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Chapter 1715

Tina’s temperament is indeed arrogant, and she doesn’t bother to entangle other women’s men, but this does not conflict with her dislike of being threatened.

Tina didn’t even look at Maria, “You are still the same as before, you haven’t made any progress.”

Although the tone was light, Maria felt disdain.


“I’m sleepy, going home to sleep, good night.”

Tina stood up, smiling on her face, appearing not sincere.

Maria had a feeling of being stuck in her throat, unspeakably uncomfortable, but there was nothing she could do about it.

So she could only watch Tina leave.


It’s rare to fall asleep quickly.

She didn’t know if it’s because she didn’t feel happy to find Maria, that’s why it was so easy to fall asleep.

However, it made her fall asleep quickly, but it didn’t make her fall asleep until dawn.

She was awakened by the phone’s ringtone.

The phone keeps ringing.

This is not the first time she had met Maria. She guessed in her heart that out of all likelihood something bad happened.

Not only are there a lot of missed calls, but there are also many text messages and unread WeChat.

Stephanie sent her at the top.

“Ms. Tina, don’t answer anyone’s phone calls, I’ll come to find you now…”

Tina moved her gaze to the upper right corner. It was five o’clock in the morning.

What a serious matter, Stephanie wanted to come to her so early.

Tina opened Twitter.

She cautiously used her trumpet to log in to Twitter, and as soon as she went up, she was shocked by the “Tina” related posts like swiping the screen.

Not to mention the trending search list, there are several topics related to her.

“Tina abortion.”

“The private life of Tina High School…”

“Whose house collapsed…”

These topics are all related to her.

She found the Tweet that first ignited the topic, and posted several pictures, including laboratory test sheets, and a list of abortion cases.

She zoomed in and examined the pictures one by one, and her complexion changed suddenly.

In a daze, she seemed to hear the sound of someone opening the door.

“Ms. Tina!”

While Stephanie’s anxious voice came from outside the door, the sound of pushing the door sounded.


The door was pushed open, and Stephanie appeared at the door.

“Ms. Tina!” Stephanie saw Tina with a relieved expression on her face.

Stephanie saw Tina holding a mobile phone and guessed that she knew everything: “This time the incident happened suddenly, we need a little time to deal with it. Where do you want to go on vacation, I will take you there?”

This time, the incident happened too suddenly. The other party was coming so fiercely that not only needed to be dealt with, but also the person who spread the rumors, so it took some time, and the reporters would be very excited whether it was true or not. Will find Tina in every possible way. Before that, protecting her is the most important thing.

Tina slowly turned her head to look at Stephanie, but said something completely irrelevant: “Did you not come back to sleep last night?”

“I attended a dinner, it was too late and it was a little far away, so I didn’t come back, and opened a room to sleep.” Stephanie answered patiently: “Get up, I’ll take you to the airport.”

After Stephanie finished speaking, she turned around and went to pack Tina’s clothes, and while packing up, she said, “As for the Internet, you can rest assured, I will definitely catch the person who spread the rumors.”

“It’s not a rumor.”

“You don’t…what?” Stephanie didn’t believe her ears for a while.

Tina looked at her and said quietly, “It’s all true.”

Chapter 1716

Stephanie’s hand holding the clothes hanger stopped abruptly, her mouth slightly opened, and she stared at Tina just like that, not knowing what to say for a while.

Tina repeated it again: “It’s true.”

Stephanie heard it clearly this time, and was quite sure that she had not misheard it just now.

After a brief silence, Stephanie retrieved her voice: “Go to the airport first.”

She actually had many questions in her mind.

She wanted to know why this happened.

She also wants to know what kind of man it is that can make Tina do this step.

But now these are not important, the important thing is not to let Tina get hurt.


The airport in the early hours of the morning was empty and deserted with few people.

Stephanie sent Tina through the security check, and said, “Call me when you land.”

Tina nodded, her expression was a little gloomy under the bright light.

Stephanie wanted to say something, but when the words reached her mouth, she muted, took a half step forward, and gave Tina a hug.

Released, Tina cast her eyes down to look at Stephanie: “I’m fine.”

Stephanie nodded: “Hmm.”

Seeing Tina passing the security check, Stephanie left.

On the way back, Stephanie received a call from Peter.

She fully understood why Peter made this call, but she couldn’t give him the answer he wanted.

She did not answer Peter’s call.

But Peter is not known for a temperament that says he will give up easily. If Stephanie doesn’t answer the phone, he sends Stephanie a WeChat text.

She clicked on the voice that Peter sent, and she heard Peter’s gloomy voice: “Stephanie, do you want to die?”

Her scalp was numb, Peter was probably going crazy at this time.

The crazy Peter is trickier than anything.

Stephanie had to take the time to reply to him: “I’m looking for you.”


After half an hour.

Stephanie’s car stopped at the door of AdamPic.

The sky was already bright at this time.

The AdamPic Building in the early morning was very quiet. Stephanie went directly to the top floor of the company.

As soon as she opened the door, she could smell a very strong smoke.

There was no light or window open in the room, and the smoke-filled the room. She was choked and coughed several times: “Brother?”

“Where is Tina?”

Stephanie coughed up tears and saw Peter walking towards her in a daze.

“I took her to the airport and let her leave and rest for a while…” Stephanie’s voice went to the back, and it had become inaudible.

Because she saw Peter’s scarlet eyes.

“With whom?” Peter asked.

Stephanie said carefully: “She is alone.”

Peter’s strong composure on the face, after hearing what she said, completely broke: “Are you for real? You let her be alone? What if she thinks of doing stupid things?”

“But so many years have passed since this matter, she should…” Stephanie was frightened by Peter’s eyes. The simple “not to be” simply couldn’t say anything.

Peter’s voice was dry: “If she let go, it would be impossible not to tell me for so many years!”

“That man is you?” Stephanie looked at Peter incredulously, listening to his tone, it seemed that he was one of the parties involved.

Peter had already checked Tina’s affairs over the past few years, but for some reason, he couldn’t find any information about her pregnancy. It was not until this time that he sent someone to deal with it. It’s not a rumor.

And Tina hadn’t had any other boyfriends in these years, her first and only man was Peter.

Only Peter.

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