Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1007

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Chapter 1007



A trace of complex emotions drowned Chang Yuan.

At this moment, he recalled that he had become a sensation in the past half a month.

He showed off his close relationship with Prince Tian to the people around him many times and even took the Yang family’s apologetic credit to himself.

He even dared to yell at Yang Mingpeng, who is a wealthy chaebol.

Thinking about all this a cold sweat flowed from Chang Yuan’s forehead.


Prince Tian and others didn’t look at him anymore.


Prince Tian took Prince Qiu and others went towards Elvira.

Elvira’s look is also extremely complicated.

She originally thought that this incident was indeed Chang Yuan’s credit, but she never thought that this incident had nothing to do with Chang Yuan.

The benefactor who let their family escape the catastrophe was someone else.

“Who is that person? What is his identity?”

Elvira has many questions in her mind.

Shaun appears in her mind.

This guy, everything that he says happens truly.

How he guesses correctly everything before.

“Could it be Shaun? But, how he can do it? In the past three years, he has not been to Jiangnan City, and he doesn’t know any big names in Jiangnan City at all!”

“This guy……”

Elvira thought of this and got stunned.

If it was Shaun, it would be terrible.

Who can imagine that the waste son-in-law in everyone’s eyes can wave a hand to make a Jiangnan first-line chaebol kneel to apologize, it is simply incredible.

And just when Elvira fell into contemplation.


Prince Tian and others have already come to her.

An unbelievable scene appeared for everyone.


Prince Tian, together with Prince Qiu and others, without saying anything, all bowed to Elvira. Their faces were full of passionate smiles:

“Miss Elvira, we meet again!”


When the guests saw this scene they got amazed.

Prince Tian and others bowed?

How can this be?

Everyone seemed to have seen a ghost. Looking at Elvira, they didn’t understand what Elvira had done to make Prince Tian and his mates be this respectful.

Especially Chang Yuan.

He looked at Prince Tian, who bowed to Elvira, which made him suspect that he is having hallucinations.

“No…impossible! If Elvira knew Prince Tian, if so, why didn’t she ask Prince Tian to help her?”

Chang Yuan was completely confused.

And at the moment!

Even Elvira was stunned.

She looked at the princelings members in front of her, only to realize that these people were a little familiar:

“You… are you from the Tian family?”

Elvira remembered.

When she was in Jiangshi, her mother, Paula, was robbed of her mobile phone.

That day, Shaun was furious and broke the legs of a group of Jiangnan princelings.

Are they the same people?

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