, he squeezed out a few words: “The elder sister is like a mother.”

Alyssa looked at Smith without a smile: “So he just called me mom?”

“…” The young master will wake up soon, he can’t bear it!

Smith found an excuse to go out dingy.

“Sit down first, and we’ll go out for dinner later.” Alyssa patted the chair beside her.

After Tina sat down, she leaned closer to see “Luther”.

Even in the entertainment industry, she has seen countless high-value handsome guys and beauties. Seeing his face, she couldn’t help but exclaimed: “I’ll go, is this Adams’ gene so good? It looks so beautiful, it’s real Right?”

As she said, she stretched out her hands awkwardly to squeeze his face.

As a result, her hand was only halfway out, and the man on the bed who had already closed his eyes suddenly opened his eyes.

There was a momentary confusion in his pitch-black eyes, but within two seconds, the confusion disappeared cleanly, replaced by a utter coldness.

Tina was trembling with the look in his eyes. She retracted her hand with a “swipe”, swallowed, and said with some difficulty, “Wake up?”

Seeing that Karl’s eyes were not good, Alyssa stretched out her hand and stopped in front of Tina, and said to him, “What are you doing? My friend!”

When Karl looked at Alyssa, his tight face eased slightly, the coldness in his eyes disappeared, and his voice was hoarse: “Water.”

Alyssa raised her handheld by him and said angrily, “Then you have to let me go first!”

Karl looked at the handheld by the two of them, took a deep look at her, and let go of her hand.

Alyssa got up and was about to go out, when she heard someone talking outside.

“I’ll go in and see if he is dead.”

“Master, he is really sick.”

Both voices were familiar, but Alyssa could only hear Smith in the back.

The next moment, the door was pushed open.

Peter and Smith stood one after another at the door.

Peter didn’t expect that Alyssa was there. He was taken aback for a moment, then he took out his glasses and put them on calmly, and said politely, “Cousin is there?”

Alyssa: “…Yes.”

The speed of this face change is fast enough.

“I heard that Luther was sick, so I came to see him, he…” Peter was interrupted before he finished speaking.


Alyssa turned her head and saw Tina walking towards Peter as she rolled up her sleeves. She walked over and directly punched Peter in the stomach.

Peter was beaten by her fist two steps backward, and felt pain when he looked at it, but he tightened his jaw without blinking his eyes.

Alyssa was dumbfounded, what’s wrong?

After a few seconds of silence in the room, Peter chuckled lightly and said in a low voice: “Tina Weber, you are so heavy, can you support me if you beat me?”

Tina said with a cold face: “I said, I saw you hit you once!”

Alyssa had never seen such Tina before, and she even saw hatred in Tina’s eyes.

Tina turned her head to look at her: “I will wait for you outside.”

Alyssa nodded.

As soon as Tina left, Peter was like a okay person. He sat directly by the bed and stared at Karl for a while before saying, “Are you really sick?”

Karl originally said he was going to the company today, so when he heard that he was sick, Peter Grant thought it was fake.

“Stay away from me.” Karl frowned, making no secret of his dislike for Peter.

He silently looked at Alyssa.

Alyssa understood what he meant to express: “Let Smith get you water.”

She was a little worried about Tina, and went out after speaking.

Karl glanced at Smith coldly: “Get out.”

Smith nodded: “I will get you water right away.”

Karl said quietly, “I don’t want to drink anymore.”

Smith: “…” The young master is really getting more and more strange.


As soon as Alyssa went out, she pulled Tina downstairs: “You and Peter knew each other before?”

“Yeah.” Tina paused, then added: “That kid owes me, even if I kill him, he won’t fight back.”

So it sounds like Tina and Peter have a deep grievance.

Alyssa didn’t ask more, and didn’t tell her about the interview invitation letter.

The two went out to eat together, and Alyssa received a call from “Luther” as soon as the dishes were on the table.

She didn’t save his number, so she didn’t know it was from “Luther”.

“When will you come back?” Although the voice of “Luther” sounded a little weak because of illness, it was highly recognizable, and Alyssa recognized it instantly.

Alyssa asked: “Something?”

There was a few seconds of silence on the other side before a voice sounded: “I haven’t eaten yet.”

“If you can’t eat, let the doctor give you an infusion, I still…”

He interrupted her unfinished words: “I want to eat the food you cook.”

His voice didn’t sound very energetic, and his usual arrogant appearance formed a sharp contrast. It was inexplicable to hear Alyssa’s ears.

Alyssa didn’t know how to answer, so she hung up the phone.

As early as when she answered the phone, Tina listened with her ears upright.

She shook the juice in the glass and smiled meaningfully: “That handsome cousin called you?”

Chapter 38

He’s fascinated by you?

Tina shook her head with an unfathomable expression: “I don’t believe you are not fascinated by Luther’s skin, even a little bit…”

Tina stretched out her hand and made a little gesture, looking like a little hooligan.

Fascinated by looks?

When I see beautiful flowers on the road, I will look at it more, let alone a man with good looks and good temperament like “Luther”.

“Actually, I haven’t seen Karl. They are from Adams’ family. If he has not been disfigured, he must be a very good-looking person.”

In Alyssa’s tone, she felt a little pity for Karl, a husband she had never met before.

“Have you seen it so far? Are you a fake couple? You have been married into Adams’ for two or three months, right?” Tina drank a large glass of water and was shocked.

