Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 919 – 920

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Chapter 919

Rachel always knew that Colin didn’t like Alyssa, and she didn’t like her.

Therefore, Colin had “your daughter” on the left and “your daughter” on the right. She didn’t think there was any problem, but complained about Alyssa more and more in her heart.

It’s all caused by Alyssa.

Rachel quickly said, “It is true that Alyssa did something wrong. I will teach her, don’t be angry.”

The main reason why Colin would marry Rachel was that Rachel was so beautiful and she was still devoted to him.

Rachel had a good attitude of admitting her mistake, and Colin was still satisfied.

No longer say anything.

But Isabel was not satisfied that Colin let Alyssa easily.

She had heard private discussions from her family’s servants, and they said that Alyssa was more beautiful than her and had better grades.

In short, in their opinion, Alyssa is better than her.

Isabel was spoiled and grown up since she was a child, and Colin was even more obedient to her.

How could I hear this?

She hated Alyssa and Rachel in her heart.

In truth, Rachel treated her pretty well, better than Alyssa.

However, Alyssa looked like Rachel.

She couldn’t like Rachel’s face either.


Isabel hugged Colin’s arm with a grieved expression: “I think Alyssa just relied on being prettier than me and better grades than me. She feels that I am not as good as her in everything, so she dared to scold me…”

“Nonsense! My Isabel is good everywhere, what is she Alyssa?” Colin was heartbroken.

Travis, who had not finished eating, couldn’t listen anymore.

He put down his chopsticks: “Dad, Alyssa is also your daughter. Even if you don’t like her, you can’t say that to her, right?”

After the death of Colin’s wife, Travis was taken by his father, Douglas.

Douglas is a person who can see things more clearly than Colin, so Travis, who is led by him, is naturally a little more minded than Isabel.

On the other hand, Travis and Douglas are closer.

He was not so close to her biological father, Colin.

This is another reason why Colin loves Isabel so much.

Colin whispered: “What do you know! Go and do your homework when you are full.”

Travis rolled his eyes, stood up and went upstairs.

As soon as he went up the stairs, he heard something coming from the other side of the corridor

He followed the sound and walked to the door of Alyssa’s room.

Travis pressed his ear to the door, and heard Alyssa’s faint voice: “Mom, please open the door…”

The voice was so hoarse.

Travis stood up straight and reached out to open the door, only to find that the door was locked.

He slapped the door twice.

“Alyssa? Are you inside?”

Alyssa, who was sitting on her knees by the door, suddenly heard Travis’s voice outside, thinking she had heard it wrong.

She calmed down and turned her ears to listen to the movement outside.

Seeing that it became quiet, Travis called out again, “Alyssa?”

Alyssa heard Travis’s voice and quickly stood up and hurriedly called, “Big Brother!”

Travis asked her: “Who locked you inside?”

“It’s… Mom.” Alyssa’s voice became quieter.

Travis didn’t hear: “Who?”

Alyssa repeated: “My mother.”

“Your mother?” Travis remembered that in the movie he had watched before, the heroine went crazy and locked her daughter in the room.

So he asked Alyssa, “What did she lock you up for? Is she sick?”

Chapter 920

Alyssa was stunned by Travis’s question.

But soon, she retorted to him: “No, my mother is not sick.”

“You wait, I’ll find someone to open the door for you.” Travis was not interested in whether Rachel was sick or not.

After he finished speaking, he turned and went downstairs to find someone to open the door for Alyssa.

Alyssa lay on the door panel and listened to the movement outside, but she could not hear anything.

Travis has already left.

The seven-year-old is already very sensitive.

Alyssa can clearly feel that at Hunt’s house, no one likes her.

Especially Isabel, there is an unspeakable hostility towards her.

She actually didn’t have much contact with Travis, but she could feel that Travis did not hate her like Isabel.

She thought, Travis said he is going to find someone to open the door, so he shouldn’t lie to her.

After he left, Alyssa kept standing by the door, waiting for him to find someone to open the door for her.

Before long, there was movement outside.

Alyssa lay by the door, vaguely hearing Travis’s voice: “Open this door.”

Hearing this, Alyssa quickly stepped aside, waiting for someone outside to open the door.

Soon, the door was opened from the outside.

As soon as the door opened, Alyssa saw the servant and Travis standing outside.

Alyssa called him gratefully: “Big Brother!”

Upon seeing this, the servant who opened the door nodded slightly towards Travis: “Sir, I will go down first.”

“Go.” Travis waved his hand to signal the servant to leave.

Then, he turned his head and looked at Alyssa: “You haven’t eaten yet? Go down and find something to eat by yourself.”

He left after speaking.

Alyssa looked at Travis and shouted, “Thank you, brother!”

This may not be a big deal for Travis.

But it was the first time Alyssa felt the kindness of people from the family.

Usually, Travis doesn’t pay much attention to her, and she tries not to have any friction with Travis.

In this way, everyone is in peace.

Travis frowned when he heard the words and looked back at her.

The girl with red eyes stood at the door, looking at him with a smile.

Travis couldn’t tell how he felt, but he actually didn’t hate Alyssa.

He just didn’t like Alyssa and Rachel.

Alyssa watched Travis’s figure disappear before raising her foot to walk downstairs.

After walking a few steps, Alyssa stopped again.

Because she thought of Rachel’s words.

Rachel asked her to reflect in the room, but didn’t let her go out or let her eat dinner.

If Rachel saw her out of the room, should she be angry?

She didn’t want Rachel to be angry.

Alyssa hesitated, whether to go back to the room.

At this moment, Rachel appeared across the corridor.

Alyssa’s complexion changed, and she froze in place waiting for Rachel to come over.

When Rachel got closer, Alyssa noticed that her expression was extremely ugly.

Therefore, Alyssa cautiously called out: “Mom…”

There was still a hint of timidity in her voice.

Rachel had a cold face, stretched out her hand to grab Alyssa’s arm, and pulled her into her room very rudely.

After entering, she slammed the door shut.

Alyssa shrank her shoulders in fear by the sound of the door closing.

She felt Rachel’s anger at this moment, so she was a little scared.

Rachel reached out and grabbed her head, forcing her to look up at her.

“You dare to ask your elder brother to open the door for you? Are you deliberately not making me feel better?”

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