Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 421 – 422

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Chapter 421

Tina had to catch an important announcement temporarily, so Peter was allowed to come over.

Peter took them to the desolate house.

“There is fruit yogurt in the refrigerator, vegetables and meat, and snacks here.”

Peter looked at the refrigerator and lockers with Alyssa as if he were in his own home, and opened the room to tell her where the bathroom is and which bedroom to live in.

“If you have anything, you can call me. Tina will come back later at night.”

After Peter finished speaking, he turned around and saw Alyssa smile deeply.

Peter scratched his head a little embarrassedly: “Anyway, just talk about it if you need it.”

Alyssa said with a straight face, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, you are Tina’s friend, and Karl’s wife, you should be.”

Alyssa didn’t remember who had heard it. Peter’s family was already on a mixed road. Later, when Peter was older, his father began to wash and walk on the road.

Due to the influence of family circumstances, Peter is a very loyal person.

Alyssa was no longer polite, and replied, “Yes.”

“Don’t worry too much about Karl, there will always be a way.” Although Peter was comforting her, his brows were slightly frowned, and he was obviously worried.

After Peter left, Alyssa took some dishes and meat in the refrigerator, and cooked chicken noodles with vegetables.

Grace was hungry a long time ago and ate a little fast.

Alyssa was watching Grace, beware of choking when she ate too fast, while thinking about Karl.

She was told before by Smith that Karl was taken by Claire and she blocked his memory by hypnosis, which gave him the illusion of “amnesia”.

Interlaced like a mountain, although she has also heard of hypnosis, seeing Karl’s situation, Alyssa found that this was beyond her cognition.

Alyssa searched the Internet for the definition of hypnosis.

If hypnosis is a deep psychological suggestion, is it similar to psychology?

Isn’t Clifford a PhD in psychology?

He must understand what hypnosis is all about.

Thinking of this, Alyssa took out her mobile phone and called Clifford.

When the call was connected, she first heard Clifford say in a low voice: “Sorry, I want to answer the call first.”

He probably said it while clutching his phone, and his voice sounded very low.

Another person’s voice resounded on the other end: “It’s okay.”

Then came the sound of the chair sliding. The next moment, Clifford’s voice came from the phone clearly: “Alyssa.”

“Do you have a patient? I’m bothering you.” Alyssa said apologetically.

There is a hint of ridicule in Clifford’s voice: “It’s okay, the patient doesn’t mind if I answer an important call first.”

It sounded like a very int!mate word, but he said it, neither light nor ambiguous.

Alyssa asked him directly: “Do you understand hypnosis?”

“Hypnosis? Understand a little, what’s the matter?” Clifford is very sensitive, knowing that she will not ask this for no reason, and there is a hint of concern in his tone.

“I just want to ask you, can hypnosis…”

“Mom, I’m full.”

Alyssa looked up and saw Grace holding her empty bowl and showing it to her.

Clifford on the other end of the phone also heard Grace’s voice, and said int!mately: “I will be free later, if you are convenient, you can come and find me directly.”

Alyssa also felt that she might not be able to say clearly in a few words, so she responded, “Okay.”

Grace has the habit of taking a nap.

After Alyssa came out after washing the dishes, she saw Grace asleep on the sofa.

Alyssa took her back to the room, and heard the sound of opening the door outside.

Could it be that Tina is back?

Sure enough, after the door opened, those who came in was Tina.

“Tina.” Alyssa called her and asked, “Peter said you will be back very late.”

“My part is finished, so I will come back quickly.” Tina said while changing her shoes.

She changed her shoes and walked directly over: “What’s the matter?”

At that time, Alyssa only said that she wanted to come and stay for a few days, and Tina did not ask much.

“It’s Karl, something happened to him.”

Alyssa simply told Tina about Karl.

Tina was startled, and said in a daze, “There is still such a thing. If this is true, then the person who hypnotized the big boss must be very good!”

“How do you say?” Alyssa’s current understanding of hypnosis still rests on hypnosis as a deep self-suggestion.

