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Chapter 679

Her gaze was too indifferent, and it made Travis feel like he was seen through.

He has always known that Alyssa is smarter than Isabel, otherwise, it is not Isabel who is missing now but Alyssa.

With embarrassment on his face that she had seen through, Travis said tentatively: “Do you know why I am here?”

Alyssa straightened her body, and there was no Travis oblivious, and she bluntly said: “Even if everyone in your family comes to me in turn, my answer is only one, that is- I don’t know where Isabel is.”

“Is there really no news at all? She disappeared after she went to find you.” The difference between Travis and Rachel is that he is much more upright, so he can just say anything.

“She did find me. She has been trying to get revenge on me, don’t you all know it!” Alyssa curled her lips and smiled, not reaching the bottom of her eyes.

Travis’s face was cold and did not speak.

“The last time I saw her was in United States. As for other matters, don’t know, and I have no comment.” Alyssa stood up, turned to the table and continued to clean up the dishes that were not finished before.

Travis is an interesting person, and Alyssa’s obvious chasing away made him see it.

Travis stood up from the sofa and said with a loud voice toward the direction of the restaurant: “My company will leave if there is anything else, and I have time to eat together the next day.”

“No,” Alyssa said flatly, and entered the kitchen with the plate, and didn’t mean to send Travis.

If you came here by himself, it would be fine to go by himself, she was too lazy to send it.

As soon as Travis opened the door, he saw a tall man standing at the door.

There was a terrifying and violent atmosphere in this man’s eyes. Travis didn’t want to worry about it, but when he met him, he still asked: “Who are you?”

This man doesn’t seem to be a stubborn person. Alyssa lives here alone. What does he come to do?

Alyssa inside heard the door opening, but did not hear the door closing. She also heard Travis’s voice.

She walked over here with the sound, just in time to hear a sentence: “You care who I am.”

There was a hint of coldness in the indifference.

She heard that this was Dave’s voice, and quickly walked out.

Going to the door and seeing it, it really was Dave.

“Mr. Dave, why are you here?” Alyssa noticed Travis’s ugly expression, and did not intend to ask more.

Dave still talked less, he lifted a handbag in his hand to show Alyssa.

Alyssa didn’t know what was inside the dark bag.

Alyssa walked over and asked curiously: “What is it?”

Seeing Alyssa and Dave familiar with each other, Travis asked: “Alyssa, do you know each other?”

“he lives in the opposite house.” Alyssa didn’t explain too much, and pointed to the opposite house.

Travis followed the direction of Alyssa’s finger, glanced at the opposite house, and then nodded slightly: “It’s good to know.”

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Dave again, then lifted his foot out.

As soon as Travis left, Alyssa let Dave in.

But Dave didn’t come in, just handed her the dark bag in his hand.

Alyssa took the bag and found that the bag was quite heavy.

She opened it curiously and found that there was a pot of succulent potted plant inside, which was carefully planted and matched only at a glance.

Very delicate and beautiful.

When Alyssa looked up, she found that there was no one in front of her. Dave turned around and left long after he handed the bag to Alyssa.

What is Dave doing?

Send her midnight snack, send her to Adams’s House, and send her potted plants…

The first two things seem to be nothing special.

However, the sending of potted plants is a bit strange.

Dave really doesn’t seem to be such a delicate man. Even if he has a delicate mind, it is used on Claire. Why is he so good to her?

Alyssa was puzzled.

She went back to the room, took out the potted plant and put it on the table.

The temperature outside was too low, so she didn’t put it on the window sill, just put it indoors.

She stared at the potted plant for a while, then sent a WeChat message to Tina.

“What does it mean for a man to give a woman food and potted plants?”

Tina second replied: “He wants to chase you.”

Alyssa twitched her mouth: “I didn’t say that I was the woman.”

Tina didn’t listen to Alyssa’s excuse: “Who is chasing you?”

Alyssa felt helpless, but said truthfully, “That bodyguard.”

