Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1002

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Chapter 1002

Seeing Yang Mingpeng, everyone in the box got a little surprised.

After all!

The last time Yang Mingpeng and the Yang family planted such a big somersault, they have become a joke for the entire Jiangnan City, but everyone did not expect that the scars on Yang Mingpeng’s face had not been completely healed, and he has come to this party.

“Why is he here? Isn’t he afraid of being beaten?”

“Yeah, the Yang family is no longer good enough, and even Chang Yuan is overwhelmed by the pressure. Second Young Master Yang dare to come out!”

“Hahaha…Chang Yuan is here, do you think Chang Yuan will clean up Yang Mingpeng again!”

The surrounding guests talked a lot.

Now in their eyes, Chang Yuan’s status was completely above Yang Mingpeng.

After all!

The prince behind Chang Yuan has tidied up the entire Yang family, even made them give away the Galaxy Tower.

At this moment, he heard the comments from everyone around.

Chang Yuan felt extremely proud in his heart.

He also believed that Yang Mingpeng must be afraid of him. Thinking of this, he turned his head to Elvira and smiled slightly:

“Elvira, the second young master Yang, was so disrespectful to you last time! Look, I will help you out!”

Out of breath?

Elvira was taken aback, and then quickly persuaded:

“Senior, forget it! The Yang family has already apologized and gave me the Galaxy Tower!”

“We have no grievances!”

Elvira is unwilling to cause trouble, especially when the other party has already subdued himself. This is a bit too bullying.

Chang Yuan couldn’t wait at this moment. He wanted to show his strength and identity in front of Elvira.

“Elvira, although the Yang family has made amends to you, this Yang Mingpeng does not!”

“I will let him come over and apologize now!”

That’s it.

Chang Yuan walked toward Yang Mingpeng aggressively under the respectful gaze of everyone around him.

At the same time!

After Yang Mingpeng entered the door, he saw Elvira.

His eyes searched for the figures in the box, but he never found Shaun:

“I don’t know if Mr. Lin has come! I don’t know, whether his old man will forgive me!”

This time, the reason why he is here while his injuries were still unhealed was to ask for forgiveness from Shaun.

However, he scanned the entire box, but only saw Elvira, not Shaun.


Just as Yang Mingpeng continued to search for Shaun, an angry shout came from the side:

“Yang Mingpeng! You are so courageous, you dare to come out again!”


Yang Mingpeng was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that someone would come up and scold him so angrily.

At the moment, he quickly turned his head to look.

He saw that Chang Yuan was scolding himself, Yang Mingpeng got dumbfounded.

What, what’s going on?

Do you dare to curse yourself with a cat or a dog now?

This is so special, it’s impossible to find death!

And at the moment!

After seeing that Chang Yuan took the initiative to find Yang Mingpeng’s trouble, the surrounding guests instantly became excited.

They looked at Chang Yuan’s eyes as if they were looking at their idols, full of admiration and worship.

Almost everyone had determined that Chang Yuan would be able to clean up Yang Mingpeng once again to show his reputation.

“Who are you?” Yang Mingpeng looked at Chang Yuan, frowningly.

And hearing this.

Chang Yuan smiled, with contempt and sarcasm:

“Yang Mingpeng, you don’t have to pretend that you don’t know me! My name is Chang Yuan. The last time I cleaned up your Yang family, wasn’t it enough?”

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