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Chapter 419

The bodyguard was frightened by Karl’s expression: “I was about to help you get out of the car and go to the hospital.”

As he said, he stepped back a bit so that Karl could see the hospital door.

“What do you want to do in the hospital? Who asked you to send me to the hospital? Huh?” The last “Huh” word was so gloomy as a reminder of the king.

The bodyguard was silent, afraid to speak, and didn’t dare to step away, only looking at Alyssa for help.

Following the bodyguard’s sight, Karl realized that Alyssa was also in the car.

“Were you going to take me to the hospital?” Karl squinted at her, and as soon as he reached out his hand, he clamped her chin, and his voice was cold: “What are you sending me to the hospital for? Who gave you the courage?”

Alyssa was sluggish for a moment with his inquisitive tone.

Such Karl is very strange.

“You looked like you were sick, and you were very uncomfortable. I asked them to take you to the hospital.” Alyssa looked at him carefully while speaking.

His eyes are very deep, the kind of dark as thick as ink, and when he is not smiling, he is a little gloomy, not to mention that he is in full anger at this time.

And Alyssa didn’t know where his anger came from.

These days, they lived under the same roof, and she had never seen Karl look like this.

After hearing her words, Karl twisted his eyebrows, and pinched her chin even harder.

Alyssa took a breath of pain and said, “Karl, can you let go first.”

“Do you know me?” Not only did Karl not let go, his eyes became sharper, and he also asked a little bit of inquiry: “Who are you?”

“I…” Alyssa wanted to say her name subconsciously, only then did she discover Karl’s abnormality.

She asked Karl in disbelief, “You don’t know me?”

Although the two of them lost their memories three years ago, how could it happen that he did not recognize her suddenly when they lived under the same roof?

Alyssa stretched out her hand and moved his hand holding her chin away, then leaned close to Karl, pointed at herself, and said to him with a serious face: “Look at me, you really don’t know me anymore?”

Karl pulled the corner of his lips, and said with a mockery: “Heh, you think you look a little more pleasing than ordinary women, so I should know you?”

Alyssa: “…”

Who can tell her what is going on?

Karl wouldn’t be…having a brain problem?

Alyssa’s complexion changed slightly, and she looked normal when she went out in the morning…

During this period of time, his temper was a little worse, and there was nothing different from ordinary people.

She thought for a while, and discussed with Karl: “I didn’t explain clearly to you at the moment, and don’t know what’s wrong with you now, so let’s go to the hospital for a check first, okay?”

Karl said coldly: “You should be checked.”


Karl raised his head to look at the bodyguard driving in front, and said, “Go back.”

“Yes, Sir.” The bodyguard responded and started the car to go back.

At this moment, Karl suddenly said, “Wait a minute.”

The bodyguard stopped the car quickly.

Karl turned his head, looked at Alyssa, who was peeking at him from time to time, and coldly spit out two words: “Go down.”

“You let me get off?” Alyssa suspected that she had heard it wrong.

Karl just glanced at her coldly, “Is there anyone else?”

Alyssa was a little startled, and her reaction naturally slowed down.

For a few moments of stunned moments, Karl had already opened the car door and directly pushed her down.

Karl’s movements were very rude, with disgust in her eyes, as if she was invisible trash.

Alyssa was pushed out of the car and fell to the ground.

She was on the ground for a while, until she heard the whistle of a car not far away, she suddenly woke up, got up and walked to the side of the road to sit down.

Although it was embarrassing to be pushed out of the car by him, she did not feel sad.

It may be because the memory has not been restored and there is no emotional bondage.

Alyssa touched her pocket, but luckily she brought her mobile phone when she went out.

Smith called her today, and she dialed Smith’s phone directly.

“Miss Alyssa.” Smith’s tone was slightly surprised.

“Mr. Smith, Karl…he has something wrong.”

Alyssa recounted what happened just now to Smith.

