Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1044

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Chapter 1044

After a long time, he could not guarantee that he would not be tempted by her at all.

Just like just now, she turned pale after the blood was drawn, and at that moment his heart hurts so much for some reason, and even his heart hurts so much that he will be irrational.

“Nothing.” He said anxiously.

“It’s getting late, go back and rest early.” His voice returned to his usual indifference and alienation.

Irene said: “Let me see what you are missing here, and I will ask the nurse to prepare it for you. I will go back now.”

She walked around in the ward, and then left with nostalgia.

Before long, the nurse came to the ward according to Irene’s instructions and changed all the items on the accompany bed.

The original colorful sheets and duvet covers have been replaced with sterling silver gray series.

Jacob looked at the nurse questioningly, “The president changed?”

The nurse nodded, “Yes. The president said that you may not like colorful things. I’m afraid you can’t sleep well, so he especially asked us to replace you with new ones.”

Jacob’s eyes fell on the silver-gray quilt, wondering, is she the roundworm in his stomach? How do you know these quirks of him?

When the nurse left, she smiled and said to Jacob, “I wish you good dreams again and again.”

Jacob nodded faintly.

As soon as Irene left the medical department of Media Asia, Guan Xiao called. Guan Xiao’s voice in the microphone was particularly solemn, and Irene said in a convenient way: “Meet and talk.”

Irene rushed to Media Asia in a hurry, and Guan Xiao had been waiting for her at the door of the president’s office for a long time.


Guan Xiao handed Irene a card, and Irene took a look, and her pupils shone suddenly, “Isn’t this the bank card Qiulian lost?”

Guan Xiao nodded.

“Our people found it in the trash can on the street near the Yangguangyuan community.”

Irene said: “Has the thief caught it?”

Guan Xiao shook his head, “I don’t know why, the other party’s vigilance is particularly strong. As soon as our person approached him, he ran away.”

Irene sneered and said, “A repeat offender. I have gained experience after being chased by the police.”

Guan Xiao’s face was still very solemn.

Irene noticed the abnormality and asked, “Why, there is a problem with the identity of this thief?”

Guan Xiao nodded solemnly.

“Hurry up.” Irene couldn’t wait to know the answer.

After she learned that Hu Zi was not Jacob’s biological flesh and blood, Irene became sensitive and suspicious of anything that happened to Qiulian.

Guan Xiao said: “We saw the person who lost this card from the surveillance, and then investigated his identity. His name is A Ke. He is a fisherman.”

Irene’s pupils dilated, “Fishermen?”

Guan Xiao said: “Maybe he and Qiulian know each other, and Qiulian doesn’t know if he stole Qiulian’s bank card. After all, he is used to stealing well.”

Irene raised her hand to forbid Guan Xiao to speak, interrupting her thoughts.

Guan Xiao saw Irene’s always calm face, and a nervous and uneasy expression appeared. Slightly surprised.

Although the chief executive is a female generation, but the ups and downs of these years have not been afraid of anyone.

The only thing she fear is President Zhan.

After a long time, Irene’s confused thoughts returned to zero, and a few clear clues emerged.

Huzi is not the flesh and blood of Brother Jie.

Qiulian’s stuck on Ak’s body.

So who is Huzi’s father?

Will it be Ak?

If it is Ak, then Qiulian’s bank card was stolen by the guard?

The thought that Qiulian might deceive Jacob to raise other men with his hard-earned money, Irene’s fists suddenly clenched.

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