Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1004

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Chapter 1004

Chang Yuan laughed very loudly.

With a word of him, Yang Mingpeng, the demon king of the Yang family, knelt on his knees. This was an extremely awesome thing.

Even, enough for him to brag for a long time.

After hearing Chang Yuan’s words, Yang Mingpeng’s expression changed instantly.

Waste Shaun?

No invitations!

Help people watch the car!

This sentence, like a burst of thunder, fell in Yang Mingpeng’s ears, and immediately scared him.

Especially, he looked at Chang Yuan, as if looking at the world’s biggest fool:

“You were humiliating Mr. Lin just now?”


Chang Yuan was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that Yang Mingpeng would dare to ask himself, and it was for Shaun.


A trace of contempt appeared at the corner of Chang Yuan’s mouth. He looked at Yang Mingpeng playfully and said:

“I humiliate that Shaun waste, so what can I do!”

“He is a soil bun, helping people to watch the car, it is already considered to give him face! What can you do to me…”

Chang Yuan’s words were full of humiliation to Shaun.

However, his words are not finished yet.


A loud slap slapped his face.


At this moment, all the sounds in the entire box disappeared.

Everyone around them looked at the field with all their faces in astonishment, looking at Chang Yuan’s dumbfounded face, and the bright red palm print that instantly appeared on his face.

Everyone dumbfounded.

Yang Mingpeng, hit Chang Yuan?

And because of Shaun!


After reacting, everyone in the entire box was in a complete uproar. Unbelievable words continued to resound:

“Oh my God, isn’t Yang Mingpeng afraid of Chang Yuan? How daring he is that he slapped Chang Yuan!”

“Yes, on Chang Yuan’s order, Yang Mingpeng obediently bowed his head to Elvira and apologized! Now for a little Shaun, Yang Mingpeng beat Chang Yuan! How could this be possible!”

“What is the relationship between this Yang Mingpeng and Shaun? Incredibly, he defends Shaun in this way!”


The people around were completely shocked.

More than them!

Even Elvira was holding her small mouth tightly, her face full of disbelief.

Chang Yuan humiliated Shaun.

She was equally angry, and even wished to leave.

However, she never thought that someone would slap Changyuan.

And now!

This Yang Mingpeng, who was beaten up by Shaun violently, defended Shaun more than her, especially that kind of excited appearance, as if he was defending his idol, this is simply unbelievable.

“Yang Mingpeng! You dared to hit me?”

Chang Yuan was equally stunned.

Especially felt the fiery pain on his face, a trace of anger and resentment, emerged in his heart:

“You are looking for death! For a sh!t Shaun, you dare to beat me!”

Chang Yuan wants to use harsh words and threaten Yang Mingpeng.

It’s just that his words were just uttered!


Yang Mingpeng slapped again on his face:

“What are you! Dare to humiliate Mr. Lin!”


“You think you are awesome, but you are stupid!”


“I beat you, how do you drop it!”


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