Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 969 – 970

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Chapter 969

Grace was standing next to Karl slowly choosing vegetables, turning her head to see Karl wiped her face with his back.

She turned his head curiously to look at Karl’s face.

When she saw that the tears on Karl’s face were too late to mock Karl, she was choked by an onion.

Grace stretched out her hand to cover her face, yelling in her mouth: “It’s so spicy.”

“Go to the side, don’t come over.”

Karl turned his head and glanced at Grace.

Grace ran to Alyssa, Alyssa acted like a baby: “Mom, it’s so spicy.”

“Let Dad cut it, don’t go there.”

Alyssa wiped away the tears on Grace’s face with her thumb.

Grace was also afraid of choking, and did not go to Karl’s side again.

Afraid to be choked again.

Although Karl found a way to cut vegetables, he did it methodically.

But he won’t, although the cut looks decent, it is too time-consuming.

When Luther arrived home, Alyssa had not yet started cooking.

Because Karl hadn’t prepared the dishes yet.

… Karl hadn’t cut the vegetables, so Alyssa and Grace went to the outside living room.

When she accompanied Grace to eat fruit, she heard a voice outside: “Cousin.”

Alyssa was overjoyed, she knew it was Luther’s voice.

But because she hasn’t heard it for a long time, she feels a little strange.

She controlled the wheelchair and slid toward the door.

A tall and thin figure walked in.

The last time Alyssa saw Luther was when “Lost City 2” started, and it was time for her to join the group.

Almost half a year has passed since now.

Luther’s natural curl had been shaved long ago, and now it is a small inch.

He looks very energetic, the skin is also a natural wheat color, and it looks quite firm.

He is almost twenty years old, his outline is gradually growing, and there is more firmness and calmness between his brows and eyes.

However, this perseverance and calmness are somewhat similar to Karl.

It was the child who was brought up by Karl.

Alyssa looked up at him, smiled and called out, “Luther.”

Luther’s expression was originally joyful.

However, when he could see that Alyssa was sitting in a wheelchair, his expression suddenly changed.

Quickly walked towards Alyssa.

He squatted down in front of Alyssa, with a panic expression: “What’s wrong?”

He didn’t expect that when he came back happily, what he saw was such a scene.

“I’m fine.”

Alyssa didn’t want Luther to know this kind of thing when he came back.

The smile on her face did not diminish, and she said, “I am really happy to see you come back. I haven’t been so happy for a long time.”

Luther was silent for a moment, and then squeezed another smile: “Well, I am also very happy, and I have brought you a lot of things.”

The military academy that Luther studied was almost completely closed and implemented militarized management.

It’s hard to get out but once a year.

Basically, the New Year holidays.

If you think of it in normal times, the leave process is also very difficult, and you have to go through layers of approval.

On such a happy day, don’t mention the unhappy things.


Alyssa turned and called Grace.

Grace was just behind Alyssa warming up, and she naturally saw Luther.

Luther also followed Alyssa’s sight to see Grace.

Karl and Alyssa are both extremely good-looking, and Grace is naturally one with the best looks.

A small group resembles a porcelain doll, extremely delicate.

When Luther saw Grace, he was also happy.

He softened his tone and called out, “Ms. Grace.”

Chapter 970

Grace was a little reserved, but still generously responded, “Hello.”

The voice is soft and the small looks incredibly cute.

Luther was so heartbroken by her, his voice became softer: “Don’t you remember me?

You have seen me before.”

Although he only met in a hurry, he still remembered that Grace was a little smaller than the present.

For a child in half a year, there have been no small changes.

Even if it’s only a month away, the changes will be great.

Alyssa turned her head and held Grace’s hand: “It’s your cousin, you’ve seen him before, don’t you remember?”

Luther used to be handsome child, but now he is a little weaker, not as good as his previous appearance.

Grace nodded, “I remember, cousin.”

Luther laughed when he heard the words: “You are smart, you still remember me! Your cousin brought you good things.”

He said, putting down the bag behind him.

Only then did Alyssa notice the big bag behind him.

They just kept talking, but forgot to let him put the bag down.

After Luther put the bag down, he rummaged in the bag to find it.

Take out the contents.

“This is a specialty.”

“This is for fun.”

“This is edible, but it doesn’t taste very good…” Then, Luther took out a large bag of things and looked at Grace: “This is all for you.”

The packaging bags of things look not only not luxurious but also very simple.

Alyssa was really curious about what was inside.

Grace also leaned forward curiously and squatted down beside him.

She craned her neck and looked into the bag: “What’s inside?”

The opening of the bag is so small that even if you stretch your neck and look inside, you can’t see what’s inside.

Luther opened the bag, sending out various gadgets and a few simple wooden sculptures in it.

Luther picked up one of them and asked Grace, “Do you like this one?”

Grace happily took it over: “I like it.”

Luther showed a relieved expression: “Just like it, I carved it myself.”


Grace asked curiously: “How to carve?”

Luther thought for a while, and even simplified the statement: “It’s carved out of wood.”

Grace opened her eyes wide: “Wooden carved doll?”

She has also received wooden toys before.

However, others said that it was made of wood. It was the first time in her four-year-old life that she heard of wood carving.

Seeing that Grace and Luther had already talked, Alyssa slipped back calmly and moved them.

Early in the morning in the kitchen, he heard Karl moving outside and walked out after washing his hands.

He was wearing a black shirt, a small area was stained with water, and the color was slightly darker.

The shirt sleeves were still rolled up, and even with such a life-like appearance, there was a thin layer of indifference on Karl’s body.

Luther also noticed that Karl had come out.

He was talking to Grace just now, with a warm smile on his face.

Seeing Karl, he reduced his smile, stood up slowly, looked in Karl’s direction, and called out: “Cousin.”

Karl glanced at him, only faintly replied, “Yes.”

Even if he had grown up, Luther would still be instinctively restrained when he saw Karl.

“What are you doing in the kitchen?”

In the direction Karl came, there was only a kitchen behind, so Karl came from the kitchen naturally.

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