Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1260

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Chapter 1260

As he approached the door, he heard the bodyguard’s extremely excited voice because of his emotional loss: “I told you that my young master was killed by someone, why don’t you believe me?”

“Because there are no traces of assault in the room. There are also no injuries on your young master. Your accusation seems very absurd. How do you make us believe you?”

“I saw it with my own eyes, and I did a few tricks with him.” The bodyguard remembered to gesture. “He is a thief, he walked along with a treasure from my young master.”

“What baby?” The Criminal Investigator asked.

The bodyguard’s eyes flickered, as if he realized that he had said something that shouldn’t be said, and he lowered his head in silence.

Jacob guessed that the thief did not come for life, but for Qibao.

He subconsciously pressed his hand on the left atrium, where the inner bag of his clothes contained the token given to him by his mother.

Only with this touch, Jacob’s face instantly faded.

The token is missing.

A huge wave surged in Jacob’s heart, and he replayed it carefully in his mind. When was the token stolen? Who stole it?

Then, his mind freezes on the strange “father” who bumped into him when he got off the plane yesterday.

Jacob’s eyes were frozen, his fists clenched under his sleeves, and he muttered silently in his heart: “You better not let me meet me.”

Inside the room, when the forensic doctor carried the boy’s body out. The bodyguard suddenly went crazy and stopped the forensic doctor, “Where did you take him? He can’t go there either. I will take him home and let him return to his roots. My young master’s father is still waiting for him to come home?”

“He may be infected with a very contagious virus. We have to take him away for inspection, and it is necessary to sterilize the body.”

The bodyguard suddenly became furious, with blue veins on his forehead violent, “No. I don’t allow you to take him away.”

Onlookers heard that the corpse may be infectious, such as scattered birds and animals.

Jacob’s long and stalwart body stood abruptly at the door. Seeing the bodyguard roaring to stop them from taking away his young master’s body, Jacob’s eyes floated with pity.

This is a man of affection and justice.

Maybe it was because the bodyguard’s blocking had little effect. The bodyguard finally took a fierce move. He madly knocked down several forensic doctors to the ground, and then carried the body of his young master on his back. When he was about to break out, he was physically strong. The criminal investigation is on the ground.

The bodyguard was forced to fall to the ground, beating the ground in pain, and crying loudly.

“Master, I’m sorry, I’m useless. I’m useless.”

Jacob took a few steps forward unconsciously, and the bodyguard raised his head. Seeing Jacob-the four eyes meet in an instant, he built a strong sense of trust inexplicably.

The bodyguard grabbed Jacob’s trousers and said to him, “Sir, we met last night, so it’s also a chance. Can you help me take a trip to Yujiazhai? You tell Yu the truth about the situation here. Grandpa. Grandpa Yu will certainly thank you heavily.”

Jacob looked at the corpse lying under his feet blankly. Perhaps because the time of death was short, the body did not look scary. On the contrary, his exquisite facial features and fair skin seem to be inexplicable-intimacy.

“What’s your young master’s name?” Jacob was slightly taken aback.

The bodyguard was stunned, and wrote a word on the ground with his finger: “Burn.”

From this angle, only Jacob could see his words.

So this young master is called Yu Ran?

Jacob nodded, “Okay, I’ll take a trip for you.”

He is not a nosy person, but his purpose in coming to Huadu is to find the end times and look for Derek.

The young master’s surname is Yu, the same surname as the commander of the last days. Jacob secretly speculated, maybe this young master after burning is really inextricably linked to the end times?

Jacob hurriedly returned to the room, his face particularly solemn.

“Sister Ling, I have taken on a task and need to leave for Yujiazhai immediately.”

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