Tina came over with a horrified expression: “I don’t think he wants to chase you, maybe he wants to kill you!!!”

The three exclamation points at the back are enough to show Alyssa’s shock.

She had only seen Dave once, and Dave gave her the feeling of being a very scary and vicious character.

Alyssa gave her an expression of rolling her eyes.

Soon, Tina called.

“Alyssa! Tell me what’s going on!” There was a strong gossip aura in the calm tone.

Alyssa turned on the hands-free and continued to clean up the kitchen: “I told you what I should say, what else can I say?”

“Are you really sure that your bodyguard is not evil to you?”

Alyssa said with certainty: “No.”

Dave is not an ordinary person. He is a killer, so he can do it directly. He doesn’t need to send food and potted plants to lower Alyssa’s defensive heart.

“That…” Tina deliberately lifted Alyssa’s appetite, and stretched the tone. After Alyssa called her impatiently, she continued: “He really wants to chase you!”

This tone was more certain than when Alyssa said that Dave was not nasty towards her.

Alyssa was taken aback by Tina’s affirmative tone!

Dave chasing her?

Is she crazy, or is Dave crazy?

Alyssa shrugged with a shudder, thinking about it for a while and then said, “No, he doesn’t like me, he has someone he likes.”

Tina felt puzzled as he listened: “he doesn’t like you, and it’s not that he wants to plot against you, but being so good to you can only be a reason.”

“what reason?”

Tina gave full play to her actor’s imagination and solemnly said three words: “Entrusted by others.”

When Alyssa heard these words, she was stunned.

“by…who entrusted?” Alyssa didn’t know why she stuttered suddenly.

Tina continued to analyze: “Of course he is a person who cares about you!”

Alyssa’s voice was a little soft: “Apart from you, who else cares about me so much?”

Tina subconsciously said: “Of course it is the big boss!”


Something exploded in her heart.

There was a moment of blankness in Alyssa’s mind.

Tina also realized what she had said, and fell into a strange silence on the phone.

Chapter 680

After a while, Alyssa slowly said, “Do you think it is possible?”

Tina was silent for a moment: “I… don’t think there is no such possibility…”

——It is not impossible that this is possible.

However, this possibility is just a cool guess.

During the period after breaking up with Karl, Alyssa held a glimmer of hope again and again, and then despaired again.

She never wanted to guess Karl’s mind like this baselessly.

That’s too tiring.

“Do you know? I was in the Adams building when fire broke out.”

Alyssa paused, and Tina didn’t interrupt. She knew that Alyssa hadn’t finished speaking.

“When everyone was running for their lives, I thought that he and Grace were still in the office, so I went upstairs to find him. When I met him in the corridor, he left me.”

And that was not the first time Karl had left her behind.

When Alyssa said this, her tone was calm, as if she was talking about other people.

After listening to Tina, she still didn’t believe it: “Big boss, is he really like this?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa responded, sighing slightly.

Tina didn’t know what to say to comfort Alyssa for a while.

Alyssa directly changed the subject: “I’m still washing the dishes, and Grace will wake up later.”

“You’re busy, goodbye!”

Tina hung up the phone, feeling a little uncomfortable, so she picked up the phone and called Peter.

Peter answered Tina’s call, always very fast, as if he had been ordered at any time.

The phone connected, and only rang, and Peter answered the phone.

“Tina, your little boss is in a meeting, what are you doing?” When Peter talked to her, he didn’t have a righteous attitude.

Tina has long been accustomed to: “If you answer the phone in a meeting, then I’ll hang up.”

“Eh, wait…” Peter yelled on the other end of the phone, not allowing Tina to hang up: “Auntie, just say anything if you have anything to call.”

It’s impossible for Tina to call him if it’s okay. Even so, he is very happy to receive Tina’s call.

Tina said directly, “See you at Best Day tonight.”

“Okay.” Peter did not ask her what she was going to do, and directly agreed.

After Alyssa hung up the phone, she thought about what Tina said.

In fact, Tina’s words are not unreasonable.

