Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1006

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Chapter 1006


Not only Prince Tian, but there are also even Prince Qiu, Prince Duan, and other top chaebols of Jiangnan City.

Seeing Prince Tian and others coming, Chang Yuan got happy, and immediately clutched his cheek, and ran forward:

“Prince Tian, please do something for me! This Yang Mingpeng is crazy, he is so brave and wants to beat me!”


Hearing this.

Prince Tian was taken aback for a moment, and asked Chang Yuan suspiciously:

“Who are you?”


At this moment, not only Chang Yuan was stunned, but even the many guests around him were also stunned.

Wasn’t Prince Tian Chang Yuan’s man, who has forced the Yang family to apologize to Elvira?

Why now Prince Tian is not behaving like he doesn’t know him?

For a while, everyone felt that things seemed not that simple.

As for Chang Yuan, there was a sigh of relief in his heart, and a hint of ominous premonition emerged in his heart, and he said to Prince Tian:

“Prince Tian, I am Chang Yuan. You forgot. Last time I called you to ask for help! It was you who went out in person to make Yang family apologize and give away the Galaxy Tower!”

“Did you forget?”


Hearing Chang Yuan’s words, Prince Tian was stunned.

He looked at Chang Yuan as if he was looking at a madman.

“Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake?” Prince Tian stared at Chang Yuan and asked directly:

“I persecuted the Yang family? Let them kneel to apologize, and let them sacrifice the Galaxy?”


You are mistaken?

The ominous premonition in Chang Yuan’s heart became stronger, and he said:

“Prince Tian, you don’t make fun of me! How could I make a mistake about a person like you!”

“After all, there are not many people who can persecute the Yang family! Only you have this ability!”

“Is not it?”

Looking at Prince Tian, Chang Yuan only felt his heart, almost reaching his throat.

There can be nothing wrong!

There is nothing wrong!

It must have been made by Prince Tian, otherwise, how could the Yang family inexplicably kneel to apologize and give away their main asset?

And at this moment, just when Chang Yuan was nervous to the extreme.

But when he saw that Prince Tian shook his head lightly, he sneered and said:

“Are you an idiot? I promised to help you plead with the Yang family and spare your life!”

“But for you, how can I suppress the Yang family, and force them to kneel to apologize?”

“what are you?”


This sentence of Prince Tian didn’t show any mercy.

The tone was full of contempt for Chang Yuan.

When he said this Chang Yuan got dumbfounded, and the surrounding guests were also stunned.

Doesn’t Prince Tian do it?

This means that the Yang family’s affair has nothing to do with Chang Yuan and Prince Tian, and the person Yang Mingpeng feared was not Chang Yuan at all.

Thinking of this.

The guests in the box looked at Chang Yuan.

Then they come to know that Chang Yuan was bragging.


As for Chang Yuan, it was as if all his strength had been drained, his eyes went black, and his ass fell to the ground in an instant.

He seemed stupid, with a dull and confused face:

“How could it not be Prince Tian, if not him then who has done that?”

“Who has made Yang Family fearful? How this is possible!”

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