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Chapter 753

The place where Alyssa lived, the Adams’ office, and Karl’s villa were actually on the same road.

It’s normal to make such a request by Smith.

Alyssa didn’t think much, nodded directly: “Ok.”

After knowing Smith for a few years, her impression of him has always been upright and steady, and Alyssa can trust him.

Smith lowered his eyes slightly, covering his guilty conscience, and said, “Then thank you, Miss Alyssa.”

“Mr. Smith is too polite. Last time I fell ill at home, if it weren’t for you and your wife to save…” Alyssa turned to look at Grace, caring that the child was here, and didn’t say any more unlucky words.

Had it not been for Smith and Hania, she might have died of illness at home and no one knew.

Smith knew how wrong to say more, and just nodded slightly, opened the door, and sat in the driver’s seat.

Alyssa took Grace to sit behind and gave Smith the car key.

At the gate of Alyssa’s community, she and Grace got out of the car and let Smith drive away.

The two got off the car and met Dave who was shopping at a convenience store.

Dave doesn’t seem to like to go out very much, and he doesn’t go to the supermarket very much to buy things. He only buys in convenience stores.

When Alyssa thought about Dave’s visit to her before, she pointed in his direction and asked Grace, “Remember who it was? Call him out loud and see if he shouldn’t know you.”

“Remember.” Grace stretched out her hand to her mouth and made a megaphone gesture, shouting: “Uncle Dave.”

Dave turned his head suddenly, his eyes stayed on the mother and daughter for a few seconds, then he turned his head, took a lollipop, and pointed in Grace’s direction.

Grace understood it at once, turned her head and smiled at Alyssa and said, “Uncle Dave asked me to come over and get candy!”

Feeling that Grace was already holding her hand and running there, Alyssa was a little worried that the child could be cheated away by a little Candy, so she deliberately poured cold water on her: “Maybe he just showed you?”

Grace was not bluffed by Alyssa’s words, and said with certainty: “No! Uncle Dave is going to give it to me!”

Alyssa was a little surprised, is Grace so keen?

Grace pulled Alyssa and walked over, Dave had already picked up things and settled the bill.

As soon as Grace passed, he took a lollipop and handed it to Grace.

Grace took it and said sweetly: “Thank you Uncle Dave.”

Dave took out an apple from his pocket and handed it to her.

Grace loves sweets the most, and her interest in fruits is very common. She shook her head: “I only have sweets, not apples.”

Dave raised his eyebrows. Seeing Grace was wearing a small hooded sweater today, he put the apple directly into her hat.

Putting the apple in the hat, Grace tilted her head back and turned to look at the apple in her hat.

Alyssa laughed, and helped Grace take out the apple and put it in her hand.

It is a little coincidence that Dave also wore a black sweater today. Grace held a lollipop in one hand and an apple in the other, and kept looking into Dave’s sweater hat.

She also wanted to stuff the apple into Dave’s hat.

Dave noticed Grace’s small eyes and stretched out his hand to pull the hat up and put it on his head.

Grace frowned and pouted, “Uncle Dave!”

Dave curled his lips, his smile was not obvious.

He looked at Alyssa: “Did you not drive to pick her up?”

“The car is lent to Mr. Smith.” After Alyssa said, she thought that Dave might not know Smith, and said, “It’s Karl’s assistant.”

Dave squinted his eyes slightly, and his expression became unpredictable.

He nodded to show that he knew, and then speeded up and walked to the front.

Grace chased up with her short legs, Dave’s steps were too big, he took one step and Grace took three.

Alyssa followed behind and told her: “Grace, slow down.”

Feeling Grace chasing after him, Dave actually slowed down.

When Grace finally caught up with his footsteps, she raised her head and said something to Dave, and the two of them had a conversation like this.

Alyssa followed behind and couldn’t help slowing down.

Dave usually looks like a stranger shouldn’t get close, but Grace is not afraid of him.

Compared with Dave, Karl was completely better than Dave. Grace was not afraid of Karl, and naturally it was impossible to be afraid of Dave.

What surprised Alyssa was that Dave was so patient with the children.

Back home, Alyssa changed Grace’s clothes and asked, “What did you talk to Uncle Dave?”