After listening to it, he said, “Miss Alyssa, where are you now, I will pick you up first.”

Alyssa didn’t have any money, and Smith offered to pick her up, so she was not polite and told Smith directly.

Smith came very fast, maybe it was a flying car.

He parked the car in front of Alyssa: “Miss Alyssa, get in the car.”

After getting into the car, Alyssa asked, “Has Karl ever had any disease before? Has this happened before?”

“No.” Smith looked solemn: “We only learned today that Boss’s amnesia was brought to hypnosis by his sister and blocked the memory. I think the current situation of Boss may be related to hypnosis.”

“Hypnosis?” This word is not uncommon in life, but it can block people’s memory. This is the first time Alyssa has heard of it.

Smith frowned and said, “If Boss’s current situation is really related to hypnosis, you must first find the hypnosis expert.”

Alyssa suddenly thought of Grace, her face suddenly changed: “He didn’t recognize me just now, will he also not know Grace?”

Smith heard the words, did not speak, but accelerated the speed.

When Alyssa arrived at the villa, the villa was already in a mess.

The servants and bodyguards are standing in the courtyard.

Alyssa walked over and asked one of the servants, “Where is Karl?”

The maid said with lingering fear: “Sir is inside, he drove us out.”

Alyssa looked around, but did not see Grace’s figure, and asked, “Where is Grace?”

The maid looked at the location next to her and was shocked: “Little Miss was here just now!”

Alyssa didn’t care about so much, so she ran inward with her foot.

Grace must have gone in to find Karl.

She only walked to the entrance of the hall and saw the mess inside.

And Karl was sitting on the only intact sofa in the hall.

Alyssa didn’t care about him now, looking around to find Grace.


There was a small voice, and Alyssa looked over, just in a large potted plant.

Grace was only as tall as the potted flowerpot. She poked her head out, her eyes filled with tears.

Alyssa was so distressed that she walked three steps in two steps and hugged Grace.

Grace, who was only in tears but did not cry, when she was picked up by Alyssa, her mouth collapsed and she cried all of a sudden: “Mom.”

Chapter 420

Alyssa patted Grace on the head and coaxed softly: “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

The movement on their side attracted Karl’s attention.

As soon as Karl looked over here, Smith walked over.

Smith asked with a look of concern: “Sir, are you okay?”

Karl looked at Smith with a smile and said, “Am I okay?”

Smith was choked by him, and for a while, he was a little speechless.

But he quickly realized that Karl didn’t know Alyssa, but he didn’t show that he didn’t know him.

“Sir, do you know who I am?” Smith decided to check with Karl.

Karl looked at him with a look of foolishness: “Smith, did you stupid your mind when you got married? I haven’t lost my memory, why would I not know you.”

Isn’t it just amnesia?

But the current situation is obviously more serious than amnesia.

Wait, Boss just said he was married?

He got married many years ago.

At that time, he had just graduated and had enough of the down payment for the house, so he proposed to his wife.

What happened so many years ago, how could Karl suddenly mention it again?

Smith kicked away the fragments of the previous cup, and said to Karl: “Sir, I got married eight or nine years ago.”

Karl did not speak, but stared at him with an ugly expression.

Smith vaguely understood that Karl seemed to have a confusion in his memory.

He got married eight or nine years ago, but Karl said that he mentioned his marriage suddenly.

Could it be that Karl’s memory at this time was only when he was just married?

Smith was surprised by his own bold guess.

Smith asked tentatively: “Do you still know Grace?”

“What Grace?” Karl looked up at him, there was no emotion in his eyes.

If it wasn’t for Karl, he would always suspect that he was pretending to be crazy.

Alyssa originally wanted to hug Grace out, but after she heard Smith and Karl’s conversation, she stopped.

The dialogue between Karl and Smith became more incredible as she listened to it later.

Grace also heard Karl’s words, and she whispered to Alyssa, “Daddy called me.”

