Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1046

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Chapter 1046

Rich people just like to live this kind of corrupt life.

As soon as he made a little remark to Irene, I heard Guan Xiao scold Irene:

“The president never participates in entertainment outside of work, don’t you know?”

Irene said: “This time is different. She will definitely go. Because there is a big star who is her idol.”

Irene threw the invitation card onto Guan Xiao’s desk.

Jacob’s Binghan eyes cast away.

She even chased stars?

So childish!

Irene shuddered, hugs her arms and quickly walked outside.

“It’s really cold. I’ll go back and wear a down jacket.”

Guan Xiao picked up the invitation card, and when he saw the name of the inviter, he didn’t dare to neglect.

Quickly got up and walked to the president’s office.

Guan Xiao came to the president’s office and handed Irene an invitation card.

“President, tonight is the final celebration party of the crew of “The Mad Concubine of Chinese Medicine”. Miss Janice invited you to participate. Are you going?”

Irene said ecstatically: “This is the first time that Janice has become a major heroine in my family, so I have to cheer her up.”

Suddenly his face darkened, “But am I missing a partner?”

Guan Xiao reminded her in a low voice, “President, isn’t there a ready-made one downstairs?”

Irene smiled and said, “Hurry up and invite him to me.”


Not long after, Guan Xiao brought Jacob to Irene.

Irene looked at Jacob unpredictably, “Brother Ayue, you are my dancing partner. How about?”

Jacob’s voice was cold. “It’s not a necessary entertainment, no partner can refuse.”

Irene almost begged, “I won’t go to various banquets of other famous families in person. But Janice is different to me, she is my best sister.”

Jacob was slightly startled, it turned out that she was going to the banquet for a certain girl.

The sourness somewhere in my heart diminished inexplicably.

Irene pleaded bitterly, “I have a deep revolutionary friendship with her. Brother Ayue, please accompany me.”

“Okay.” He deserved some reluctance.

Irene was excited, “Great, Brother A Yue.”

Jacob’s cold eyes fell on her handsome suit, “You go to the banquet like this? You guessed it was there were many men or women who invited you to dance?”

Irene showed embarrassment, “Then I will go to the dressing room next door to do some makeup. You will wait for me for a while.”

Soon, Guan Xiao sent the clothes over.

What he prepared for Jacob was a set of high-definition hand-made brand suits, azure blue shirts, and black suits.

Jacob refused very decisively, “I won’t change.”

Guan Xiao begged his grandpa to tell his grandma, and humblely pleaded: “Mr. Ayue, you are now an assistant to the president. You have to replace the image of Media Asia. Therefore, from now on, your clothing will have a company It is specially provided for you. In addition to wearing limited edition productions of major international brands on major occasions, you usually wear the clothes carefully made by our clothing company under Media Asia. Of course, if you have any needs for wearing, you can bring it up , We will feed back…”

Jacob looked at Guan Xiao’s mouth, he was eloquent and eloquent. If he does not agree, it is estimated that he will be able to speak of old age.

“Do whatever you want!” he said lightly.

He changed his clothes and came out. Perhaps it was the top and back of the well-tailored clothes, which also brought out his ascetic and cold air. Mixed with noble elegance, it made him full of deterrence in every gesture.

Guan Xiao looked at Jacob, his eyes moist.

In a trance, it seemed that the energetic prince was back again.

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