Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 801

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Chapter 801


Master Lin?

Some people who had watched the video of Grandmaster Lin before were shocked to find that the figure walking towards the high platform was indeed somewhat like Grandmaster Lin.

However, apart from Kelly, Kong Sheng, and others, no one has seen the true face of Grandmaster Lin, and no one is sure at this moment.


Suddenly everyone discovered something was wrong.

After this young man appeared, many Jiangnan bigwigs saw that the arrogant blood wolf on the battlefield suddenly quieted down.

Not only that.

The eyes of the blood wolf stared at the young man, his face was full of brutality and viciousness.

It’s like seeing one’s mortal enemy.

“Lin, you finally showed up!”


Hearing the words of Blood Wolf, whether it was Leng Aotian on the high platform or the many Jiangnan bigwigs below, there was an uproar.

Master Lin!

He is the Grandmaster Lin.

My God, didn’t he know that the blood wolf had defeated Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain, so he still had the guts to appear?

Is he wants to die?

Everyone’s face was full of astonishment and incomprehension. Looking at Shaun’s back, was like looking at a lunatic.

Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain on the high platform also changed their expressions.

“Lin, you…what are you doing? Go! Get out!”

“Lin, we have been beaten hard by Blood Wolf, you, as the only remaining intact great master in Jiangnan, should not be here! You can’t beat him!”

The faces of Leng Aotian and Helenshan were pale.

They don’t know Shaun.

Not to mention that the guy in front of them was the offender who abolished their grandchildren.

At this moment, the two only knew that Shaun could not fight Blood Wolf, let alone fighting Bloody Buddha.

He is here for seeking death, nothing more.


Shaun didn’t listen to them at all.

His eyes stared straight at the Bloody Buddha, and the expressions in his eyes were full of complexities, surprises, longings, and memories.

More than him!

At the moment when Shaun appeared.

Bloody Buddha had already noticed this young man.

Familiar with!

For some reason, Bloody Buddha’s body started to tremble slightly, he felt that he is familiar with this young man.

However, he couldn’t recall at all, where he had seen this delicate face.

“Ok…it seems!”

In Bloody Buddha’s mind, a figure suddenly flashed from the memory.

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