“A person sent me a script before, which is related to hypnosis. It is said that if it is a person with a strong defensive heart and a firm heart, it is difficult to be hypnotized. This kind of person is hypnotized. Once there is a suitable opportunity, It may recover…”

When Tina said it, she condensed her eyebrows and said, “Is there anything else you have forgotten, because the plot of the script was not very good at that time, so the agent didn’t pick it up for me.”

Alyssa thought, Karl should also be considered a determined person, right?

He should be hard to be shaken by something, and he should be more confident.

But why is Karl’s memory in confusion now?

Alyssa said solemnly, “I have to go.”

She must first find out about Clifford, and do everything possible to make Karl better.

Karl’s memory now stays at seven or eight years ago. In his memory, Alyssa and Grace were real strangers to him.

“Where to go? Where is Grace?” Tina asked, searching for Grace’s figure in the room.

“I’m going to find Clifford. He is a psychologist and he should know a little about hypnosis.” Alyssa glanced towards the bedroom and said, “Grace is taking a nap. You can watch her for me. She is very good. Yes, if she wakes up just call me.”

Tina nodded: “Yes.”

After discussing with Tina, Alyssa took the bag and went out and took a taxi directly to Clifford’s psychological clinic.

Maybe it was Clifford who said hello. As soon as Alyssa entered, the lady at the front desk smiled and called her, “Miss Alyssa, come to see Doctor Dixon?”

Alyssa nodded: “Yes, does he have a patient right now?”

The lady at the front desk said with a smile, “No, his last patient just left.”

“Thank you, I’ll go in and find him in first.” Alyssa said, and walked inward to find Clifford.

This is Alyssa’s second visit to Clifford’s psychological clinic.

His office is the same as his home, decorated in very warm colors, not at all like a psychologist’s office.

Alyssa knocked on the door and went in. Clifford looked up and saw her, slightly surprised: “You’re here so soon?”

“Your time is precious. If you say you have time, I will come here as soon as possible.” Alyssa walked in with a smile.

Chapter 422

Clifford asked her: “Sit down, what to drink?”

“Nothing, let’s just talk about things.” After Alyssa finished speaking, she realized that her tone was too eager, and added: “Grace is still taking a nap at home, I have to go back earlier.”

“Yeah.” Clifford nodded in understanding.

He sat on the sofa opposite Alyssa with a serious expression: “How come you suddenly asked about hypnosis, what happened?”

Alyssa hesitated.

Clifford saw her hesitation in her eyes, he gently curled his lips and said, “Well, just ask what you want.”

“Can hypnosis block people’s memory?”

“Hypnosis itself is also a way of psychological counseling for patients with mental disorders. It will hypnotize the patients according to their needs, which is a kind of psychological suggestion.”

When Clifford said this, he paused slightly.

Seeing that Alyssa listened carefully, he continued and said: “don’t know exactly what the psychological hints are, but people’s psychology is very complicated and difficult to control, so it does not rule out what you said, blocking people The possibility of memory.”

Clifford’s words are tantamount to affirming the power of hypnotism.

Alyssa asked with a serious face: “If people’s memory is blocked, can people restore their memories? Or, cause people’s memories to become biased and confused?”

Clifford laughed suddenly, fixed his gaze on her face, and stared at her: “Anything is possible. It’s like you woke up miraculously after sleeping for three years.”

Alyssa said, “You mean, there is the possibility of recovering your memory by yourself?”

“Let me tell you this.” Clifford thought for a while and said: “Hypnosis is actually not as godly as others say. After all, it is just a kind of psychological suggestion. If the hypnotized person goes to overthrow his psychological suggestion himself, then hypnosis may start to fail.”

“Like the blockade of memories you mentioned earlier, this kind of hypnotized person is to repeatedly accept the psychological hints given to him by the hypnotist and tell him that he should forget those things, but if someone around him repeatedly mentions the things he forgot , Or there are people and things that can touch him, it will be sooner or later to restore his memory.”