For an unconstrained person like Dave, to be her bodyguard is indeed succumbing.

However, it would be even more impossible to make her believe that Karl made Dave come.

After experiencing despair again and again, Alyssa would no longer let herself have extra illusions about Karl.

However, she felt it was necessary to test Dave again.

Alyssa made up her mind and decided to cook dinner at night and invite Dave over to eat.

In the evening, she prepared the ingredients and knocked on the door of Dave.

Dave didn’t know what to do at home. He was still wearing a heavy coat. It didn’t seem like he stayed at home all the time, but as if he had just returned from the outside.

Seeing that Alyssa had been looking at him without speaking, Dave took the lead and said, “Miss Alyssa, are you okay?”

“Thank you for the potted plant you gave me. I want to invite you to my house for dinner.” Alyssa curled her lips slightly to make herself look upright and sincere.

Dave didn’t even think about it, so he refused: “No, I won’t go.”

Refusing to be so straightforward, she can directly filter out that Dave wants to chase her.

“You’re welcome. You sent me food and sent me to Adams’. I am very grateful. You made me feel owed.” After Alyssa said, she looked back at her house: “Please, please one hour. Come here later.”

“Miss Alyss…”
As soon as Dave spoke, Alyssa turned and left, pretending that she didn’t hear him talking, and didn’t give him any chance to speak.

Dave stopped talking, stared at Alyssa’s back for two seconds, wrinkled back and closed the door, and took out his mobile phone to make a call.

After Alyssa returned home, she started cooking.

Now Grace’s interest in cartoons is declining. Except for two cartoons that fight for justice, she doesn’t like the other little girls who like to watch.

When Alyssa’s face was cooking, she leaned in to cook with Alyssa.

Alyssa gave her corn and asked her to peel the corn.

Grace obediently went to the side to peel the corn. When Alyssa finished frying the two dishes and turned around, Grace had already peeled a stick of waxy corn almost, and it was still very neat.

Alyssa found that although Grace was not as lively as before, she seemed to be smarter than before.

Grace was smart before, but that was just the smartness of ordinary children. Now, Grace is smarter than children of the same age.

Maybe Alyssa stared at her for too long. Grace raised her head and looked at her: “Mom, have you made corn?”

“Yes, I will use it soon.” Alyssa recovered, smiling at Grace.

Grace peeled off the few remaining corns on the corn cobs two or three times, and carefully picked out the corn whiskers mixed in the corn kernels before handing them to Alyssa.

Alyssa took it over: “Thank you Grace.”

“You’re welcome.” Grace stood up and looked up to see how Alyssa was cooking.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

Grace pointed in the direction of the door and said to Alyssa, “Someone is knocking on the door.”

“I’ll open the door first.” Alyssa washed her hands and turned to open the door.

The visitor is Dave.

Alyssa opened the door and stood aside: “Come on, come in.”

Dave walked in blankly, with a very reluctant look.

Alyssa stared at his expression and didn’t say much.

Grace walked out and glanced at Dave.

She was not very familiar with Dave, so she looked at him for a long time.

Dave took out a doll from behind and handed it to Grace: “For you.”

Grace blinked and looked at Dave, then at the doll in Dave’s hand, and said, “What a cute doll.”

Then she reached out and took it.

Seeing this, Alyssa said, “Sit down first, and you can eat with just one dish.”

Dave nodded, walked to the sofa and sat down, still with that expressionless expression.

After Alyssa entered the kitchen, she found that Grace had not followed.

She looked outside and saw Grace also sat down on the sofa, sitting right next to Dave.

Dave is big and Grace is a small one, the picture is inexplicably cute.

Does grace like Dave?

This made Alyssa feel a little strange, the sound of oil in the pot pulled her mind back, and she turned around to continue cooking.

In the living room, Grace played with the doll in her hand, tilted her head to look at Dave, and asked gruffly: “This doll is from my house.”

Hearing the words, Dave slightly narrowed his eyes to look at her.

Grace said again, “Daddy bought this.”

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