Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1003

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Chapter 1003


Hearing Chang Yuan’s words, Yang Mingpeng got even more stunned.

The Yang family cleaned up?

Yang Mingpeng looked at Chang Yuan at this moment, filled with thick weirdness as if he was looking at an idiot.

“Why? So soon, your Yang family is healed and the scars are forgotten?”

Chang Yuan stared at Yang Mingpeng with contempt at this moment.

Especially after feeling the awe eyes around him, his heart was even more excited:

“Last time, if it weren’t for our prince’s mercy, your Yang family would have died long ago!”

“So, when you see me in the future, be respectful, otherwise, you don’t know how will you die!”

Chang Yuan’s words were arrogant to the extreme.

After he finished speaking.

He pointed in Elvira’s direction, and continued to scold Yang Mingpeng:

“Yang Mingpeng, now I order you to apologize to Elvira!”


Hearing this, Yang Mingpeng turned his head to look at Elvira, his face showed a strong look of awe.

This woman is Shan Lin’s wife.

Thinking of his disrespect the last time, and even the fact that he almost killed his Yang family, Yang Mingpeng nodded:

“You are right about this!”

“I should apologize to Miss Elvira!”


Hearing this, everyone around was completely shocked.

They didn’t expect that Yang Mingpeng, the Hunshi Demon King, was so afraid of Chang Yuan, and even Chang Yuan asked him to apologize to Elvira. Yang Mingpeng did not refute but directly nodded in agreement.


In an instant, everyone looked at Chang Yuan again, and the color of awe and admiration grew stronger.

And just under the gaze of everyone.

Yang Mingpeng strode towards Elvira.

Until he came to Elvira, his face a strong expression of flattery and guilt:

“Miss Elvira, Yang Mingpeng was wrong the last time I misbehaved with you!”

“Here, I apologize to you!”

That’s it!

There was a puff.

Yang Mingpeng knelt directly in front of Elvira, and then facing the ground, he knocked his head three times.


This scene not only shocked everyone around, but even Elvira was also frightened.

She didn’t expect Chang Yuan to be so respectful.

Yang Mingpeng knelt and apologized.

This is incredible.

It’s just more than that.

When Yang Mingpeng stood up, looked at Elvira with a pleasing smile, and asked cautiously:

“Miss Elvira, take the liberty to ask, is Mr. Lin here?”

“I want to see him and apologize to him!”


Hearing this, everyone in the box got taken aback.

They didn’t expect that Yang Mingpeng not only apologized to Elvira but now he also wants to apologize to Elvira’s husband Shaun?


A deep puzzlement appeared on everyone’s face, especially when they were surprised to find that Yang Mingpeng seemed extremely nervous when asking about Shaun’s whereabouts.

He looked like an ant asking about the whereabouts of the dragon.

Even big beads of sweat dripped from Yang Mingpeng’s forehead.

“Yang Mingpeng, why are you doing to apologize to that waste?”

At this moment, Chang Yuan came over.

He glanced at Yang Mingpeng contemptuously, and then said with a smile:

“Tell you the truth! That trash Shaun doesn’t even have an invitation card. People like him are not qualified to come in, let alone be equal to us!”

“He, he’s in the parking lot now, watching the car for us! If you want to apologize to that trash, then go to the parking lot to find him! Hahaha…”

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