“Nothing to talk about.” Grace put her coat aside, took the clothes in Alyssa’s hand and wore it by herself.

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment: “Ah? You don’t tell me?”

Grace smiled “hehe”, with a mysterious look, humming and ran to her schoolbag after getting dressed.

Alyssa followed out and asked her, “Aren’t you afraid of Uncle Dave?”

“Uncle Dave is very cool.” Grace dug out the paintbrush in her schoolbag and puts them side by side.

Alyssa laughed uncontrollably after hearing this, “Do you know what is cool?”

Grace thought about it for a moment, and said solemnly: “Uncle Dave is just very cool and doesn’t like talking.”

Alyssa raised her eyebrows and found Grace’s drawing board to her: “It’s cool if you don’t like to talk? Doesn’t your father like to talk either?

“Dad is cooler and handsome.” Grace smiled, seemingly embarrassed.

Alyssa touched her face and asked tentatively, “Then if… let you leave your father and mother to live together, would you like it?”

“Leave Dad? Why leave him? I am with you now, and I will be with Dad tomorrow, why should I leave?” Grace didn’t understand Alyssa’s words.

It would be too hard for Grace to understand those things about adults.

However, Alyssa didn’t know how to speak when facing Grace.

The eyes were facing each other, Grace’s eyes were so pure that there was no trace of impurities, simple and pure, facing such a pair of eyes, Alyssa’s thoughts were stuck in her throat.

However, these words are always meant to be said.

Alyssa took a deep breath, reached out and put Grace into her arms, touched her head, and said warmly, “Because Dad will be very busy at work, so you have to live with your mom and wait until Dad is free. , He will come to see you.”

She didn’t know if Grace would understand what she said.

Grace’s voice sounded: “Are you as busy as you were before?”

She was referring to Alyssa entering the crew before and returning once a month.

Alyssa sat up slightly, held out her hand to hold her face, looked at her eyes and said, “Well, I might be busier than I was before.”

Grace’s eyes widened, and said in surprise, “Will father be very tired?”

Alyssa was stunned, she didn’t expect Grace to pay attention to this.

Chapter 754

The conversation between Alyssa and Grace ended without a problem. It did not achieve the effect she wanted, and she couldn’t say what she wanted to say.

Doing psychological work for children is actually the easiest and most difficult at the same time.

They are easy to believe what you say, and they are easy to suffer from bad influences.

The next day, after Alyssa sent Grace to kindergarten, she planned to join Alvin.

They have filed a lawsuit now, so Karl will receive the summon from the court in a few days.

What she and Alvin have to do now is to find evidence and find a breakthrough to win this lawsuit.

After Alyssa watched Grace enter, she returned to the car.

She had just gotten into the car when she heard the sound of a “ding” news push.

Alyssa took out her mobile phone while buckling her seat belt.

She was about to clear the push news directly, but when she saw the news headline, she suddenly stopped.

“Filmstar Tina was injured at the event yesterday…”

Tina injured?

Alyssa quickly clicked on the news and took a look.

There are only a few pictures above, just a few specious words.

Alyssa dialed Tina’s phone directly.

The phone rang for a long time and no one answered it. Alyssa hung up the phone and went to WeChat to send a message to Tina: “The news says you are injured. What’s the matter? Are you really injured?”

Tina replied quickly: “It’s nothing, it’s a little bit of a skin bruise, a little injury.”

“Really?” Although the media tends to exaggerate, Alyssa is still a little worried.

Tina replied again: “It’s really nothing.”

Alyssa didn’t believe it, and said, “Then why don’t you answer my call?”

Tina didn’t reply, Alyssa sent another message: “Which hospital, send me the address, hurry up.”

After half a minute, Tina sent the hospital address.

Alyssa looked at the hospital address and sighed slightly. She knew that Tina was lying to her.

Although Tina looked careless, she was actually very careful. When something really happened, she didn’t like to say anything and didn’t want others to know about it.

Alyssa drove to the hospital where Tina lived.

Tina lives in a high-level ward, and two bodyguards are guarding outside the door. Fortunately, Tina’s agent is also there. She knows Alyssa.