“Then, besides recovering the memory, is there any other situation?” She understood what Clifford said, but Karl was not recovering the memory now, but another situation.

“Deviation and confusion in memory are possible.” Clifford leaned back slightly and changed to a more comfortable posture: “Just like when you wake up but lose your memory, everything has uncertainties. But if the memory of the hypnotized person has deviations, it may also be due to the deep hypnosis and the eagerness to restore the memory, so too much is too late, which leads to memory confusion.”

What Clifford said was extremely consistent with Karl’s situation.

Thinking of this, she frowned and asked, “Then what should I do if the memory is confused?”

“I am not a hypnotist. I can’t answer this question to you. Maybe you should find the doctor who hypnotized him to have a solution.”

Clifford’s words clearly meant something.

Only then did Alyssa realize that she was anxious to ask about hypnosis, but Clifford had guessed something.

With Clifford’s clear eyes, she didn’t know what to say.

Clifford asked calmly, “Is it Karl?”

Clifford explained so much to her so seriously, she naturally had no reason to hide it: “Yeah.”

After that, she seemed to have thought of something suddenly, and said to Clifford: “You must keep this matter secret and you cannot tell others.”

“Don’t you believe me?” Clifford tilted his head, pretending to be disappointed.

Alyssa said with a loose heart, half earnestly said: “Of course I believe you the most in the fateful friendship. By the way, do you know a hypnosis expert? It is the kind that can hypnotize people to amnesia.”

“Is it really Karl?” A hint of surprise flashed across Clifford’s face: “You and Karl’s life is really wonderful.”

Alyssa said helplessly: “Are you talking coldly?”

“Of course not.” Clifford looked straight. “I’ll help you pay attention to the hypnosis expert. Although hypnosis and psychology are the same, they are not the same field. Let me say it all at once, but I can’t tell.”

“Thank you.” Alyssa felt a little forgiving.

She always seems to be bothering others.

Clifford smiled, “It’s a matter of raising your hand.”

Alyssa didn’t speak any more, just smiled back.

No amount of gratitude will be as useful as a real return.


Alyssa left Clifford’s clinic and took a taxi back to Tina.

Not long after she got in the car, she received a call from Tina.

Tina asked her, “Have you come back? Grace woke up and asked what kind of cake she wanted to eat. She will tell you herself.”

Hearing this, Alyssa laughed and said: “On the way back, you give Grace the phone.”

“Mom.” Not long after Grace woke up, her voice was milky, soft and glutinous like a new sweet cake.

“Grace wants to eat the cake that father bought last time? I’ll be back in a while, and I will help you buy the cake.”

Karl bought a small cake for Grace before. It was delicate and beautiful, especially sweet, suitable for the taste of children.

Grace always likes to eat sweets, and Alyssa seldom feeds it to her because she is afraid of her tooth decay.

After hanging up the phone, Alyssa asked the driver to divert to the nearby business world.

The mall is not very big, it looks like it was newly built, and there are not many people.

Alyssa found the bread shop on the second floor and found the little cake that Grace likes to eat.

She was overjoyed and said with a smile to the salesperson: “Thank you for helping me wrap this cake.”

However, the salesperson didn’t seem to be very enthusiastic, so he smiled reluctantly at her, and absently helped Alyssa pack the little cake and handed it directly to her.

Alyssa asked, “How much is it?” while taking the money.

The salesperson didn’t seem to hear her, and looked back at her: “Huh?”

She noticed the cake on Alyssa’s hand and said, “No money, I’ll give it to you, you can go.”

No money?

Alyssa felt that the salesperson was full of weirdness, and even looked a little bit unlike a salesperson.

Alyssa twisted her eyebrows slightly, took a one-hundred dollar bill and handed it to the counter: “Thank you for finding money.”

The salesperson looked a little anxious, but still leaned over to the drawer to find money for Alyssa.

Alyssa took it and counted it and found that the salesperson had given her sixty.

She took out a piece of ten and handed it to the salesperson: “The cake is forty-five, you can find five.”

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