Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1008

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Chapter 1008

“Miss Elvira, you remember right!”

Prince Tian said to Elvira with a full face at this moment:

“We are the Jiangnan princelings whose legs were broken by Mr. Lin before!”

“We are still extremely ashamed of what happened back then!”


Broke legs!

The words of Prince Tian once again caused an uproar among all the guests in the box.

The news of the broken leg of Tian Hao and others once set off a wave of incredible speculation in Jiangnan City.

All the people in Jiangnan City only know that Tian Hao and his friends were beaten in Jiang City.

But everyone couldn’t imagine that this incident was related to Elvira’s husband, Shaun!

How can this be?

A small son-in-law in Jianshi has broken the legs of princelings of Jiangnan, but Shaun is wandering as a free man without any fear of these princelings.

This is like a fantasy for everyone.

“No… impossible!”

After Chang Yuan heard this, he was almost scared to pee.


These are Tian Hao, Qiu Jie, and other crown prince members. Behind each of them is the first-line chaebol family in Jiangnan City, terrifying.

And Shaun is just a trash person, nothing more, how can he be so bold and break the legs of Tian Hao and others.

“This guy is a lunatic!”

The sweat on Chang Yuan’s forehead rushed down.

In particular, he seemed to think of something, and he trembled:

“Could it be that the Yang Family’s knelt to apologize is related to Shaun?”


As soon as this thought appeared, Chang Yuan’s whole face turned into shock and horror.

At this moment, no one at all noticed Chang Yuan’s expression. Everyone around him was looking at Elvira, Tian Hao, and others.

“Miss Elvira, is Mr. Lin here?”

Tian Hao looked at Elvira with enthusiasm.

But when he said ‘Mr. Lin’, his voice trembled slightly.

It seemed that just this name made him feel scared.

Mr. Lin?

Hearing Tian Hao’s taking the name of Shaun, everyone around got dumbfounded.

They couldn’t imagine how Tian Hao and others would be so respectful to their offender who has broken their legs. It was incredible.

“Shaun is here, he is waiting for me in the parking lot!”

parking lot?

Hearing this, Tian Hao and the others got startled, they bowed to Elvira again and said:

“Okay! Then we won’t bother you! Have fun!”

That’s it!

Tian Hao, Qiu Jie, and others turned around and left the box.

Not just them!

Even Yang Mingpeng left with everyone.

When these princelings left, the whole box was in an uproar.

All the guests, like stars holding the moon, immediately surrounded Elvira.

“Miss Elvira, I didn’t expect you to know Shao Tian! Moreover, they were so respectful to you!”

“Yeah, Miss Elvira, what does your husband do? How can he be so powerful that he even dared to break the legs of Tian Shao and others!”

“It’s unbelievable. Before, we people of Jiangnan were confused about the identity of that person who broke their legs! It turned out to be Miss Elvira’s husband!”


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