She saw Alyssa and asked, “Miss Alyssa is here.”

“Well, how is Tina?” Alyssa asked.

The agent hesitated and said, “You go in and have a look.”

Alyssa’s face changed slightly when she heard this. If it was really just a minor injury, the agent could just say where the injury was, but she didn’t say anything. Instead, she let Alyssa go in and see by herself, saying that Tina was seriously injured.

Alyssa opened the door and walked towards the ward.

Tina, who was lying on the hospital bed, heard the movement and looked back and found that Alyssa was coming. She pulled a smile at the corner of her mouth, and said in a lively tone: “Alyssa, why are you here so soon?”

Alyssa didn’t speak, standing in front of the hospital bed, frowning at her.

Gauze was still wrapped around her sullen forehead, one leg was hung in plaster, and one arm was also wrapped in gauze. She had a pale face and looked at Alyssa with a smile.

Alyssa was angry and distressed. She looked at Tina angrily and asked, “Is that what you said was a little skin injury?”

Tina lowered her head with a guilty conscience, and whispered: “It’s not just the skin, but also a bit of bone…”

Alyssa slowed down, and increased her tone and said, “I just hurt a bit of bone?”

The low air pressure on Alyssa’s body was too obvious, and Tina said honestly, “I broke my forehead and broke this leg.”

Alyssa snorted coldly and walked aside to look at her legs.

However, with such a thick cast on her leg, she couldn’t see anything at all.

Tina began to chatter: “Alyssa, it’s not that I said so for no reason, you are not happy now, the aura is as gloomy as the big boss, it’s scary, you, don’t…”

“You are in good spirits.” Alyssa interrupted her and gave her a stare.

Tina stopped immediately, smiled, and patted the edge of the bed: “Oh, come and sit.”

Alyssa sat down by the bed, her eyes fell on the gauze wrapped on Tina’s forehead, and frowned and asked, “Why did you hurt so badly? The news said that you were injured during an activity, why? What’s the matter?”

“People who are not the organizers are not doing things badly. Those equipment are not fixed. An indoor event. The shelf fell down and suppressed me…”

Tina put it lightly, but Alyssa was shocked when she heard it: “How could there be such a big mistake? They don’t know how important the face and legs are to an actor?”

Tina saw that Alyssa was so angry, she quickly calmed her up: “The doctor said that the problem is not big, just keep it well, and the legs won’t be affected, and there will be no scars on the forehead. Let’s talk about it. My agent has already contacted the lawyer and is going to go through the legal process.”

After hearing her say this, Alyssa’s complexion looked a little better.

“I haven’t taken many vacations in the past two years, so I can take a long vacation,” Tina said to her, not knowing whether she was comforting herself or comforting Alyssa.

Alyssa groaned for a moment, and said, “It’s okay to take a break.”

Even if Tina recuperates for half a year before going out, she doesn’t have to worry about not being filmed. She didn’t plan to take the road of traffic stars at the beginning, so she didn’t want to keep the heat so that others would remember her. She just needs to ensure that every work is available with a quality and she is fine.

Moreover, Peter couldn’t prevent Tina from filming.

Although the two seem to be very different, and they are still a couple after so many years of entanglement, but the friendship between the two is deep, even if it is not loved, there are other affections.

Tina moved her neck and said, “It’s too boring to be in the hospital. Come and chat with me if you have nothing to do.”

“I will come when I have time.” After Alyssa finished speaking, she looked around and said, “Did you not tell your family?”

“My mom and my dad went abroad to travel,” Tina said pitifully.

Alyssa laughed: “I didn’t plan to write a new script during this period. I will bring you to stew every day.”

“You are better than my mother…” Tina was so moved that she almost called her mother.

Alyssa chatted with her for a while before leaving.

When she was out of the ward, the agent came back from outside with something in his hand: “Miss Alyssa is leaving.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa’s gaze stayed on the bag held by the agent for a moment, and asked as if thinking of something: “How did you find out about Tina’s injury this time? Are there any results?”

The agent shook his head: “The scene of the accident seemed to be an accident, but the mistake was too big. The organizer has cooperated several times before and has always done things very rigorously…”

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