Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1045

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Chapter 1045

“Guan Xiao, this matter should not be underestimated. I want you to catch A Ke as soon as possible? I have something to confront him.”


“And—” Irene’s eyes filled with a stern light, “Is that Qiulian, whether it is the vulgar silly Baitian, or the scheming pseudo-white lotus, I have to test her. You make me close to her. opportunity.”

Guan Xiao said: “Yes.”

The next day.

Qiulian came to the ward carrying a box of lunch and saw Jacob sitting in front of Huzi, gently stroking the child’s head, Qiulian couldn’t help laughing.

“Husband, you should go to work after you have eaten. I think that although the female president speaks a little unpleasantly, she does things without deviation. She is a good person. She helps us so much, and it is not good for you to absent from work like this.”

Qiulian was even more afraid that Jacob would miss work because of taking care of her children, and she was afraid that Jacob would be dismissed. So her good days are over.

Jacob nodded, “Yes.”

After taking a few bites of food at random, he left the hospital and went to the office building of Media Asia.

Department of Cyber Security.

Today’s employees all prepared more coats in a tacit understanding.

When Jacob came to the office, they felt the cooling power of this huge refrigerator, and silently put on the jacket on the back of the chair.

Jacob Ying Tong suddenly tightened, looking at Guan Xiao suspiciously.

But found that the clothes Guan Xiao prepared were thicker.

Because Guan Xiao is the closest to him. Most need to keep warm.

Seeing Jacob’s fierce gaze, Guan Xiao silently took off the jacket he was wearing.

Then he explained with a guilty conscience: “The weather forecast says it will cool down today.”

Only then did Jacob Binghan’s pupil slowly warm up.

However, this lie was quickly exposed by Irene who broke into the Cyber Security Department.

Irene had something to look for Guan Xiao, and when he came to the Cyber Security Department, he saw that the employees were wearing coats outside their professional attire, and cried out curiously.

“Why are your employees in the Cyber Security Department so afraid of the cold? Is it because you stay up late with kidney deficiency?”

“Looking back, I asked the cafeteria to give you a bullwhip to make up for you.”


“Assistant Yan!” An employee winked at Irene, motioning him to look at the window.

Irene followed his gaze, and when he saw Jacob, his eyes almost fell to the ground.

Jacob, the ice cube, came to work in the Cyber Security Department?

Irene snorts and said: “I sympathize with you so much.”

Although the voice was small, he was heard by Jacob.

Jacob raised his eyes to look at Irene, his eyes were confused: He is not a big tiger, what are they afraid of him?

Guan Xiao quickly stood up and rounded up the field, “Assistant Yan, what are you doing in the Ministry of Security?”

Irene hugged his cold arms and trembled a little and said, “I…I just came to ask you, does the president have any special schedule tonight?”

Guan Xiao is familiar with Irene’s work schedule. “After six o’clock this afternoon, the president will be free.”

Irene said: “Then…just fine.”

“Did you arrange things for the president?” Guan Xiao asked vigilantly.

After Irene stayed in the company for three years, he received the nickname: “Mr. Unreliable.”

It’s no wonder that Guan Xiao always guarded him against the president.

Irene said: “Nothing big, just invite her to a star-studded banquet.”

Jacob condensed his eyebrows, an inexplicable dislike slipped through his heart.

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