As if thinking of something, she said: “I think that Luther is very unusual to you. When he looked at me, his eyes were cold and terrifying, and he was much gentler to you.”

Luther is gentle to her?

Alyssa shook her head: “You’re afraid that you’re making a silly filming.”

Tina was dissatisfied and wanted to argue, when her cell phone rang.

It was her agent who called.

After hanging up the phone, she reluctantly said: “Let me go to the company for an emergency meeting again, and finally have time to have a meal with you.”

Alyssa comforted her: “Then you go first, and when you come back from the filming, I will treat you to dinner.”


Separated from Tina, Alyssa returned to the villa directly.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw “Luther” in the hall.

His complexion is still very bad, wearing house clothes, with a laptop in front of him, and a glass of water next to him, his face is cold and he doesn’t know what he is looking at.

Alyssa sighed in her heart, this man is really hard.

Last time she was shot and dared to ask her to fetch him a bullet, so she passed out with a fever and got up to do something after the shot.

As if he felt someone watching him, as soon as he raised his head, he collided with Alyssa’s eyes.

“Back.” His voice was still hoarse, but it didn’t weaken his strong aura at all.

Alyssa glanced at the computer in front of him, and asked him at a distance of three to four meters: “Are you working? Are you okay?”

Except for his poor complexion, he really couldn’t see how he looked like a patient.

“It’s okay.” After tapping his fingers on the computer keyboard a few times, he suddenly raised his head and looked at her fixedly: “Just a little hungry.”

Thinking of the phone call he made before, Alyssa said, “You…” can let the bodyguard cook.

“Luther” seemed to know what she was going to say, and interrupted her directly: “It’s unpalatable.”

He said these two words without beginning and end, but Alyssa knew that he was talking about the bad food cooked by the bodyguards.

Smith came over with the medicine, just in time to hear Karl say “It’s unpalatable”.

His mood can only be expressed in two words: ha ha.

They’ve never heard the young master say that their cooking is unpalatable before. Since marrying the young lady, they have started to make heaven and earth.

To tell the truth, apart from the ugly appearance of Madam, he really didn’t see anything special.

But the young master does not hate Mrs. Young, and he is even a little concerned, so he will naturally respect Mrs. Young as he works.

Alyssa checked the time, it was almost two o’clock in the afternoon.

Seeing that Smith was still there, she was stunned, and asked him, “Karl is at home?”

“Yeah.” The one who answered her was “Luther”.

Alyssa was a little surprised: “Then has he eaten?”

Karl held the hand of the water cup for a while, looked up at Smith, then raised his head to drink.

“Young Master hasn’t eaten it yet.” Smith admired her ability to adapt.

Alyssa’s eyes lit up: “Then I’ll go to the kitchen to cook and send it to him later.”

After speaking, she happily went to the kitchen.

Last time she wanted to cook for Karl, but it was later eaten by “Luther”.

Her reaction fell in Karl’s eyes, and he was inexplicably jealous of “Karl”.

Smith divided the medicine and handed it to Karl.

Karl didn’t answer, turned his head and asked Smith earnestly: “Do you think she is really stupid? She is not pleased by a man with a normal body and appearance. Why does she always want to curry favor with a useless person? Is she just pretending?”

Smith silently thought that the young master is usually a lot of cold people. After the young lady got married, the young master would always deliberately provoke her when there was nothing to do. He was a little suspicious of the young master’s aesthetics.

But in fact, he only dared to say vaguely: “The young master is very concerned about the young lady.”


Of course, who Karl was, he understood the meaning of Smith’s words at once.

Hearing his cold voice, Smith said quickly and earnestly: “The young lady should not be stupid. The series of actions she did to remedy Isabel are also very meticulous.”


If he hadn’t secretly helped her take care of some things, had caused such a big thing on the Internet, how could Hunt’s people who care about the family’s face not trouble her?


Alyssa cooked a pot of vegetable porridge and made a healthy vegetarian dish.

No matter what flavor Karl likes, it’s okay to make a light regimen.

She made the meal, first put a portion of each dish on the tray, and then put the rest on the table.

At night, he glanced at the entrance of the restaurant, walked in, smiled and said, “Madam, please give me the share of Master.”

Alyssa handed the tray to Smith and asked, “Is he going out this afternoon?”

“I don’t know.” When I live in lies every day, I feel desperate in my heart. When will this day of lying every day end.

As soon as he left, “Luther” entered the restaurant.

Sitting at the dining table, he looked at the faint green vegetable porridge and a few plain-colored vegetables on the table, curled his eyebrows and said, “So light?”

Alyssa poured a cup of hot water and put it in front of him forcefully, with a heavy tone: “Otherwise? Isn’t it possible that you, a patient, still want to eat a spicy hot pot? It depends on me if you die?”

After speaking, she felt that she shouldn’t have said that again.

Let him die!

However, “Luther” didn’t lose his temper with the young master either, instead, he picked up his chopsticks and started eating slowly.

Alyssa stood by and watched him keep picking up vegetables and drinking porridge. His appetite was so good that he didn’t look like a patient at all.

Perhaps for “Luther”, there is only life and death, and will never be affected by things like illness or injury, and the body of iron hit is really different.

After he finished eating, someone naturally cleaned the kitchen, and Alyssa went straight back to the room.

She turned on the computer and found that the topic of “Isabel’s indecent video” that was suppressed in the morning was ranked first in the hot search again!

After she scanned it several times and made sure that she had read it correctly, the first thing she thought of was that Tina bought the list with money.

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