Her eyes were wide open, pure and unsullied, staring at Alyssa earnestly, trying to find approval from Alyssa’s mouth.

Alyssa sighed, holding Grace and walked to Karl.

When Karl saw Alyssa, he had no good expressions: “Why are you here again?”

Alyssa: “…”

Smith quickly said: “Sir, this is Grace, your daughter.”

Karl’s gaze fell on Grace, and then he withdrew his gaze to look at Smith: “You tell me, this is my daughter and wife?”

Smith nodded.

Karl smiled with anger: “You all get out! Get out now!”

Because of his anger, his voice was loud, and Grace was still small, and she shuddered in fright.

She stared at Karl with red eyes, and she cried out aggrievedly, “Dad…”

Karl didn’t even look at her: “I asked you to go out, didn’t you hear?”

Grace burst into tears all at once, tears falling like broken beads: “Kalr, bad!”

After she finished speaking, she lay aggrieved on Alyssa’s shoulder and cried.

While crying, she said: “Don’t, bad…oooooo…”

Alyssa’s throat tightened a little, and Grace cried to her heart.

Karl looked like this, no one could hear anything, and she didn’t need to stay here.

She hugged Grace out and comforted for a while.

“Don’t cry, have you forgotten? Dad just got sick, he didn’t mean it.”

Grace sniffed, choked and said, “I have a stomachache.”

When she was talking, she unconsciously put her hand on her belly, her little gestures were very cute.

“Yes, your father has a sore stomach, so he lost temper. Don’t blame him.” Alyssa touched her hair and explained to Grace patiently.


Grace hugged her hands and snorted, “I blame him.”

Alyssa knew that Grace was just talking, and her daughter was also a little twisted girl.

When Alyssa came out, Smith also came out.

Alyssa handed Grace to the maid and asked, “How is it?”

Smith looked around and walked to the other side where there was no one.

Alyssa followed.

“I think Boss’s memory has been confused. His memory has returned to seven or eight years ago. When I first got married, he didn’t know you and didn’t have Grace. Even if I told him that it is now seven or eight. Years later, he may not accept it for a while.”

When Smith said this, he paused to see Alyssa’s reaction.

Alyssa felt a little bizarre.

But, what happened recently, which one is not incredible?

Thinking about it this way, she could understand.

She nodded: “During this time, I will take Grace to live elsewhere.”

Smith nodded: “Okay, I’ll help you and Grace find a good place to live.”

Smith was a very thoughtful person, and Karl was like this, he naturally had to arrange Alyssa and Grace properly.

“It’s not necessary.” Alyssa rejected his proposal and said, “If you may be in trouble, please help me to do it for my ID documents are enough. I can live with Tina for a few days.”

She didn’t want to rely on Karl in everything.

Although it is time to show up now, but in the final analysis, it is still spending Karl’s money and admiring the light of Karl.

Tina told her that she used to be a screenwriter, and she must have some savings, but her credentials have not been filled.

Smith did not insist on Alyssa, nodded and agreed.

Alyssa contacted Tina, and sent people to send Alyssa and Grace to Tina’s house.

When they passed by, it was not Tina who was waiting by the roadside, but Peter.

Alyssa was just surprised, and she yelled naturally, “Peter.”

After speaking, she said to Grace: “Grace, it’s Uncle Peter.”

Grace has a good memory and only met once, but she also remembers Peter.

She yelled obediently: “Uncle Grant.”

Peter conjured a little bear lollipop like a conjurer, and handed it to Grace.

“Like it?”

“I like it.” Grace likes candy very much, and happily took it, and said sweetly: “Thank you, Uncle Grant.”

Compared with Karl, Peter, a person who is not married and not a father, is more able to coax children.

Alyssa couldn’t help but asked curiously, “How did you and Karl meet?”

Peter said concisely: “Fight.”

“You and Karl?”

“No, he watched me being beaten by someone else.”

Alyssa: “…” This is like what Karl would do.

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