Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1005

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Chapter 1005


At this moment, the atmosphere in the entire box was suppressed to the extreme.

Everyone around opened their eyes wide, unable to believe what was happening in front of them.

One slap after another, like raindrops, constantly slapped Chang Yuan’s face.

Suddenly, Chang Yuan’s handsome cheeks were fanned from white to red, from red to blue, and from blue to purple.

till the end!


Another slap in Chang Yuan’s face knocked him to the ground.

Only then did Yang Mingpeng stop.

“My face!”

Chang Yuan touched his cheeks swollen into a pig’s head, and suddenly let out a scream like a pig:

“Yang Mingpeng, you dared to beat me for a trash Shaun?”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will retaliate against your Yang family? Last time, I had made you give up your main asset, and next time I can destroy your Yang family!”

This moment!

Chang Yuan went crazy.

In his heart, the last time the Yang family apologized, it was entirely because of himself and the prince.

He even thought that he had enough confidence to step on Yang Mingpeng and the Yang family.

After all, they dare not offend the prince.

Especially tonight.

With a word of his, Yang Mingpeng knelt and apologized to Elvira, which proved this point.

But now he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Yang Mingpeng, and he beat him directly for a Shaun.


Hearing Chang Yuan’s words and looking at his bitter eyes, Yang Mingpeng was exasperated.

It was the first time he saw such a self-righteous idiot.

“Do you think that our Yang family gave away the Galaxy Tower because of you?”

“Do you think you can kill my Yang family?”


Yang Mingpeng looked at Chang Yuan, he leaned forward and back while laughing, as if in his eyes, Chang Yuan was a big joke.

When people around heard his words, they looked at his frantic smile.

Chang Yuan and everyone was stunned.

What do you mean?

Wasn’t it because the Yang family made a plea last time because he called the prince?

So just now, how could Yang Mingpeng apologize to Elvira in his direction?

“Yang Mingpeng, am I an idiot? Or are you an idiot?”

Chang Yuan looked at Yang Mingpeng in disbelief, and screamed:

“Your family apologized because I called Prince Tian!”

“Let me tell you if I can make you give away the Galaxy Tower with one call, then with another call, Prince Tian can also make your Yang family irresistible!”


Prince Tian?

After Yang Mingpeng hearing this, he faintly understood something.

Only then did he know that Chang Yuan had always thought that his Yang family had apologized because of Prince Tian.

Thinking of this, Yang Mingpeng was even more amused by Chang Yuan’s self-wise and self-righteousness.

And at this moment!


The door of the box room was pushed open again.

Then everyone saw, hula la, a group of young men and women stepping in.

Especially the headed person, tall and dignified, just walked in, frowned, and shouted angrily:

“What’s the matter? What is the problem with you people!”

“This is a party, what are you arguing about!”

Hearing this, everyone in the box feels refreshed.

Because this young man is Prince Tian!

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