Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 977

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Chapter 977

ten people!

Fifty people!

One hundred people!

In the blink of an eye, nearly a hundred heavily armed sergeants rushed into the courtyard of the Yang family, and the entire courtyard of the Yang family was filled.

“Are they Sergeant Dragon and Tiger?”

Seeing ‘Dragon’ and ‘Tiger’ embroidered on the collars of these sergeants, and then feeling the fierce and terrifying aura on them, everyone in the Yang family looked pale.

what happened?

What happened?

None of the Yang family could understand how the gods of war, Shan Lin, Dragon, and Tiger, could suddenly visit their little Yang family.

This is simply incredible.

And just when many Yang family seniors hesitated.


The sound of dense footsteps resounded again.

Then, Yu Guang of the Yang family saw that a young man in a black trench coat led the two war gods, the dragon and the tiger, followed by Liu Zhen, the richest man, Ma Yong, and all the senior officials of the eight chaebols came in.

The moment they saw the black-clothed young man.


All the Yang family members who were kneeling on the ground brushed their bodies together and shook their heads.

“The Yang family is full of respect, welcome Shan Lin! Welcome the dragon and the tiger!”

Yang Tianhao’s voice. Full of fanaticism and piety.

After his words resounded.


No reply, no words!

The young man in the black trench coat has brought many bigwigs to the front of the Yang family, watching quietly, as if watching a group of dead people.



At this moment, Yang Tianhao and every Yang family member seemed to be able to hear his own heartbeat.

Dense cold sweat crackled and flowed down from their foreheads.

At this moment, they even have a feeling of being executed.

As long as the forest seat in front of them says one word, then the whole Yang family will be dead bodies.

“Shan Lin! My Yang family respects you. Just now we were discussing how to get in touch with Shan Lin, but we didn’t expect that Shan Lin would come in person!”

Yang Mingyu forcibly suppressed his anxiety at this moment, raised his head, and said to Shaun.

His face was filled with a flattering smile.

That kind of feeling, like a pug, is flattering its owner.

Yang Mingyu was the first to speak.

Patriarch Yang Tianhao said:

“Ming Yu is right! Shan Lin, our Yang family is willing to do anything to have a connection with Shan Lin!”

“As long as the Shan Lin says, we are ready to contribute everything for Shan Lin! I hope that Shan Lin can give our the Yang Family a chance of loyalty!”


Hearing this, the corner of Shaun’s mouth showed a playful arc.

He did not expect.

The Yang family, who was still talking about his wife, now wants to dedicate their entire family business to him.

“The Yang Family?”

Shaun smiled slightly:

“I am afraid that there is no such blessing to enjoy your allegiance!”


Shaun’s words, although plain as water, fell in the ears of every Yang family, like a thunderstorm, making them almost scared to pee.

“Shan Lin! Do you have any misunderstandings? We Yang family have always regarded Shan Lin as an idol! We can hope that Shan Lin can give our Yang family a chance!”

At this moment, Yang Tianhao’s heart almost jumped out of his throat, and he was extremely nervous.

Just hearing this!

Shaun narrowed his eyes and continued:

“I’m here this time, not for your allegiance, but for something to do!”

“Is any of you planning to attack Elvira from Jiangshi?”

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