Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 861

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Chapter 861

“The two great masters are finally here! Shaun is finished now!”

Lin Guangyao’s face was full of viciousness.

He hated Shaun very much.

But what made him gritted his teeth was that every time this bastard Shaun faced a desperate situation, he has always changed the situation in his favor.

And this time.

“I don’t believe it, the two great masters are going to kill you!”

Lin Guangyao looked at Shaun, feeling extremely happy.

And Leng Bufan also shouted to his father Leng Kang:

“Dad, did you hear that? Grandpa is here, he will not spare this little beast! I advise you to take your words back, otherwise, my grandpa…

Leng Bufan didn’t finish speaking, but the meaning of the words made Leng Kang and all the senior leaders of Shengshi Group look gloomy.

And behind the crowd.

Elvira, Baishan, and all the senior officials of the New Bai Group were all panicked.

The Great Masters are here!

This terrible formation made everyone numb.

“Shaun, runaway! Go!” Elvira almost cried anxiously.

It just made Elvira and others unbelievable.

Shaun didn’t seem to panic at all. Instead, he smiled and patted Elvira on the shoulder, and said comfortingly:

“Don’t be afraid my wife! As I said, those two old guys can’t hurt me!”


Again old guy!

Hearing Shaun’s words, the corners of Elvira and everyone’s mouths were filled with bitterness and despair.

But Lin Guangyao, Leng Bufan, and others looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a dead person.

“Huh! The dead duck has a hard mouth and dares to call my grandfather an old guy. Watch and see how my grandfather will kill you soon!” Leng Bufan sneered.

Lin Guangyao, He Jiaojiao, and others nearby also smiled sorrowfully.

Da da da!

Especially at this time.

Two heavy footsteps resounded from outside.

In the shocking sight of everyone, Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain stepped in.

The momentum is cold and violent.

After the two people entered, everyone in the hall only felt the temperature here, as if it had dropped to a freezing point suddenly, causing everyone to shiver involuntarily.

“This…is this the grand master’s aura? How terrible!”

Everyone in the hall looked at Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain at this moment, filled with deep fear.

And when the two old masters entered the door, shouted angrily:

“Who is Shaun, come in front!!!”


Hearing this, everyone shuddered again.

And seeing this scene.

Leng Kang, the president of Shengshi Group, hurriedly ran over:



Leng Aotian was taken aback for a moment, and when he saw his son appeared here, he frowns and asked:

“Leng Kang, why are you here too?”

“Dad! You can’t do anything to Shaun!” Leng Kang’s face was gloomy.

But this sentence, as if stepping on Leng Aotian’s tail, made his expression instantly furious:


“Leng Kang is your kid’s head flooded! That Shaun has not only abolished your son but also he dared to humiliate me! Now you want me to not touch him?”

Leng Aotian’s eyes were wide, and he could hardly believe his ears.

Shaun has now become the number one enemy of the Leng Family.

He couldn’t imagine that his son is favoring Shaun.

However, this does not stop.

After Leng Kang’s words, almost all of the people in the hall were confused.

“Dad, I’m saying this for us! I don’t want you to lose your life!”

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