Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 864

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Chapter 864

Looking at the place filled with surprise, everyone seemed to be unable to believe what they saw or heard.

“What…what’s going on?”

Lin Guangyao was dumbfounded.

He seemed to see that the two great masters bowed to Elvira?

And apologizing?

More than him.

Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao beside, the ferocious smiles on their faces completely stiffened.

Their eyes were wide, especially after seeing their grandfathers bowing to Elvira.


The two almost got out of the wheelchair and fall on the ground:

“No…impossible! Isn’t my grandpa going to take revenge? Why would he bow to that woman?”

“Grandpa! What are you doing! Do you know that this woman is Shaun’s wife! Why are you bowing to our enemy?”


Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao were completely shocked by the scene in front of them.

And the rest of the people were completely blown up.

“Oh my god, I… what did I’m seeing, the two great masters bowed to Elvira?”

“Elvira! Who is this woman! Why did the people of the Shengshi Group bow to her? Even the two great masters came forward aggressively to seek revenge, but after seeing her, they completely put out the fire?”

“Yes! This President Elvira is incredible!”


At this moment, it fell in the eyes of everyone, and it was Elvira who had conquered the two great masters.

After all!

When both masters entered the door, they wanted to slay Shaun, but now, when they saw Elvira, they bowed and apologized, which made everyone couldn’t believe it.

More than them.

Even Elvira and all the senior officials of the New Bai Group were all confused.

Everyone looked stupidly at the masters who were bowing in front of Elvira, everyone just felt like they were dreaming.

“Great masters, what are you doing…”

Elvira said with a trembling voice.

And at the moment.

Leng Aotian and Helenshan still maintained a bowing posture, and they didn’t even dare to look up at Shaun.

When Elvira asked, the two hurriedly said with a wry smile:

“President Elvira, we are sorry, we two don’t know anything before, please forgive us!”

“Yeah, President Elvira, we wanted to be unfavorable to your husband before. This pure lard is so overwhelming. Please forgive us!”

The words of the two great masters were extremely sincere.

And the more so.

In Elvira’s heart, there were shocking waves.

What happened?

Elvira can be sure that she has never seen these two great masters, and that she is just the president of a new company, but the two of them are the great masters of Megatron Jiangnan.

How can they bow to her?

“Could it be because of Shaun?”

Elvira was shocked at this moment, but she couldn’t help thinking of Shaun.

Because she remembered that Shaun said again and again that Leng Aotian and Helenshan can’t dare to do anything to him.

Elvira didn’t believe it before.

But now…

“Miss Elvira!”

Seeing Elvira’s hesitant look, both masters were scared to pee.

At the moment, they thought that Elvira and Shaun have not accepted their apology, and the two hurriedly continued:

“To express my apologies, I Leng Aotian announced that I will fully support the New Bai Group in the future!”

“Helen Mountain announced that the New Bai Group will become the first partner of our Lanshan Group!”

As these words fell!

Everyone got stunned with shock.

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